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Prospects for Fusion Power Book Reviews from YouTube

Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure
शॉपिंग करते हुए अमीर कैसे बने? Prosumer Power -Book Review & Summary in Hindi
Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Rewrites Laws of Physics
China's New Nuclear Fusion Reactor SHOCKS The Entire Industry!
You want to learn more about science? Check out our sciency products on the kurzgesagt shop – all designed with love and produced with care. Getting something from the kurzgesagt shop is the best way to support us and to keep our videos free for everyone. ►► (Worldwide Shipping Available)
the sun uses the proton proton chain to fuse
bruh elon pls you have 240 billion
the power of the sun, on the palm of your hand
Kurzgesagt for president 2023!
Did anyone saw goku and picolo's fusion dance or it was just me?!
La Sol De Terra
subscribe to kurzgesagt best channel ever
Yo creo que con el agua marina sería más eficiente para producir energía, que la misma fusión nuclear, es más barata y ambundante
I still don't quite understand it though. How can we contain anything that Hot? It would burn through everything.
this guy sounds tike the narrator of little big Planet
Scientific discovery is never a 'waste of money'. Not everything has to have a monetary return on investment. We spent billions putting people on the moon, what exactly was the return on that investment?
A stupid amount of H3 is used in warfare. Why?
The main problem is human population.
Can we have an update on this topic? I'm sure the technology is now more understood and further in development.
Fusion energy works you don’t I will never scientist how to two bild One Curtis to powerful
While I appreciate the enthusiasm, the comment section is cringey. You take a comment in the video like "$10 billion gamble" and take it at face value, but your reactions clearly show that you guys know nothing about this as Boomers have been working on fusion reactors for over half of a century. Why do you think that all Star Trek space ships are powered by fusion reactors where the matter/anti-matter reaction is controlled via magnetic coils? Where do you think that idea came from? Those Star Trek ships are doing exactly what they're describing in the video, but of course they are science fiction derives their ideas from actual science. In the 1980s, the big thing was "cold fusion", which is the idea of having fusion occur at lower temperatures that we can control. However, the only energy net-positive fusion reaction that we've ever been able to create is the hydrogen bomb, but the world is constantly working on making this a reality because the potential rewards are tremendous nearly unlimited with no environmental waste.
The DBZ reference
We can do it at innovation inc. Thermal power plant! Just uh (looks at core) Core : pls no We need to demolish our other core. Core : help
uda se zyda sale kaise badhye kaise sales me yane FMCG me diya hu target kaise achi e kare kaise incentive kamye sir
Sir Aapka contact no. Mil skta hai.
*A Brain Charger* Good one i like your video i also try to upload same kind of videos on my YouTube channel You can check out there
That is why the UFO spaceship is a donut.
Yeah what physics law was rewritten? I'd be interested to know.
Nice vid dude. Looks like that first class degree at Exeter really set you up for success!
200%? you might want to check your data that number goes up almost every few months. It has been beaten by others of a better design producing over 600% over the the highest record your out of date and our of touch as you completely missed the one that puts these umbers to shame.
Much better than the reactors we have today
You are talking theory, bro. Build it and then we will see
You can't rewrite the laws of physics.
We have been promised unlimited power from fusion reactors almost as long as the promise of flying cars for everyone. Keep trying but I will believe it when it happens.
At the start, you called the fusion reactor as 'nuclear reactor' several times. Now, it's not wrong, but with the popular meaning of 'nuclear reactor' referring to fission, it IS misleading a bit. Although not so much, since the context constantly stays on fusion power. Misspoken words?
The laws of physics do not need to be rewritten. Our capabilities of building a better plasma confinement field have improved slightly. As far a fusion reactors are concerned, bigger is always better from an efficiency standpoint. The Sun is spectacularly inefficient at generating fusion energy but it is overwhelmingly huge in size and that is what counts. What we are trying to build on Earth is a machine that will duplicate conditions at the core of the Sun but with even greater heat and pressure to compensate for inefficiency losses due to the relatively small scale. Since heat to boil water to run generating turbines is the ultimate goal, efficiency losses due to heat leakage can be counted on the positive side of the power output equation. The trick is confining enough energy to allow a continuous fusion process to be maintained. Finally, fusion reactors are best suited to maintaining base load levels of power, running at a constant output. Nuclear fission reactors will still be needed to provide the power to start up and maintain fusion reactors and the fluctuating demands will need to be dealt with by hydroelectric, solar, wind, and coal fired power plants.
