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Process Of Biodiesel Production From Algae, Production Of Biodiesel From Used Cooking Oil, Production Of Biodiesel From Vegetable Oil Ppt

Production and Technology of Bio-diesel: seeding a change Book Reviews from YouTube

Lecture 49 : Biodiesel Production
Biodiesel Production
The Problem with Biofuels
Production of Biodiesel From Vegetable Oil
Thank you so much sir...
Sir Please research that biodiesel production from natural "Shellac".
Sir . At 28:57 in captions show as per your speach " not profitable" but your written article show "more profitable". Please correction accordingly.
Please make video in hindi
I want to know reference of this topic. Can you tell me
Sulfuric Acid react with Alcohol, producing esters. remaining Sulfuric Acid react with KOH, producing salt and water. Are you sure sulfuric Acid is used?
Why do we use methanol in transterfication process??
awesome video
I really think I am seat in class of professor from money heist😂
Svp j'ai besoin d'un mémoires sur valorisation d'une huile végétale usagée en biodiesel en français merciii
Your method of teaching is amazing sir
does India have the technology to manufacture Bio diesel from Municipal sledge waste ? if yes only than this sector has the potential to grow & be a profitable venture. as this technology is already running successfully in US & Australia.. relying on agriculture waste & Used Oil is never going to work due to high price of raw material & continuous availability. Municipal sledge is a very low cost raw material for Bio diesel .
Awesomely articulated. Thanks so much.
Can i use isopropyl alcohol instead of methanol
If fat is heated will it be more benificial for reaction
Glysoral convertion intoglysori process And frifification of biofuel videos
Enter bio-diesel Industry immediately as many technologist even uneducated already using.people wants regulation only.
Can Biodiesel be used in wick lanterns ? And can it be used to remove paint and adhesives from metal objects ?
Can we produce it from the sewage waste
Thank you super explain
Goplan is must for it energy getting
your overlay at the end of the video isn't working anymore (can't click any of the links for the recommendations or patreon)
And what of sugar cane, sugar beets or - heaven forbid - potatoes? Those seem to work better.
At 13:32 Is one of the many project's I worked on at Zeton.
1 bushel -- 25.4 kg
i know hydrogen isnt that energyefficient either. but it uses the energy of the sun instead of fossil fuels (if implemented correctly) to replace the fuels of gas powered cars. they can be converted to run on hydrogen. the benefits are that you dont need to create a batterypack which costs a lot of energy to produce and you can use it on existing cars so no new cars have to be created which also saves emissions. thats my opinion about a better alternative option. i would love to hear some other options by replying because this is something i have been thinking a long time about.
I think the title of your video is misleading and generalising, suggesting that the issues found with this one type of biofuel in this one country (yes, believe it or not, there are more countries out there....!) is universal to all biofuels, which is not accurate at all. The honest and factually correct title should be something like "The Problem with Corn-based Biofuel Produced in the USA" or "The Problem with sustainable Ethanol in Fuel" but that's less click-bait I guess.
Its worth biofuel to go in the direction of byproduct priority. A good example is refined waste vegetable oil for diesel engines.
sri lankan man..🇱🇰
I'm not sure what your name is, but thank you for these well thought out videos. Excellent work! I also noticed you used a clip at 9:30 on the timeline that shows a bunch of windmills in the foreground and mountains in the background silhouetted by the sun covered clouds. I used to live there. It is right on the southwestern edge of Desert Hot Springs, California and just northwest of Palm Springs. The San Jacinto mountains to the south and the San Gorgonio mountains to the north really channel those winds past Morongo, right over the top of the 10 freeway, and into those windmills (9:30). If there is one thing I miss about that region, it would be the view of the San Jacinto mountains throughout the year, but especially during winter. Here are the coordinates: 33.9259867,-116.6052355
The problem with biofuels is they cannot be managed by the massive crude oil and energy cartels. You can make clean, excellent burning biodiesel that … is also much more green and almost completely made of renewable resources.
We should reuse waste from other processes for what they're good for before manufacturing a specialized product. _grassoline?_
So you measure engine displacement by how much corn you can jam into a cylinder? Strange but effective, I guess?
You can avoid triggering your viewer's Alexa by filtering out a specific frequency range. That's why Alexa never activates during Amazon Alexa commercials.
Nuclear plants are the only alternative source of energy other than solar and renewables .
Biofuels are a comercially driven product, they are a curse for animal and plantlife. If all the money that has gone into this industry would have been put in solar, wind, battery tech and nuclear power we would be many steps ahead in lowering carbon emissions today as fuel for transport is but a small part of total CO² emissions. Alas is the politics who decide what we do and they often turn a blind eye to the truth in favour of quick cash and sucses..
Thanks, great information, great research. Congrats! Well done job!
Dude this is the most casual face reveal ever 😂 😳 😂
Can you imagine the amount of carbon that can be reduced if every state were self sufficient only exporting when absolutely necessary. Then take that global. But that will never happen because these industries are money makers and people are greedy.
There are many mistakes in the video. First, the sugarcane culture never destroyed amazon forest. In the past (17th to the 19th century) the sugarcane culture used areas of the rain forest or Atlantic rain forest, never the amazon forest. In the 20th century, the sugarcane culture expands to the cerrado, the Brazilian savannah, and continues to grow by using 2nd generation ethanol processing. About 66% of the Brazilian territory has its original forest preserved and in amazon region, this rate jump to 84%. The agriculture in Brazil is focused to generate food, not biofuel and thus, the Brazilian agriculture sustain 20% of the world consumption of food.

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