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Buy PSI Color, Pure Leather Shoes, PU Sole,Leather Sole (Size 8) 1800/- only (2) online at Amazon.
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PSI Color, Pure Leather Shoes, PU Sole,Leather Sole (Size 8) 1800/- only (2) Features

The lowest PSI Color, Pure Leather Shoes, PU Sole,Leather Sole (Size 8) 1800/- only (2) Price in India is ₹3,600 at Amazon.
Buy PSI Color, Pure Leather Shoes, PU Sole,Leather Sole (Size 8) 1800/- only (2) online at Amazon.
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PSI Color, Pure Leather Shoes, PU Sole,Leather Sole (Size 8) 1800/- only (2) Reviews from YouTube

Qualities of various Soles। आपके जूतों के सोल की क्वालिटी पहचाने।
What is TPR sole and PU sole|| TPR और PU सोल कैसे होते है कैसे दिखते है।
Leather Vs Rubber Sole Shoes | Which Shoe Soles Are Better?
Handmade Premium Shoes in Chennai 🔥| Leather Shoes from 1000Rs! | Branded shoes in Chennai |Abified
So informative pls make more such videos'll be a billionaire
Very informative. Thank you. Can you suggest a place to buy EVA soles (with services to other parts of India) ? And which brand of glue is best for sticking soles?
Is "Sabhyata sole" ka name kya hai...?
Thanks a lot ,,, very informative video brother ♥️💗
How to buy online shoes sole
Sir bata sole quality bataye
Sir mujhea sola ki quality samjhe
👍 very good information
Sir can we get cricket rubber sole ? I have a shoes in mint condition but the outer sole is damaged.
,सर मेरे जुते का सोल टुट गया है ‌कया नया सोल मिल जाएगा
Hi sir, Nice video for soles clarification I'm footwear lab technician
What solves are uses in tcx drifter boots or tcx blend boots
Which sole are good if you want tough sole and anti slip material
Mujhe apka mobile no. chahiye apse contact karna h
Hi bro please suggest adidas daily use light weight shoe sole for knee pain persons
Sir konsa sole wala shoes le Jo lambe samay tak tik sake
Nice information 🙏
Nike airmax ka soal mil skta hai kya India me????🙏
Sir alert Sol ke bare mein bataya Ham logo handmade shoe banate Aur alert sol yus karte hain Plz alert Sol review 🙏
Sir which is the softest sole
mere leather boot ke liye sole kharidna he. Mumbai me kahan pe milega? koi address share kijiye
Sole khridna ho to kaha se milega sir
Kis Sole me rotting hoti hai ? Kuchh din rakhne ke baad sole tukde tukde ho jate hai.
Sir shoes me pu upper ho to shoe lena cahiye ya nhi
Rubber sole vs tpr sole main se koun jeetega
Riding shoes mein kaunse sole use hote hai. Durable and antislip. Kahan milega
Kis sole m awaz ni aati??
Very informative video 👌
Es mai se konsa long lasting hai
Running shoe k liye tpr sole kaisa rahega?
Kaunsa sole chalte waqt awaz kam karta hai
Tq for the information
Dono me longlasting kaun h
Woodland ka sole milega
Eva sole kya hota hain
Agar roj 2-3 km walk karna ho koi achhi chappal suggest kar do online ??
Bhai crocs me hole hogaya uska kuch jugaad bata sakte ho?
Mere shoes ka sole bhut hard h kya karu change kr skte h kya
Thank u for ur Video
Pvc sole aur airmix ka video kijiye
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if slipping all the time and playing a roulette with which part of your body gets bruised or broken then go with the leather sole. Luxury is pain, or so I heard.
Make video on footwear for wide foot
I love leather soles but as someone living in Scandinavia, Dainite soles are the way to go
rubber sole it's perfect for shoes it's comfortable to causally used
Rubber vs Leather - I would say buy Leather and glue the rubber sole savers to the bottom. Especially if you live in EU where there are a lot of cobble stones. Slippery.
One thing I would add is that if you do a lot of dancing, go with leather.
If u dont wanna go slipping and sliding go with rubber
PLEASE --- I have to wear rubber but you can't find them. I need a casual slip on that's truly rubber with a soft "give". They don't make them ! Suggestions?
You missed the point on functionality. If a man wants to go formal dancing, forget the rubber soles. You won't be welcomed on the dance floor! Leather soles are the way to go. But, first rough them up on the bottom a little by walking on the sidewalk. Then hit the dance floor. Obviously, the speaker here does not go formal dancing.
Nothing lije lether sole
it's all bullshit! goodyear construction is the way to attach outsole to vamp when there is no chemical glue available. Nowadays phisical properties of chemical-glued rubble o/s are much more better than leather o/s, durable, flexiblity, pull-strength , etc, let alone cost. Goodyear construction used only in another two small markets: workshoe & handmade high price dress shoe for men's due to the high cost. For workshoe goodyear construction is more strong; for hand-made men's shoe , goodyear construction could be labeled as "expensive & high-end". For usual customer, cemented rubber o/s shoe is the best option who can't afford the cost and who don't have carpet to walk on. this guy is just selling his product.
I can't do rubber. I find them uncomfortable for dress shoes. Specially considering the occasions you'll wear them. Been my preference for over 10 years. And for a time wore them daily and never slipped. (I probably jinx myself) While I've nearly fall with rubber, due to tripping. Specially in an event where you dance. Like a wedding.
i feel that leather should be reserved for oxfords since you wana look sharp for more formal occasions. Derby and Penny loafers are more appropriate using rubber outsole since you probably use it more often , so you dont wear down ur leather too fast, you need grip and its a casual shoe anyway.