I always hear these compared to the sun's fusion, but to me it's more like a plants chloroplast in design. If it was under pure distilled water, and was fed c02 also, you may be able to Fuze glucose with magnetic induction to prove this. Hydrogen fuzes into helium by the way Naturally, but other things Fuze also, it just depends on magnetics, with all these subatomic and supercharged atomic particles and molecules flying around, they attach to each other where it makes sense. I think carbon for instance is such a stable molecular structure that instead of fuzing into a different element, it creates crystal patterns under heat and pressure fuzing into diamond. Some of the things they consider "fuel" are really by-products of fusion and more like exhaust, like plasma, helium, tritium, magnetic Flux, all are exhaust. Inside its just magnetic induction pushing a mercury ball which starts to Fuze through magnetic induction with hydrogen that's present atmospherically in the reactor, or introduced on purpose from a compressed tank, not sure which. It's not like a car engine where it's carbon in carbon out, instead it is hydrogen in, helium out, using mercury as a fuel/catalyst.
Thanks for being normal, informative, concise and non-clickbait. Unlike 90% on this topic. Subbed.
Jeremy Clarkson's rule at its best: it only needs more power!
It was strictly speaking not a law but a mathematical model. We now have new data, so it's re-write of the model not the laws of physics.
and the neutron conversion elephant in the room?
All this to boil water
Qtotal > Qplasma Qtotal is what matters, we are not even close.
There are several reasons why a DT fusion reactor will never be built. The tritium dilemma highlighted in one comment is one, and here one should realise that the lithium needs to be isotopically enriched to raise the Li-6 percentage appreciably up from its natural level of 7.5%, while in any case the tritium in a hot environment cannot be prevented from diffusing into the structure and being lost. My main comment is that there is no way a reactor can be built without testing components in a 14Mev neutron environment, and this cannot be done without access to a fusion reactor - a lovely example of Catch-22.
Hmmm current Fusion reactors are 1% efficient in terms of absolute energy production. So while positive, this step forward doesn’t really progress matters very far. The current 70% claim is highly misleading, only used by those seeking more funding for fusion reactors.
Thats the great thing about communism, the leaders get to live in a made up magical utopia that doesn’t exist
Wow, a great progress in nuclear fusion technology. China can already produce a fusion reaction for more than 1000 sec and producing temperature as high as 70 million degrees Celsius. This high temperature can melt salt at 700 degrees and be used to heat water and produce electricity. A great idea. The problem is that it has to be stopped every so many hours of operation which can damage the system. In the coming 30 years China will be able to produce a commercially viable nuclear fusion reactor which will solve the energy problems forever.
China wants yo take over the world. Ban trade with China
1982 my design is the same I called èlectro-magnetic-hydro-junction it worked then but small minds could not go with the idea.
coal and natural gas are not in short supply
Though fission releases power, fusion requires power to be put in to occur. We've not yet done better.
When China makes a breakthrough, Americans always post "Where did they steal that from?" China has scientist too, and spend a lot a money on research.
China will always have an advantage because the party in power treats the people as servants in a factory. If they need to get a fusion reactor they all move to that effort. If they need to be first in chips there is a great effort for that and so on. We here have to do it on our own or a collaboration with other countries etc.
I hydrogen fuel for energy generation is safer and more viable option than artificial sun energy. There's still a lot of unknowns to fusion energy generation.
Regardless of any method of producing “clean” energy, electrical storage is still the critical issue if only as grid stabilisation.
Anything out of China is dangerous to the human race. Corvid 19 anyone.
trust the Chinese ?
I think I don't trust anything to do with China!
Looks a lot like the German one.
I wonder what country they stolen this technology from the USA
I'm loving this free reign science era.going to innovate ourselves right into extinction.
The nuclear reaction would have to be exothermic (somehow) to become practical. Probably more than 30 years more. (:
Fusion by continuous plasma is victim of disruptions the plasma killer. When you work in continuous mode instead of pulse mode you have always the wetting wall energy eventually is escaping on the wall, the chamber. . Steam engine was not efficient because of it. Instead diesel or gazoline engine working in pulse mode by sort explosion let much more energy . Higher the compression higher the efficiency. The engine is at 100deg but the explosion close to 1000 Deg. The fusion like created in a tokamak creates a transfer of energy from ions to electrons. . The electrons are not controlled because their polarity is the opposite of Ions. The electrons gain energy every moment which increased with time. . The results is lost of energy but also electrical spark creating short circuits and the end of the plasma. The fusion DT creates very energetic neutrons very powerful to any material . The metal is saturated with Boron to limit the problem. But this not the only problem. The Beryllium is used on the walls of the vessel to avoid contamination of the plasma. The the plasma must have the smaller Z ions to optimise the fusion process. The Beryllium has always trace of Uranium. The neutrons created by the fusion transform the Uranium in Iode 131 which ii famous for the contamination of Chernobyl and Fukushima. The fusion solution must be use as a diesel engine. I mean using in pulse mode. This is the Z machine . A very short pulse of heat like 2 billions degrees C is launched on a mixture of Boron Hydrogen small pellet. The result is no neutron but huge energy directly used on the main electrical grid. The Chinese has built the biggest X machine in the World to produce fusion by laser impulses
Better watch it China, you will put your eye out!

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