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Buy Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) online at Amazon. 12 Watts B22 Pin Type White / Cool White 4 Bulbs Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) Colours: White
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Pyrotech 7 W Standard B22 LED Bulb Price in India - Buy Pyrotech 7 ...

7W LED Bulb pack of five. Voltage. 230V AC. Sales Package. 5 Bulb. Material. Plastic. Brand Color. Cool White. Bulb Shape. Standard. Suitable for. Lamps.


Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) Features

  • 12 Watts
  • B22 Pin Type
  • White / Cool White
  • 4 Bulbs
Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) Colours:
  • White

The lowest Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) Price in India is ₹1,110 at Amazon.
Buy Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) online at Amazon.
Check out the latest prices and availability at major retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.
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Please go through Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) at Amazon at the best price in India and save big! With a low price / discount / promotions, for a great value.

Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Pyrotech
Material Others
Part Number PELB012X4CW
Weight 320 Grams
Brand Pyrotech
Color Cool White
Colour Cool White
feature Package Contents: 4 Deco BulbWattage: 12 WattsShort circuit and open circuit protectionLM-79 Certified , LM-80 Certified
Manufacturer PYROTECH
Size Standard

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Pyrotech 12W LED Bulb (Cool White, Pack of 4) Reviews from YouTube

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Simply ye batao ki jayada brightness ke lie 12w philips or 12w halonix me se konsa best h sir ji
Kon accha hai dono me
Sir helonix best h ya philips means ...Jyada bettry mode me helonix ki brightness h ya philips ki plzz rplyy
Where are you led?
49s pe kya bola, pata hi nhi chala
Sir Philips and Halonix comparison must by 9W to 9W.Customer will get confused looks Halonix is 12 W result will be good than 9W
U have any bulb with both future motion sensor + inverter in one bulb ? Thanks
Halonix guarantee period?
Sir ye btao ki switch off krke bhi charge kr skte h ya nhi
Sir agar raat me soone ke time ya subah me iss bulb ko band kaise karengeKya ye ek normal light ki trah board ke swtich se off ho iaegaPlz reply me sir
No doubt Halonix best
Very good information
Bhai toda tez bolke video lenth kam karo.. itna lamba mat khicho slowly bolke...
kya full charge hone ke baad inki charging apne aap ruk jati hai ya switch off karna padta hai?
9w and 12w, koi comparison kartha hei kya? Same Walt mein comparison karona
Sir kitna price h
Agar bulb ek baar full charge ho gya... Aur power 7 din baad jayega toh kya wahi charge tab tak yik payega..ya charge tab tak khatam ho jaayega
Balap nahi bulb hota hai
Mast itom
Washroom - 7wBedroom /kitchen - 9wHall /study room - 14w
Foolish girl,syska market rate stand only for 80 rs
Kya bol rhi ho didi pagal ho kya? Syska led 9 watt yape mai 90 rupe mai le ayaaWest Bengal, durgapur, ap sayad Google se price dekh ke bata rhi ho Google mai jada likh dete h dukan maj to 90 mai mil gya aur ap keh rhi ho 300 rupe
Jabardusti karaya gaya hai. Shoot i think he needed money
If u wanna do led lights business in Andhra Pradesh plz reply me I will give my no led reply
Study ke liye kon sa bulb use kare
Thanku so muchGod bless u ,gud information aap ne di
muje tum bahot sexy lag rahi ho
Kantap lag rhi ho g..mera to khdaa ho gyaa h tmhe dekh kar
Madam can you test 15 w
Good job
philips aur eveready dono best hai me 3saal use kar rah hun ab tak thik chal rah
79% viewer are attracted by this gorgeous lookyou should try bollywood...
Thankyou. Nice information.
Mam which is best wire for home .plz make one video
Im glad I found these videos. My house for 3 years has been powered by bulbs from the DT. Sunbeam and the Green Brier brand with is basically Dollar Tree. Just last week I found the 75 watt daylight versions in stock and the 100watt version in warm (they are pretty damn bright for a dollar.) The 75 watt daylight ones are my favorite.
I have seen Indian LED lightbulb repair videos and such, they have ventilation slits on theirs.I have taking to drilling a few small holes in mine, one on the bottom or side of the translucid plastic cap, depending of how they will be mounted, and a few on the plastic base, behind the alu disk. I use a stop on the drill bit so that it barely can get inside, and drill twhere from taking one apart I know it's empty space.
There is now a 100 watt equiv. 1500 lumen version of these at dollar tree for $1 they are great. They do not get very hot in my use. That might be different in an tight enclosure, I wouldn't know.
The reason they have gotten so cheap is because they are subsidized... the diodes alone inside would cost you multiple times more to get them by themselves!!!
Why u tripping Adrian? That's a dope really cheap strobe light. Strobe lights are expensive compared to$1. Thanks for the vid
The Globe brand dollar tree bulb you reviewed back in 2015 was much more nicely designed.
? at 1100 lumen what is the lumen output with you take the top off ..thank you ..i have no light meter
