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Programming Kotlin: Get to grips quickly with the best Java alternative Book Reviews from YouTube

Java or Kotlin for Android Development Which One Is Better?
Java vs Kotlin for Android App Development
Top 5 KEY DIFFERENCES between Java and Kotlin
Watch Tim's Free Learn to Code Course on Youtube!
Thank you, Tim!
hey Tim. For years Oracle has not provided good improvements in Java language and for this reason Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, etc have done theses evolution. But now since Java 11 to 17, don't you think that it is still necessary use these JVM likes?I am asking this because as you know we have to think carefully before take the decison to invest time on others subjects due to a huge volume of information, concepts and technologies that we are studying everyday.I am afraid of companies that decided to abandon their projects...Please, working with Kotlin is better than Java 17 and all the known consolidated known?
2022- React is the way to go.
There is no dislike count. I assume the intro did turn some away
this guy is sitting in the fancy office, i should trust him.
That intro blew my ears out
Turn down the fucking volume on your intro music...holy fuck.
Thanks you and i want to become a Back End Developer What's the best for me and Big Company Used( Spring BooT or Node js express js)Reply me please
And here I am stuck in java constantly searching how to continue learning java and push my progress forward.
Learn Java and you can program for Andriod and have skill you can take almost anywhere outside of andriod.
That logo on his shirt isnt actually part of his shirt 2:50
what are concurrent distributed systems
Java is popular the same way hepatitis is popular.
I haven't even watched for 10 seconds but I already paused and reading the comments.
If you are reading this in 2021 and just want to get going with Android development, it's OK to start with Kotlin. To really get to the intermediate or advanced level you're going to need to understand Java to some extent.Luckily, Java and Kotlin fit together better than any other language combo I can think of.
Bad Intro much much to load dam it got me instanly hate this video
The biggest issue with Kotlin language is the community.. it's not as big as Java since it's still a new language comparing to Java
And im about to finish your Java Android course lol
Swiggy Deiliverh App made by Konltin
Kotlin: Code conciness!Java: Did you heard about Lombok?And so on...
Great video! It's interesting with how far behind Android is when it comes to Java. Only just recently had it supported JDK 11. This is probably another reason as to why Kotlin is preferred by Google. It provides more powerful language features SOONER than Java even though later versions of Java now support similar things (lambdas for example).
-you can extend a class funtionality in Java.-the code isn't complex or longer from using getter or setters. That's encapsulation, and you can do it in Kotlin too. It's not a language feature but a methodology of OOP.-then It rants about java being verbose and longer for writting than Kotlin. but shows a manifest xml file. That you also would have to use in Kotlin.
background music too loud. But thanks anyway.
high quality content
I think that kotlin was made to replace java
Thanks for video. What language is better to start from, bearing in mind that Im null in programming?
Simple and to the point! Thanks
Nicely explained how reading the code is important
Good video! What's your thought about flutter for mobile development ?
We are currently learning Android development using Kotlin at my college!
I was honestly appreciate Youtube algorithm, that I find this video!
Perfectly explained and exactly what I needed.
I'm trainee in mobile application development for Android and this is the most helpful video I've seen in the past month.
Another well explained video. Currently I use Java since I have not learned Kotlin
Java is my second programming language, I learned it in school, but never really liked it
2:22 : "Java is verbose and requires more lines of code!"*shows XML*
Less code is always better, and anything missing from a new language is usually implemented over time. I really hope Kotlin removes the Javascape from existence for anything but legacy.
Which language would you choose if you were an Android app developer?
"....It was kind of an awkward implementation of object oriented programming" - in other words, a "kludge".
why why i should face history why bcz you can learn past people mistake?
Other than Java or Kotlin language, your English language is bit difficult to follow.Of course I usually could follow most of the American English well.But yours seems bit difficult.Lol...
Here's a new video which is a kind of crash course comparing Kotlin and Java with some basic programs:
idk. Give me my C++ for app development and I'm fine. If a language doesn't give me the ability to program mem-leaks and segmentation faults I don't really want it.
Thanks a lot your opinion realy help me
Kotlin but never replace Java
Your explanation are very clear! Brief but brings out all the key points. Thanks!
Can I ask you a question? Your personal opinion not what the mainstream is saying. Would you go with Kotlin or Swift for mobile development? I ask because originally, I was considering Swift. But then I began to learn what Kotlin can do, I even read supposedly you can even now use Kotlin for cross platform mobile development? I don't know how much of this is true. What despite what I had mentioned from your personal opinion not mainstream opinion would you go the Kotlin route or the Swift route for mobile development? and also Why what that be your reason? Also, I spent lots of money in purchasing a Mac Book Air only to find out that X-Code is horrible for running C or C++ languages, didn't like the IDE for this reason. I don't know how it runs Swift, but I may try soon.
200 likes man it crossed 7K Kivy not even in the race?
I've studied Kotlin and it's a really awesome language just like you described on video above it's nice features that allow us to create new methods without needing to create a whole class. Without doubt Kotlin's go-to language!
isnt kotlen Java with an easier Syntax and u can have cross compatable with java
Technical stuff aside, Kotlin sounds like a word a toddler spluttered out of its mouth Google is a very clumsy, focus-deprived, idiotic company.
Definitely learned a lot watching this. Im a recent CS grad currently job searching for both SE and Android dev jobs. Just made the decision to focus on Android dev instead. And enhance my development and architecture understanding/ experience. If anyone knows any startups (even for SE rolls ) looking to hire, please leave a comment
I envy your beard bro
of course Kotlin will take the place, everyone hates Java
i'm not at serious level, but according to my overall programming history, the programming i experienced were c,c++,c#,java,kotlin and i enjoyed c# and kotlin so much. those 2, i hate java also that language was the first language i've ever learned, but never used it again, i usually used c# and c++, now i want to get into the android development, the only thing i'm crying about is java. dude the ides are annoying, everything about it is just irritating me. i wish android was a c# based enviroment, not java. but kotlin is the hope for me to just skip the annoying part with Java, but i think i have to know Java very well too. idk
Thank you so much!
Well done video, good job
Great video!
Thank you!!
Love your work! It's awesome! It'll be great to see a video about all collections in Java.
Hey everyone! Let me know in the comments below what do you think about this video!

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