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Prospo 12-OZ Training Boxing Gloves Features

  • Punching bag gloves
  • Capacity: 12 oz
  • Colour may vary
  • Gloves

The lowest Prospo 12-OZ Training Boxing Gloves Price in India is ₹599 at Amazon.
Buy Prospo 12-OZ Training Boxing Gloves online at Amazon.
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Prospo 12-OZ Training Boxing Gloves Specifications

Technical Details
Manufacturer PROSPO

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Prospo 12-OZ Training Boxing Gloves Reviews from YouTube

Best Gloves for the Heavy Bag | Review of wraps, 6 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz Boxing Gloves
What oz gloves should I use? How to Pick Boxing Glove Weight
Best Rated Boxing Training Gloves in India 2021 Updated List
The "Wolverine" is back with another vid for you guys, I hope you enjoy it!
where can i get the old school boxing gloves
I stick with the 12s and wraps personally. Ik some people will just throw the gloves on by themselves but I havent tried that
What about grappling gloves
Where can I buy those brown 6oz gloves?
I cant wrap and cant be bothered to learn lol is there any good ready done wraps?
When you actually do a proper boxing fight what Oz gloves do amature boxers. Fight on. Does it come down to weight division. You are fighting in Or is it 10oz gloves
I do boxing but i wear mma hybrid gloves when not at the gym, its just feels better because i can feel my knuckles and make better fists
How about 8 oz boxing gloves?
I switch between 16 & 12oz gloves im slower but bring more power with 16oz, an for speed drills an technique ill use 12oz.
Everlast cleto reyes and grant the best gloves
10oz are my favourite
You tried the rival rb50?
Bro I just realized I've been using 16oz gloves for most of my training. Lol I guess I gotta get some 12oz
Haven't used a 10oz since I was 16. 10/12oz = heavy bag14+ Oz = sparringMitts = double end bag / 1 round heavy bag
I thought you arr cowboy cerone
I love 14s
Sir I have a question if you mind. When I work even with gloves, at certain time my fingers give a hell of pain. I don't know if this is a commun in boxing or not?.
should i get 16oz if im only using them to build muscles and get in shape and have more explosive power
Thank you very much for the quick reaction! I'm going to have a go at 16oz gloves (I've ordered the Adidas 175 speed blue/yellow). Thanks again, subbed for the fast info, is big help
Product Name: Upgraded Boxing Training Gloves60%OFF CODECode: HCWZ3TKN(code works for all)Deal Price: 39.99$Original Price: 15.99$Start Time: 2021-2-2608:00PSTEnd Date:2021-3-1023:59PST dont seem to find 160oz gloves
I use 14 oz lol
its the weight not the size
I disagree! Hand size is a direct indicator of glove size.
I like 12oz... my hands are tiny
Great video! No shenanigans just good information, thank you so much!
Should yu use 10 oz gloves or 16 oz gloves for heavy bag
I'm looking at purchasing a bag - is the 100lb necessary for these types of work outs? I'm under 200lb so my gut tells me no.
I'm 5'8 I don't know what size of gloves to order
Exellent vedio.Full of information.
i just wanna box my friends for fun, what do i do
I'm a first timer, female and having a difficulty choosing.I see charts and they based it on weight.. I weigh 78kg and I'm 5ft on chart I fall under 14ozbased on the hand circumference I am 8 inches and that's 14oz toois that how you really based the size of gloves to use?I need help :3
0:48 me in Canada trying to buy the trackers but they dont ship outside the US
Thanks a lot. I got this figured out now.
I will rarely if ever use 16 oz again for my bag work. I used them for s long time nd im an amateur it totally screwed up my timing nd technique with the 12s. When i got the 12 after being used to loading up my shots with the 16oz i felt like i dont know how to box or punch! My balance nd biomechanics were all off. Now im starting again from zero to get used to the 12. Use 12 for bag nd 16 for sparring. Period.
Im 5'4. I use 12 oz gloves both
What oz is the blue one
Seems like a silly question lol but do you put your finger tips right to the end as far as it goes in the glove?
Can you answer this?I bought the original red Is that a box glovePro fight gloveOr sparring glove?If you answer i will sub
What was the better one for the heavy bag the title or rival ones
Is there a specific style you would recommend for thumb protection? Ive been spraining my thumbs constantly for years
Which is better the fuerte punch glove or the cleto Reyes glove?
Hi I am planning to get a pair of all purpose training gloves due to limited budget. I am 5'9 and 158 lbs, what oz gloves do you think I should get? Thanks!
Hi Carlo. I'm 120lbs 5'11. Will 16 oz lace up gloves be good for bag work or should I get 14 oz. I bought a new 110 lb heavy bag and its pretty hard. Appreciate your advice pal!
What model were those rivals I have a pair of fighting fury gloves what are youre thoughts on those?
I just bought some hayabusa's and I cant close my thumb over to make a proper fist
Hey carlo man would love it if you did a review on the 200$ everlast sparring gloves, alot of people would be interested in what you have to say. Theres only a Russian guy that reviewed it and we have no idea what hes saying. Thanks.
Thanks man. Happy New Year
Sir mag order sana ako ng gloves at mitts. Paano ba sir
I'm trying to loss 100 pounds with good diet work out battle rope biking etc ok training glove
Thanks for taking the time to do this great video!Do you have links to the gloves? I like those Rival Mitts, but couldn't find them :(
I am about to buy some training gloves, which one do you think would be a better option? they are at same price (around 28 USD) Christmas I am getting bad boy 8 oz gloves . The available sizes were 8 oz , 12oz and 16 oz . I am a boy of 12 years old . Do you think 8 oz is a good bag/training/pro fighting glove for a kid of my age ?
Hey Carlo, are the everlast powerlock laced training gloves good for bag work?It's on sale for 80 dollars.
loved this, grat vid helped me a ton

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