One important fact that is often missed in a teardown like this is how that one 125C electrolytic capacitor is the one component that will limit the bulb's life, NOT the LEDs. The problem is that even though the capacitor is rated for 1,000 hour of life at 125C (that's a mere 6 weeks, folks), its useful life increases as its exposed temperature decreases. The derating is a doubling of life for every 10C temp decrease below 125C. In this case, if the temp is limited by the little current regulator down to 85C, which is four 10 degrees C increments, meaning that the capacitor's useful life is stretched out to 4 x 1,000 = 4,000 hours. If you have the light on for 4 hours per day, then this capacitor is going to fail (on average) after 4000/4 = 1000 days. That's a bit less than 3 years. LED lamps are usually advertised as "lasting for 50,000 or 100,000 hours," as in "infinite life." What is missed is that the onboard filter capacitor will fail much sooner than that!
I find the lifespan of those cheap LED bulbs can vary pretty drastically. I've had some of different brands last quite a while, and some last a month or so before they start flickering or go super dim. When they start flickering, it always makes me think there is something wrong with my fixtures, since I'm so used to flickering being a fixture issue with incandescent bulbs and not with the LED bulb or boards on them. Also, something I've noticed about some cheap LED bulbs, the light can be kind of harsh on my eyes, even if its covered in a lamp shade and I'm just catching the light in my peripheral vision, yet incandescent light doesn't really seem to bother me like a LED light can.
I have a 60w
I've seen those 75 Watt equivalents at Dollar tree and their by far the best deal I've seen on light bulbs for only $1 but I been hearing that some Dollar trees have the 100 Watt equivalents but I haven't seen them I looked through 5 different Dollar trees and no luck whatsoever.
Thanks for the review. This 75W/12W warm white bulb has 12 LED SMD chips. Each chip has 4 LED blue die for a total of 48 LED in series, at about 2.8V per LED die = about 134 VDC. The blue LED die are surrounded by phosphor emitting white light producing warm white. The bridge rectifier is probably a MB10F 1000V rated. The 8-pin chip is constant current chip with thermal protect probably RM9003B, the resistor configures the current. I tore down the 60W/9W daylight bulb. It has 8 SMD chips with 6 die per chip, and a 10 uf 200 V capacitor.
I've bought 2-pack led bulbs for $1 in recent years, anywhere from 3.5 to 6.0 watts, in varying brightnesses/lumens, clear or cloudy glass. I also like bulbs with led filaments.
0.7$ US (3 romanian lei) for 860 lm, 9Watt if I remember correctly.
In case you still interested, why 2? REXT1 and 2 is different set of pin allow up to 2 set of separate LED's.
I bought like 6 of the 60w LED lights at my Dollar Tree and Im watching to see if theyre worth the assumed bargain.
Canada $2.00 each here
This is why I love this channel! You are like LGR, The 8-Bit Guy, Techmoan, and Big Clive, all in one. And it is amazing! The range of things you cover is fascinating, and your objective opinions of different things are a treat. You sir, could be doing something far greater than YouTube, but here you are giving us thoughtful and informative content!
When you brought the question up at the start of the video 240V I knew why it won't work on those bulbs... 200V caps are cheaper than 400V ones....
They had 100w ones for a short time all I find are the 60w ones
Thank you so much for your video. How can I control these types of bulbs with Google home? I want to change the wall switch but I am afraid that I would not be able to control the colors with google home as I can not on and off it multiple time with voice assistance
Will this work with a dimming switch?
wow fantastic! are we able to switch it on and off and change the three modes with Alexa?
So why can't they make this work with a 3-way switch, rather than color switching with on/off?
How does it work on a ceilind with a switch?
isn't such a switching mechanism hurtful for the bulb's lifespan?
Can these bulbs work with a dimmer?
Thank you. !!
Thumbs down for farenheit
u look great thanks for this
For room with computer lcd for game and reading to put in ceiling what is best light is 2700k or 5000 k or another ? thank you
Led bulbs have capacitors inside, which are near the very hot heatsink. Their life will decrease due to high temperature, so 15yrs life is not realistic. (unless you use it for very short periods of time, to prevent overheating). There's also a fuse, if there are any voltage fluctuations causing over 20watts to be drawn, it will blow, to protect the bulb. This will disable the bulb, you will need to replace it (its repairable). This issue can be caused by a bad switch contact. Imagine 15 years period, it suffices one bad switch contact, or voltage peak and the bulb is dead.
Great review, thank you.
Super helpful. I live in Germany, was at Poco ( store ) and I came across this light bulb went on YouTube and found your channel. Now after watching I bought it. 1+ sub.
Is someone use these bulbs in a big hall? How much of them do I need there?
Does someone used these bulbs? If yes, please provide me with some feedback.
Nice! Do you know if this would work in a 3 way lamp or should it go in a regular lamp?
where can i buy theses but in Bayonet Cap i tried ebay but non say 3 in 1
No app needed. But is is useable with the app?

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