Both have pros and cons. Which is why I wear both. If you are running or working in mud/snow then rubber holds up better for traction. Construction of the boot/shoe also itself is a pro/con. Glued boots don't hold up as good as sewn in certain jobs were men work on hot/warn surfaces like HVAC. Few things to include. Boots have/been made for snow with leather soles. They have hobnails/claw type spikes on them. Obviously modern manufacturing makes a great shoe with a rubber sole for snow. Secondly, leather was around when pavement/concrete was no used for walkways and roads. Yea brick and cobble stones were in a lot of cities but larger percentage of people walked on dirt path/roads. Leather would hold up great. Lastly Leather is better for fit and form of your foot. Quality leather shoes with cork for cushion does not compress and loose it's shape as rubber/foam shoes do. Materials being used on any product can be a determining factor on the life. There are different types of leather such as Cowhide, Steer and Bull. There are different types of tanning processes that effect quality. Bull hide that is Oak Bark Pit Tanned can be as tough as some rubber. Sadly as the soles made by the now defunct JR Redenbach. Ofc, Cowhide is less dense an more flexible and is great for vamps, uppers or even innersoles. So Construction and Materials being used determine a products life/durability.
Preferred leather. But in a quiet office with hard floor, I do not want the attention everytime I use the toilet. Rubber please...
As an Englishman I feel that this question is more complex than this video suggests. You probably need both in your wardrobe. Leather soles are better in hot weather because they breath. Rubber soles are better in winter because they stop the soles soaking up rain water. Dress shoes in Italianate styles look better in thin leather but traditional British dress shoes are often Goodyear welted and look no heavier or less formal for having a rubber sole. My recommendation is to have both and for the rubber soles to be Goodyear welted over a base leather sole. Dainite or Vibram are preferred brands. Leather linings and insoles are essential, no matter what the outer sole is made of to absorb moisture. Lastly, leather soles are no guarantee of quality even if they come from a top brand. They can be found on cemented construction shoes from top brands that are unrepairable and fall to bits - particularly if they get wet. You can also find shoes with a thin layer of leather over a cemented construction shoe with a rubber sole in attempt to make the shoe appear to be higher quality than it is. Even the stitching is a variable feast on leather soled shoes with Blake stitched soles sometimes looking like Goodyear welted items but the trouble here is that Blake stitches wick water into your shoes: Goodyear welting does not. So before deciding on this matter, where do you live and does it rain a lot are probably the best questions to guide your choice.
I have several leather sole shoes, but i thought i go with rubber for my everyday shoe strictly for comfort reasons. Somehow my leather shoes feel pretty hard on my feet.
I recently bought two nice shoes with leather soles and wow what a difference in feel. It is for sure less grip than rubber but I have Thursday Co boots for grip. The sole has superior tactile feel when driving or using my rheostat at work (Dentist). And that sound..... Really adds to the confidence and presence while walking around.
I say... Dress up and good weather...leather. Going for walks, shopping at stores, rainy days...rubber But! Make sure both have stitching underneath 😉👍
Good shoes takes you, to the good place! ❤️ Hope you all enjoyed! Please do subscribe our channel 🔥 and #getabified 🤙🏼 Contact details ☎️👇🏻 Ph: 8939759978 Address: Instagram: (danny_n_jones) Website - ( Note🚨 : Website is only for premium shoes above ₹4000 ) Visit the shop / Instagram / contact him For “low range shoes” ❤️
Please make these vedio in Hindi .
Bro under 1000rs range shoes is available in ur shop
Whats ure contact number & location in chennai.
Bro unga shop adress
Their website do not have any shoes for 1000. How can we order?
ஷூ வை காமிக்கிறேன்னு வீடியோ போட்டுட்டு குளோசப் ஷாட் இல்லை,ஷூ கடைக்காரர் சொன்னாலும் நீ பேசியே உயிரை வாங்கிறயேப்பா. உன்னை சுத்தி வீடியோ போடாம சப்ஜெக்ட் டீடெயில்ஸ் கொடுக்கனும்.
Bro call nampar bro
What about the sole? Do you have soft sole at the bottom? I need size 11to 12. How long it will take?
Ples hindi
வாழ்த்துகள் வாழ்க வளர்க 🙏
Bro please review leather jackets in chennai
Ladies ku slippers pandreegala
Money iruntha epdi venumnalum etha venumnalum CUSTOMISE pannikalam..
Nice more video like this diff shop....
Address send pls and Contact no pls sir 🙏🏻
12size I needed , I'm from ap can u please delivery to my address
People plz don't get fooled by this seller. I'm sharing with you my personal experience which happened a few months back. On 28th Dec 2021 I went personally to this shop and have him my favourite shoe and asked him to manufacture the same model in tan color but here I'm still waiting for the finished product it's almost 3 months. I keep calling him he does not pick up my calls. I happened to meet him one day and I asked him to return the shoe I gave him, he promised to return it but failed. I've lost trust and I don't think he's worth.

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