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Race Car Handling Optimization: Magic Numbers to Better Understand a Race Car Book Reviews from YouTube

F1 Car Set-Up EXPLAINED! Vehicle Dynamics, Oversteer, Understeer Balance and More!
How a Formula 1 Race Car Works
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How does the front wing work? I need something simpler! My fault, not theirs.
Fantastic video! I wish you guys the best in the upcoming F1 season!
Road cars are designed to have more understeer. C63 awkwardly leaves the room
Wow having had physics one semester and having struggled with motivation this is very inspiring to learn more!
Watching after Qatar GP 2021 win
My god Mercedes thank you so much for sharing this I am truly grateful.
I am an engineer and stuck on a deskjob
I absolutely love oversteer. Don’t ask why, which makes me love the 70’s, Peterson’s and Senna’s driving style so much. Came here to find the best way to go sideways in the game without having the car spin on me because of it being so sensitive
Does amg Petronas f1 actually give a like to lots of comments?
Great video
Am lucky enough to take Engineering lessons from one of the technically superior teams in the world. Thank you.
Videos like these would help with ignorances of people that say “car go circle, much bore” thanks for these videos, makes me love the sport more and more
I'm watching this for RC project. Thanks
Ben Stiller of Mercedes F1 team :P
i need one of those engineers 🙄
This really open my mind in engineering, But I want to be a doctor. At least i get the knowledge. 😂😂😂
So its all about the brain of the engineers rather than the super skill of a driver.. Russel has proven that in his Merc stunt.
This is brilliant, thanks for sharing
Everyday I'm shovlin
Your audio is that of an amateur ytuber🙄
Video corrections: 0:00 Yes I know the music is TOO LOUD and I'll never forgive myself for this GRAVE ERROR 😭 15:10 "hydraulics" (not "hydrayulics") 16:42 Modern gearboxes have 8 forward gears and 1 reverse (not 7 forward) 20:20 There's actually no Launch Control, and this switch remains an unsolved mystery 22:17 "Pitot" tube (not "pilot")
well done video on a complex subject. Btw it is a pitot tube (not pilot)
How ram air work ?
Amazing work sharing this with everyone I know, thank you for the detailed breakdown. Subscribed!
Would be much better with NO music. It adds nothing.
Please do some motorcycle content
Just need a Steering Wheel "Auto Race" button!
Wow...very informative...thank you.
i can't understand a word what you saying the music is lowder then your voice so lose the music and try again.
Why is this channel did not have a million subscriber yet 😤 this content deserve a tivi show
amazing work, you're inspiring young engineers with your visuals
Simply great, man! Thank you
Great presentation 👏 I'm an F1 fan for life, and followed the development of their technology over the years and I've wondered if the one myth about formula one cars is truth: the aerodynamics on these cars would keep them stuck against sidewalls or the ceiling of a tunnel if such a tunnel could be built into a racetrack.
An amazing clip and an exceptional work!
Music is not just loud, but also terrible. Nice explanation though.
I am now much more knowledgeable . Thank you.
amazing video wow
Great video. This would be amazing for people interested in formula one, it highlights the amazing engineering and the hard to explain beauty of it all.
My favorite one so far
One of my greatest stumbles ever. Amazing. Subscribed.
I wasn't looking for this but I'm glad I found this
I'm about to get 1 again I had I before and it's so phone
Slot tracks still king since 1912
This looks like a real waste of money
Sigh.. remembering my tamiya days... Kids these days have it good as long as they've the mula
I got an Anki Overdrive ad right before this video... if the fact I'm watching an Anki Overdrive review isn't hint enough that I'm interested in the products then idk what is XD
Nice Review!
anki is pronounced ahn-kee
$50 a piece for those cars? I'll just get Forza 6 or Dirt Rally for my XB! and call it a day. This is obviously a rich kids toy. No young kids in the project will be seeing one of these things anytime soon. Don't forget you need a Smart Phone or Ipad as well to download the apps to play the game. How much are those smart phones/IPads again? I think Lon forgot to mention that. Very cool concept and it seems with updates and new tracks and cars it will get better and better.
awesome i want one
I wonder if you can make your own tracks, maybe it would be cheaper.
@6:22 that track doesn't make any sense
I grew up playing with slot cars. I plan on getting this for myself if "Santa" doesn't bring it. My two boys and I will have a blast with this!
If you wanna see the cars race before Jesse releases the vid click this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wYFtW3RCt6k
That made a new version? Holy Shit!!! I liked the first cars better.
So cool! There will be less expensive copies coming soon. Thanks, lon!
Check out my new Subreddit AnkiOverdrive .  All welcome
this looks really fun.. will consider it a gift for the god son this Christmas.. thanks Lon... awesome..
My grand kids would love this thing!!! To bad it cost so much I have 9 grandkids, I started having grandkids at 38. We never had anything like these kids have, but I'm so happy we didn't, instead we learned to fish and explore. I believe we had Hot-cars or matchboxes with a track and then we had the ssp race car with the rip cord, but I was addicted to fishing, camping and building things.. While all the other kids were playing with toys, I had a real stereo and chased the girls.. ;-)

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