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Buy Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker online at Amazon. Multimedia Speakers 2 Channel Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker Colours: Black
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Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker Features

  • Combination of high sensitivity for dynamics and increased bass extension for realism
  • Drives units into a Gel core Construction cabinet
  • Colour : Gloss Black
  • Multimedia Speakers
  • 2 Channel
Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker Price in India is ₹100,000 at Amazon.
Buy Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker online at Amazon.
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Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features Speaker Specifications Enclosure type: 2-way reflex with double woofer Bass Unit: 2 x 125mm Treble Unit: 25mm Frequency Response: 53Hz - 22kHz Nominal Impedance: 8ohm Minimum Impedance: 4ohm Sensitivity: 90dB Recommended Power: 25 - 150w Crossover Frequency: 2.3kHz Dimensions H/D/W mm: 972 x 170 x 288 Weight: 18.5kg Sold in: Pairs Finishes available: Lacquered Black Gloss / Lacquered White Gloss Warranty: 1 Year
Brand Q Acoustics
Connector Type Wired
feature Enclosure type: 2-way reflex with double wooferBass Unit: 2 x 125mmTreble Unit: 25mmRecommended Power: 25 - 150wFrequency Response: 53Hz - 22kHz
Item model number QA2630
Item Weight 4.6 Kg
Manufacturer Armour Home
Model QA2630
Product Dimensions 38 x 28.8 x 97.2 cm
Speaker Connectivity wired
Wattage 5.00

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Q Acoustics CON40 Speaker Reviews from YouTube

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For weeks now I've been looking at the 3030i's as a replacement of a pair of Dali Concept 2's. Anyone has experience with a comparison of the two? Do these have the vocal/dialogue clarity of the Dalis? What about proximity to a (concrete) wall - I can't place them further than say 3-4 inches. Will this cause issues with bass? (the Dalis are front ported, so that's a non-issue)
I just bought the 3030i speakers and I couldn't be happier. I paired them with the Cambridge AXA35 amp and the Fluance RT 83 turntable and the clarity of sound blew my mind. I used to have a Kenwood KA 5700 amp, a Transcriptor by JA Mitchell Engineering turntable & Jensen 25 floor speakers and, at least to me, this new set- up sounds much better. No, it won't make the dishes rattle in the cupboard but that's not what I'm looking for now.
Hi Paul, Really enjoyed this review. How would you compare these to the B&W 606 ? Thanks
Country of manufacture?
I have a pair of 3030i's coming in walnut. I am very excited. I have been trying some speakers (JBL 530's, Klipsch RP-160M) but haven't found my soul mate. Hoping it's the Q's.
Hi Paul… as I Mentioned on your 3020i Video I did purchase them and have been over the moon with them… however I noticed these for £274 brand new and what you said “took about 3 seconds to notice the difference” really made me pull the trigger, they will be here tomorrow! Thanks so much buddy 🤟🏻
Hi again, after watching your video a few times, I'm seriously considering upgrading from my 3020is to a pair of these 3030i speakers (especially as Sevenoaks have them for £274!). I wonder if you think the Q Acoustic stands which fit the 3020is will be suitable for the larger speakers? Many thanks for the great video!
Hi, do you think these would make good rear channel speakers on a 5.1 setup?
Hi sir Paul. Is the Audiolab 6000A a good matching amp for the 3030i? Would it have good enough power to drive the 3030i efficiently? Thanks
Hi Paul,I have recently acquired an Audiolab 6000a and am looking to upgrade speakers next.I understand the 3030i would be a good match but would it be too much for a small 3.2 by 3.8 metre room or would I have to scale down to the 3020's ? Also considering Triangle Borea Bro2 or 3 (same concerns about the 3) Any other recommendations are most welcome. Up to around £500 Great channel BTW.
Hello Paul b&w 606s2 can you tell me are is more better than this and if yes how much? i think you know the answer. thank you
Is that your Gentle Giant, The Power and the Glory album. I used to own it but unfortunately it went missing. It used to sound Awesome through my Yamaha NS 500 speakers powered by my old Quantum amp. I have been looking for it ever since, but can't find a copy. I have a smaller listening room now and are looking for some small speakers to prevent bass boom. I am currently using old Monitor audio B4's Great review.
