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Prokyde PHOENIX 222 Feather Shuttle - White - Buy Prokyde ...

Prokyde PHOENIX 222 Feather Shuttle - White (Medium, 77, Pack of 10). 3.3. 140 Ratings & 19 Reviews.


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Prokyde Phoenix 222 Feather Shuttle (Pack Of 10) Features

Premiuim quality and durable product with Essential utility and partner of your favorite sports! Grab this sports accessory which helps in maintaining your good physique and good health. This important sports utility plays a vital role in every sportsperson s life with encouraged feelings. Moreover its perfect for both outdoor and indoor games.

  • Feather
  • Recycled Cork Base Material
  • Duck Feather Skirt Material
  • Medium, 77
  • Feather
Prokyde Phoenix 222 Feather Shuttle (Pack Of 10) Colours:
  • White

The lowest Prokyde Phoenix 222 Feather Shuttle (Pack Of 10) Price in India is ₹314 at Flipkart.
Buy Prokyde Phoenix 222 Feather Shuttle (Pack Of 10) online at Flipkart.
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Prokyde Phoenix 222 Feather Shuttle (Pack Of 10) Specifications

Base Material Recycled Cork
Ideal For Junior, Senior
Playing Level Beginner
Skirt Material Duck Feather
Speed Medium, 75
Type Feather
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 10
Sales Package Shuttle

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Prokyde Phoenix 222 Feather Shuttle (Pack Of 10) Reviews from YouTube

