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Programmer's Guide to Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Book Reviews from YouTube

My experience with the Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer SE 8 (OCAJP8) Certification
How to Pass your OCA Java 8 Certification Exam
OCA Exam | My Experience | Exam Tips
the exam is online or offline?
If you need exam dumps for java 808 2022 just contact me
Please can we take the exam at home?
Thanks for this video bro it's really helpful .🤘😀
was the exam hard?
Hi, if I go directly for OCJP8 exam without appearing for OCJA8 exam , is it allowed ?
Did you do the video course
Hi, please can u recommend a peason vue center in Abuja FCT were i can take the in-person exam
If you take the exam at home, do you get access to pen and paper for doing calculations?
how is the exam done , Is the exam online or should we do it in a center? talk about that
Amazing, thank you for this useful insight. Please how long dit it took you to prepare for the exam?
You mentioned paying to an Administrator, Which leads me to the question, Did you have to take the test in a supervised environment like a school? Or can it be Taken at Home?
hi pls can you provide a link to the study guide ebook oracle certified associate java se 8 programmer study guide. THanks
Hello. Are these OCA books for beginners or they suppose to know already java but focuses only of tests? Can I use it to learn java from scratch and to pass the exam as well ? As of now, what is the latest version, Java 11 ? Thanks.
Please contact me if you need java 808 2022 dumps alongside preparation for the exam
I cleared the exam with 86%. I remember giving my first mock where I barely got 30%. My company forced me to give this exam so as to satisfy the exam got me a lot of head ache..... Btw my strategy was simple : 1. Read that study guide book....& Download it's app...complete all questions in that. 2. Buy skillcertpro mock questions & did it 3 times.. 3. Buy udemy course as everyone was talking about it....but honest , it was so easy after doing questions in skillcertpro....they were similar.... Though , my suggestion would be to buy something like enthnuware or whizlabs as it's interface looks exactly like that of exam... Tips : 1. Ask yourself why?? For each question you solve instead of just checking whether you correctly answered or not. 2. Solve a lot of fact based questions . You will be able to pass conceptual questions but exam ask around 10 fact based questions. 3. If you have time , dig a little deep into the concept to have more clarity......try to practice yourself instead of copy pasting the codes from testing window to eclipse.... 4. Try to write in notepad & then run them instead of eclipse though... 5. Check whether the issue will be raised by compiler or run time.... 6. Mug up the order of preference. 7. Exam is tough....take it seriously....give your best shot instead of procrastinate..... Thanks for reading.....
bro they are putting me and my class through this at the age of 14-16 💀💀💀
Is Java 8 still relevant in 2022 or we should go for any other java certification? Kindly comment. Thanks.
If I feel OCP study books looks very comfort then can I prepare for OCP directly? Still OCA8 is required to get pass before? Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.
I have to take the exam next week. I have knowledge of java fundamentals and sql, but not completely. Do you think around 100 hours of study would be enough?
You know, you know... Without 'you know' it would be better to hear your tips. Thanks
Hi, Can you please make me aware of any mandatory timeline to sit for OCP once someone passes OCA? Like in a month, or a year max or something like that?
Thank you so much Sir. Very helpful tips.
Why does everyone get Java SE 8 certificate and not the Java SE 11. Or why get Java 8 over other versions certification.
I been coding in Java for a few years and work as a full time SWE. I thought I would ace up, but barely passed with a 66%. Was a lot harder than I thought.... 'Doh
Thank you for information
Where/How to get that book ?
Good Evening Sir.. Can you please tell me sir ? Can I give this Java OCA exam is free ?
You say you have 20 years of experience experience but you look like you 25 years old
does OCA exam have Functional Interfaces/ Lambdas
I am studying computer engineering 3rd year. I want to oass oca can i do it?
Thanks a lot for the tips .. I'm preparing for the exam .. Suggest some courses too
Hi Siamak, I took the actual 1ZO-808 exam after it got postponed three times due to covid 19 and not until now they didn’t make it take from home online proctored. I took the practice exams from Boyarsky and Selikoff book and got 80%+ but I still failed the exam with 46% below the required 65%. The practice exams from the book were not similar to the real exam. They were also much harder and more code snippets. I had read the study guide 3+ times and compiled and run every line of code in notepad from the book. I feel at this point I just need to practice exam questions that are similar to the real exam questions. Which exam simulation software do you recommend and can you point me a link to it? I heard of Enthuware being the best one for this. Do you recommend it? I would appreciate your help. I definitely want the certificate because I spent months studying for it and have nothing (no certification) to show for it. Appreciate the help. Also it was hard pacing myself on the actual exam because the time was showing in decrementing order! In the custom exam from the Boyarsky and Selikoff book I was able to track my time because the timer was in incrementing order and I knew I had 1 and half to 2 minutes per question. In the actual exam because the timer was decrementing it caught me off guard and I had trouble tracking my time per question.
Currently ,there is an offer going on in 1Z0-819 certification, You can take the exam at 25$. Last date of offer is 25th April 2021(Scheduling exam on 25th or before). Here is the link:
Bro is it test centre based or online exam from home
Hi Brain Linker, I would like to appear for this certificate [oracle-certified-professional-java-se-8-programmer]. From where can I get the syllabus for the same? May I reach you over the phone?
Hi bro, give me the suggestion which website is best for writing mock tests
Is all 70 questions are MCQ type or is there any coding questions which we need to write and run it?
If we pass OCS exam what is use
If I failed do I get another chance or I have to pay fees again? I cant find answer of this question anywhere.
I started practicing this course and then left in middle . Definitely it was giving lot of clarity
Brother Please recommend again if there's any offers again:)
Hi bro please tell me differences between oca and ocja
Hello brain linker Can u help me to crack this java test because i need this certification at any cost plz help me
Thanks for the great video! Can I ask which is the exact date of this exam? If I register it today. How long could I have to prepare for this exam? Thanks!!
Please give a reply to my comment
Bhaiya I have brought the book which you mentioned and I have read it and nearly have completed 2 chapters. But I have a problem that I read chapters properly mark the important points and have learnt it also but the problem is when I am doing practice questions almost my every answers goes wrong. Can you give me some time so that I can improve myself. Plz reply as soon as possible. Waiting for your response Thank you Snehashish Sah 😊.
What is exactly the path of earning a certificate... Is it just purchasing the exam and passing it ?? What is a Course Submission Form and what does it have to do with IZO-808
Bhaiya pls reply to my comment
Can we get a job of minimum 1lakh after gaining this certification. Or we can get a job with optimum salary. Plz Tell I am ur big fan.
Is java Oracle certification is given in a form of hard copy. Plz tell I am ur big fan
Congo bro.....If u have notes please share notes on
If u have the dumps or notes plz share it on

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