Q Acoustics make some great speakers! I've been using using a set of their Q-2010i for several years now - they fit my small 10x12 living room perfectly and sound excellent! Very dynamic, good low bass, and very clean treble, with a lovely 'open' midrange.. female vocals sound exceptional through them :-) These guys know how to make a great 'budget' speaker that actually sounds fantastic!
Will it match with Yamaha A-S 700?
Hi Paul, thanks for another great review. Would you recommend these speakers over the Bowers & Wilkins 607?
Checkout The Cure “ The Figure Head.” Heavy drums...
Just ordered the 3030i. It is going to be 5 inches from a wall. The wall is made of drywall. Will it sound good ?
Can audiophiles decide about Compared LCR (3030i and 3090i) vs ( dali oberon 1 and dali oberon vokal) which one would be winner for 50% music and 50% movie/show
Hi Paul, really enjoyed this review thank you for it - I think I’ve done things the wrong way round ( bought equipment - read reviews thereafter😂😂). I initially bought a pair of Edifier R 1280db’s - they never even made it out of the box but after seriously considering these sent them back for a pair of 3030i’s - good decision me thinks although the 3030i’s are more expensive they sound so warm and alive it’s been a no brainer - stay safe 😉 btw mine are white - look great with the grey fronts
Hi Paul, I am interested in the comparaison with the 3020i. You clearly say that the 3030i is not just adding basses, but rather that the overall performance is better. But if you play them both with a subwoofer, is the gap between the 2 closed? Would you say the price difference is still justified? Cheers!
What do you think about pairing these speakers with the Onkyo 9010?
Can someone tell me for the most of time listening classical music, between Elac uni-fi 2.0 UB52 and Q Acoustics 3030i, which one is better one? Thanks
Q Accoustics 3300i vs KEF LSX Which one would you prefer???
I start to look about...something...easy to listening and ...listening for long time Do not know...what to do!?! Become tired of all those ATCs/40 and 7...including P1asamp/ Then 2×RELs T9s...and 2×Tzeros Nuprime Dac9....and Dac 10 Bunch of Cd players...Naim ,Creek..and audiolab cdt 6000 Only Yamaha cd s1000 is softer...easear Here have even more...much more cheaper equipment BUT...WHICH SPEAKERS SOUNDS EASY TO LISTENING...WITHOUT WEAKENING ALL OF MY NEIGHBURS...ore, should remowe from apartmant to house?!? They are all great...but loud...and, kinde of agresive Please for advices...from anyone!!!!!!!!! All those expensive equipment....starts to anoing me I can not listening the music Insted...am listening the sounds+anoing my neighburs Heeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE Those Qes...ore Linton heratige....ore...do not any idea Pleaseeeeeeee....anyone!!!!!!!!
Hello, nice review, thank you so much. Please can you tell me what type of banana plug is the best for this speakers? I want to plug them to a Yamaha A-S501 amp but not sure what are the best banana plug for them. Thank you!
I used to own a pair of Q Acoustic 3050I speakers. A floor standing version of yours! Larger cabinet and an extra 6.5 inch mid-bass driver mounted the opposite of the tweeter Diablo style. I powered them with my Rega Elicit amp! I thought they were impressive for the price. Actually, they still would have been impressive at twice the price. I felt their stand out feature was mid range clarity. Mid-bass slam was excellent. Like your good self I felt they sounded better with the port bungs removed. They didn’t reach particularly low, but bass was sufficient to pressurise my 18 x 16 feet room! I would have preferred a slightly brighter top end, but for the price, you can’t really complain. As a bonus they look good too. In fact their looks defies their price as does their performance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to cash-strapped audiophiles, because I think they would respond well to inexpensive electronics. I also think they would flourish and spring to life with better electronics.
I bought 2010, concept500, and 3030i.
These are some seriously impressive speakers. 4 colour ranges, great modern curves, simple design approach - I can see alot of people picking up these on the looks alone.
@John Darko would you pair them with NAD 3020V2 amp for a beginner system ?
I am considering these over the Klipsch r-52’s as I only use it for home theatre not music so much,, any advice on this?
I've been rocking the 2050i as my main floorstanders for 7 years now. They are pretty insane for the price :) The sound signature is almost exactly how you explain. Very mild, pleasant and well tempered. Very British! Bass extension aside, they actually sound kind of like my Empyreans!
Can I connect these with a subwoofer? (Can I ever connect active speakers with a sub)?