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I have that nylon cork and it broke easily
Mavis 10 ka price kay h
Anyone tell me carlton t800 pls
bhai mavis 2000 kitne ka milta hai
Bro pls tell about vins nylon shuttle on Amazon
What the hell is this video??
This is a click bait video.... In last u waste ur precious 4 min
This is a click bait video.... In last u waste ur precious 4 min.
This is a click bait video.... In last u waste ur precious 4 min.
Hello sir ap ka number do
Can I use my Yonex ZR 100 Light Badminton to play with nylon shuttle as it has wooden composite cork ball head? Will it break the strings?
Background music hatao
Kuch batate nehi toh kyun utna dabba dikhaya be dabbaband
Mavis 10 vs mavis 350 Which one better
Your face is similar to suraye Kumar yadav
Nice it helped me to choose Thanks
bhai 1 box muje dedo plz
Which one is better, Above 800 ...
Sir toh konse la
first time seeing more better shuttle than AS30
We were able to play a full doubles game (2 sets) with one shuttle. Intermediate level, not super hard hitting and slicing, but still impressed. Need to go through the whole tube to judge, but it felt slightly better than Li-Ning A60. Forza Hybrid 5000 also seem quite interesting.
Do you review apacs 900 shuttle?
Sir, please don't buy feather shuttle because it causes unbearable pain to animals
Didn't know Kawasaki make sports stuff like shuttlecock all i know when i hear Kawasaki reminds me of motor
how is it like if you miss hit the shuttle
Stick to real feathers if you can hit from base to base with good quality, the KingKong500 is gonna throw your sensitivity out due to the fly path. It does not respond well on hard smash either, there seems to be a limit on how hard you can hit it before the plastic construct difference became noticeable. This shuttle is EXCELLENT for hard but clumsy hitters (the ones that doesn't give a damn about proper technique and destroys shuttles after one smash) The feel on drops shots are very good but don't rely on spin (regional players techniques are wasted on them, they will feel like playing plastic on those shots)
My badminton group have been using Kawasaki for some time. 500 is durable, but do not fly well. We tried it and were not happy with the flight performance. 700 were much better choice in the past. Their flight path is much more similar to high end shuttles. However. I ordered a batch of 700-s. I do not know if it is a bad batch, but those things brake really easily (700-s did not brake so easily in the past). We were down one tube per session. We compared it with Babolat 1-s. We brake max 4 per session. So when we calculate it, then it is actually cheaper to buy decent shuttle, than to use Kawasaki 700-s. So long story short: 500 is a good choice for practice runs and beginners. For tournaments and decent game play you are better off with high end brands.
im the 100 comment
Bought a couple of tubes after seeing this review and, totally love them, saving money and only a miniscule drop in quality. I've found my new permanent brand.
I played with Kawasaki shuttles for about 6 months (since our club is poor and wanted to save money) but i noticed the shuttles were absolutely horrible. They turned oval after only a few smashes, and in 1 match i went though at least 3 shuttles. We actually ended up costing money in february than yonex did in one entire season, and we got our contract back with yonex.
Just ordered a set of the k500 tonight. Under a tenner @ Ali express, £15 everywhere else. Just a longer delivery, I can deal with that. Thanks for the heads up.
Hi, I am currently in EU and I see it is priced at Euro 21.65 (link below) but as per your video, it is priced at GBP 10 so I am a bit confused on pricing part.
Nice review. Did you try othe hybrid shuttles (Dmantis 45,... ) ?
We played with them last night. Quite a good result. Managed to get around 3 double games out of each one which is great. They are a little faster and with slightly different flight curve but we also ordered a slower speed test tubes and it did not effect plays so much. At the beginning we had a few miss hits due to slightly different flight pattern and deceleration but overall the product is phenomenal in terms of price / performance ratio and quite close to "real thing". Job well done IMHO.
Horrible shuttle. Flies out 9 out of 10 clears.
In Indonesia, you can get a box of 12 full feather Yonex League 5 shuttles for $7.09 because it's made locally in Indonesia. However, it certainly makes sense to opt for a hybrid shuttle like this as not every place have locally made shuttles.
I see my buddy Josh (in the white) :D
Fantastic shuttle indeed !
Im still waiting for 2020 - 2021 best shuttlecock.. :'(
Im still waiting for 2020 best shuttlecock, which is best in durability, and value for money.
Hi, how is lining a+62 feather shuttle?
When you tested 3 shuttlecocks of each brand, were the extra 3 shuttles per tube of the li-ning taken into account for all of the results? For example, was durability scored per tube? Because if it was then the extra 3 shuttles makes a difference, same with value for money etc. Also perceived value, did they know they were pricing a tube of 15? I'm just wondering if this was all taken into account.. Thanks..
please do a comparison on plastic shuttles ! ... also much awaited astrox 69 & 100zx/zz
Could you test also next time the shuttlecocks Apacs 100 from Oliver Sport? Oliver also produces rackets, and strings which you could also test....
When will the website be updated?
Hi sir I am an intermediate player and I was wandering if you can help me in between astrox 7 on bg65ti string with 25 lbs and astrox 22 bg65ti string with 25 lbs which one should I go for or any other rackets if you suggest balanced bg65ti string with 25 lbs ?
Hi, I only understand english. Which racket is best for powerful smashes from back court ? Yonex Astrox 5fx or Astrox Smash or Muscle power 29 light ?
Saw that astrox smash scored almost 91 in e-zone testing. OMG! I know reviews will be next weeks, but i have a limited offer to buy it at super low price right now. Is it really that good??
Nanoflare drive review plz
Hi sir any Aeronaut 9000 reviews coming up?
sir,Make a comparison video of Apacs Nano Fusion 722 & Apacs Dual 100
Hello! I wanna ask on what your top 5 badminton rackets are? Thanks
Want a video on voltric 0.1 DG , 0.7 DG ...
Plssssssss,tell me that which is best nano 8i lcw,18i I want to buy
Review of the nanoflare 600 and the 160 fx? Maybe also the skyarc strings?!?!?
A very good review! thank you! The Aeroplane Black label EG1130 seems to be very popular among players at my local club in the US. Any takes on that?
Kawasaki King Kong K500, K700. Feathers with nice durability.
Can u guys make review on yonex voltric z force 2
I remember some of my mates putting the shuttles in the refrigerator... does that work??
it is much easier and better to use SAVE-BIRDIE.COM humitity tube
How often should I do the steaming process?
Badminton girls are not that beautiful where I’m from. 😭
How often do you have to steam your shuttles?
its better to be dry the shuttles cheap and if the shuttles wet during game play then forecourt will be wet and end up being slippery which affect health and safety
Why all this hassle when you can moisten your shuttlecocks in a SAVE-BIRDIE.COM humidity tube.
First Question: Why Is Julia So Hot??? Second Question: What Is Julias Social Media Accounts?
"and stick it in"
Try SAVE-BIRDIE instead. Here you only need 10 seconds to fill up with shuttlecocks when you get home from badminton and your shuttlecocks last 2-3 times as long in play. It is scientifically proven that the shuttlecocks need 10 days to absorb moisture. With SAVE BIRDIE you can also see how many schuttlecocks you have left in the tube.
Do you steam the shuttles just before play or when you buy them? Meaning, once steams, do they retain the humidity for a period of time? Thanks
This video is very helpfull. Please review victor light fighter 7300..please make it soon...
Nice video!! hope can soon view a video on Duora 77
What is the use of doing this??

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