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Proskit 1PK-209 1PK-209 Nipper Price in India - Flipkart

eChahe. 3.3 ; Description. Proskit 1PK-209, Clean Cut Micro Nipper (22AW/0.6mm) 120mm ; Important Note. You, the customer hereby represent and undertake that you ...


Proskit 1PK-034NC, Ceramic Driver - 0.4 x 1.8mm (Pack of 1 ...

Proskit 1PK-034NC, Ceramic Driver - 0.4 x 1.8mm (Pack of 1) : Home Improvement. ... ProsKit 1PK-209 Clean Cut Micro Nipper (0.6 mm) (Pack of 1) ...


Clean Cut Micro Nipper (22AW/0.6mm) 120mm

Proskit; Type:Side Cutting; Model No:1PK-209; Head Material:Carbon Steel; Handle Material:Conductive Handle; colour:Black; Electrical Purpose:Yes ...


Buy Multitec MT06 Wire Cutter online at

Microshear Cut wires from 0.8mm to 1.4mm ... KGN Nipper Plier-2 Circlip Plier. 4.3. (43). ₹274. 1 Item. ₹209. 1 Add-on ... Proskit 1PK-396A Diagonal Plier.


Proskit 1PK-209 Clean Cut Micro Nipper Features

  • Material: Metal
  • Package contains: 1pk-209 clean cut micro nipper (0.6 mm)
  • Oal : 120 mm, application : Copper : 0.6mm
  • Provide easy work on high density pc board.
  • Conductive handle
  • Made from high carbon steel. Accurately machined, these high quality precision tools are designed for fine assembling and adjustment operations on electronic circuits.
  • Handsaws & Hand Tool Kits

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Proskit 1PK-209 Clean Cut Micro Nipper Specifications

Technical Details
Item model number 1PK-209
Item part number 1PK-209
Primary material Steel

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Proskit 1PK-209 Clean Cut Micro Nipper Reviews from YouTube

Side, Flush, & Speciality Cutters/Nippers Review & Comparison
Sprue Cutters Review - The Scale Modellers Ultimate Guide ( Nippers - Flush Cutters )
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Masaaki angled Bonsai cutters first two cutters are made for Bonsai and are meant for cutting branches/live wood. The first are called knob cutters and the second are your concave cutters. They are meant for making cuts that a live tree can heal and callous over. The brand you mentioned are not a big name brand but are used as a throw away brand for teaching beginners. Hope this info helps
The first set I think are used in horse shoe installation
Those Harbour Freight compound cutters style were used in U.S. Army during WW2. Very collectable.
I used to have a set of workforce Brand tools and I really liked them.
Enders Tools are for Horse shoeing. They are made for trimming hooves and cutting off horse shoe nails and pulling out horse shoe nails.They are designed to be hand sharpened and can be tightened up with a hammer on an anvil. Watch some horse shoeing videos and you will see how these tools are used.
Thanks - very clear and well made video - also a cool collection you have there.
You should have Klein in any comparison cutters' video. I'd trade most every tool in that video for a good set of Klein's. I do like Channellock as a brand; I never tried their cutters, but I imagine they are a good product.
I want to make a guess that the Japanese cutter is for Bonsai art. Seen my father use something similar.
I'm looking for end flush non beveled plier/cutter for cutting thru the welds of 16 guage (gaw) hardware cloth.Can someone point me in the right direction. Or a forum for hand tool discussion. Thanks.
The Japanese do make some quality tools. Case in point would be nepros will give snapon a run for the money, actually superior in my opinion.
What do you recommend for cutting nails and smaller diameter screws (say no8 or smaller)? I use the cutting part of my linesman, but I dont really feel good about it.
Wow try the knipex 8inch bolt cutters they cut like a hot knife through butter and order from youll save even a extra few euros at the checkout from the posted price. Youll get a free prime trial also shipping ive always considered free when i saved atleast 25% and up to 50% from the american price using the german site.
Channellock 148-10 or -14 (depending on the length). I've got the 14" model.
How do you store all your tools?
Your "Maasaki" pliers are made for Japanese Bonsai tree art.
Awesome video!! I have the channel lock end cutters they are my favorite cutters! Very nice quality. I just picked up a pair of the new generation ones
Thanks I learned a lot
A really interesting comparison video and it's also good so share why it is that sprue cutters are better than a hobby knife.I use the Pro teck cutters from Dave Coley too as I recieved them as a free gift with a kit. They are pretty good.
I used a product called plast-dip on the handles of my Citadel cutters. Gives a rubberized coating to them.
you got robbed by whoever sold you the italeri and citadel cutters
Really helpful video. I was wondering though are the Plato ones single or twin edged? Sorry if this was mentioned on the video
I use olfa ak-4 it's excellent but I could definitely use a super sharp sprue cutter, say if I were to pick the best sprue cutter there is which one should I pick?
Thanks Mos
GW and Tamiya are pricey, but not as bad as the Godhand (also from Japan). GW is $30 US roughly while the Godhand is $50.
Is the plato nipper a good one?
Just watched this again and never knew about twin edged cutters and single edge cutters!! Learn something everyday!!
I never knew that about the twin edge or single edge cutters!! All these years and I thought they just cut.. but not just on one side!!
Maybe try some heat shrink tubing over the handles of the citadel cutters for grip
You should try the DSPIAE ST-A single blade nippers they would blow the rest out of the water
I bought the Pixnor tweezers based on your recent review and absolutely love them. I just bought two new sprue cutters a couple of weeks ago. I bought the Xuron Prof(love them).and Tamiya TAM74093 which havent arrived yet. Love your review videos. Keep up the great work.
Whats your sprue cutter of choice? or do you use a blade? Let me know in the comments :)
It's always fun to see comparisions like that, it's only plastic, even cutters for 5 GBP are great for this hobby.
Great video!I went through a lot of nippers and the combination of Tamiya's (for parts removal) and Godhand nippers (for gate removal) work the best for me
im using godhand myself, the feel of cutting is like cutting tofu
Im still using my nipper that i bought year 2014 from an electrical store..already had it sharpened once last year..
What about Micro Marks?
I like my Valtcan prime nippers. They cut about 95% as well as Godhand, but are more durable and half the price
, !
-cries in dog nipper-
Can I use nail clippers?
Thanks for the break down. Gonna start with the USAGundam Nippers then get the God hands.
Whats the reason why you should cut closer to the gate than the actual part?
The idea that those nippers will break doing the exact same cut but still on the runner is absolutely ridiculous. It makes no difference. Your literally cutting thru the exact same spot and amount of plastic.
a good way of describing the god hands vs normal cheap thicc nippers is that normal ones cut a little then squish the rest of the plastic until it breaks, whilst the god hands actually cut all the way through, no squish
I have generic cutters and a nanye... those look reall good and reliable!
I want to know how the wisepro measure up
I think all nipper test should be done in dark colored plastics, instead of white plastic. That's the real test.
why did u skip thru the snap sound of the orange nippersits a bad review
What would u guys recommend for a pg gundam phenex nippers wise cuz I'm thinking of getting one and dont want nub marks and I hear gold plat gundams have bad nub marks
Can i use my korean nail clippers?
I am watching all these cutter reviews to make sure I get the best bang for my buck, and your video is the clearest. :) that tiny god hand is actually aimed for children, with rounded points and shorter handle. Do you know anything about the PN-120? (not SPN). How does the PN (red handle) compare to the SPN (blue handle)? Thanks a million
what's the best of single blade nipper in this vedio? and second, thrid!

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