So happy with my 3020i
Hey man! This is not a related to your video, its just that Im not knowledgeable on speakers' specifications, just want an opinion coming from someone who is an audiophile haha. Just wanna ask if the Pioneer DM40 is great to have as a desktop speakers? and is it worth it? Thanks man!
An amp three times the price of the speakers on an entry level system? Do you really think anyone would, or even should, do that?
There's most certainly a considerable dip in the higher end of mid frequencies with the Q acoustics. I own the Q acoustics 2020i's and how you explained the sound of these speakers is extremely accurate. I must say though, for me they do sound a little lifeless at low volumes, but maybe that is something that Q acoustics have managed to fix with these newer models.
Hey im planning to buy Q Acoustic 3030i but deciding if i wanna add 200euro more for Bluesound powernode 2i instead of updated Sonos Amp. Is there really big difference?
i have my q3030i with denon ceol 10 and i am very happy, i bought these stands too, all together it was 900 eur
A few months back I got the 3020is as rear surround speakers for my home theatre system - tried them out in a stereo configuration first and was really impressed. Just a shame that the Q Acoustics stands for them (which it looks like you have- the 3000FSi's) are too short for me (just 20cm too low to go behind my couch).
Thanks John, another informative review. I must say that in all my years in audio, having a stylish coordinated system was never a consideration. I never cared what the equipment looked like, just how it sounded, subject to thew wife acceptance factor. That issue was resolved by banishing m to a studio room above our garage. Priorities.
Your 2020's are some of the most aesthetic speakers I've seen. QA have clever design principles. I recently bought the 3020 bookshelves (see my recent video) I think they sound great. Do you still use your 2020's?
Hi! Is the 3090ci a good match for a pair of Elac Debut 2.0 b6.2? If not which you recommend? (I need a center channel no more than 17" inches). Bye!!
I recently purchased the 3020i Bookshelf speakers and they're incredible for music. I will be purchasing the 3090ci for movies now because of this detailed and professionally done video. Thank you!
Can i put this in centre and put klipsch r41 M as left n right!? Or put 3010i -as L and R and make r41 as surround!?! Kindly ur opinion
Nice video, a quick question... Can this speaker timbre match with Q acoustics 2050i?
How does it sound after plugging in the bungs in ports.
My center Klipsch RP-250C & LR channel 3020i. Should I change center to 3090Ci? Or change LR channel to Klipsch RP-500M?
Can this speaker use for karaoke
Hey man you believe if i take svs prime center channel with 3050i speaker's will feats or will be something different to the sound stage what you think because i want buy 3050i and i want the best center channel please help buddy🙏
Another brilliant review. I bought that svs sb1000 thanks to your review and now I’ve just grabbed this too. Much appreciated! Thanks again!
Q Acoustics, "This is the way". Another great video for another great product. Perhaps too great as they are not avaliable. Any idea where, or when the 3k line of speakers from Qa will be available. Keep up the great work. Thanks
Hey, I have been digging for an answer to this kind of question! I want to slowly purchase a surround sound from Q Acoustics. Since you have tried this centre channel with some of the others, do you think it sounds it best pairing this centre with the 3010i, 3020i or 3030i? Possibly even the 3050i? I would really apricate your honest opinion with you having all of these speakers. Love the videos man, keep them up.
Excellent Review. Cheers from the Antipodes
I really liked your other video where you compared the 3010i, 3020i and 3030i. Can you comment on how the 3090ci compares to these speakers in the mid, bass and trebles range? To which of the 3 speakers is it the closest?
Thanks for all the fantastic reviews and advice. Thanks to you I just bought a q acoustics surround system with ceiling speakers and the Sony strdn 1080 reciever,,, and really looking forward to it,s arrival., l hope that somehow q acoustics give you some credit.
Thanks for the review! I am a bit curious about its bass response: 75Hz sounds pretty high for such a speaker, even the 3010i has lower value for this spec. I don't think it comes from the woofer nor the cabinet, as it has a quite large inner volume. It is probably a choice from Q Acoustics in the speaker design, especially at the filter level. Do you think the sound level at 75Hz is high enough to confidentely set the sub crossover at 80Hz, or do you recommand to cut higher?
How do these compare with emotiva airmotiv c1
Nice Video sir ...Can you please suggests me to Which 5.1 speakers package suitable to denon x250Bt in budget
Can i use two center for stereo?
Are these Q better than Polk Audio
Thanks for the awesome video! Keep up the great work! 👍 😊

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