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Product Design Methods and Practices Book Reviews from YouTube

Book Review: Sketching, Drawing Techniques for Product Designers. By Koos Eissen & Roselien Steur
3 books that gave me a career (product design)
Industrial Design Books that Made Me a Better Designer
3 Best Product Design Books
vu l'accent je suis sur que l'auteur est francais !!!! merci pour le job en tout cas
thank you. i just discovered the existence of this book in the right time, thanks to you. 😁👍
This is absolutely amazing book for learning Sketching.
Salut vous êtes français? Pouvez me donner ds conseils pour améliorer mon talent en dessin ombre, lumière etc... Dans quelles écoles avez vous étudiez si c'est public?
Thankyou man
Hello Alex, I just got the book! Very useful also i love ur content its really helping me
This is an awesome book Alex, it was one of the first sketching books I came across when I got into design school. Thank you for reminding me about it! Also, I think you should maybe review "Drawing for Product Designers" by Kevin Henry, it touches a lot on the importance of sketching as a thinking/design tool rather than a purely aesthetic thing, it helped me a lot last year. Stay safe and keep these coming!
Is it available to buy it as e-book or pdf ?
Thanks alot for this info.
Thank you for your suggestions
wow thanks a lot for sharing these booklist 💕💕
@designalily what do you think about the new UX course by google in Coursera ? Maybe you can create a video with your interpretations……
Thanks for sharing these, gonna read them all
ABOUT FACE I personally think the book is v.poorly designed. Barrier to entry number 1: Do people gravitate towards thick books that you need bodybuilders muscles to pick up or do people prefer smaller more easily manageable ones? - If you are going to be the encyclopedia of interaction design books then at least have the book-smarts to break it up into a smaller more manageable series of books that a person can actually pick up and hold to read. * They start the book off by stating that 'people perceive things as a whole' and they go on to state how 'designers often don't keep the end user in mind' - well who is the end user of this mammoth of a book and how do they feel when presented with a manual as thick as the earth core? They are aiming this book at students and practitioners (or so they say), but students are younger, with shorter attention spans and more distractions than ever before so in what way does the design of this book cater to them easily consuming its contents? All I see when presented with this book is my life flash before my eyes and then I see myself getting hired at 400 years old after finally finishing and understanding this book. You cannot claim to know about design and fail the first step of making their product visually appealing. From that point onwards I lost faith in everything that they might have to say because if a user doesn't pick/up your product you have failed and no one in their right mind will be picking up this concentrated rainforest of a book and even if they do it is an absolute bore to read despite their being some gems inside your brain cells will have become so dim that you stand no chance of retaining and apply any of the information inside. There was no need for this book to be written. I can almost guarantee that anyone who reads this is doing less designing than they are reading and if you get to the designing instead you will figure out the things in this book first hand without the need for copious amounts of notes.
Hey Lily, Thanks for the wonderful share! I think I’m currently at a stage where I need to present my designs to managers, co designers, engineers and stakeholders on an everyday basis, and I believe the first book would be really valuable. This is exactly what I need right now
Does this books help in ui/ux design ? And design thinking?
After i watched your video, bought the book of "Articulating Design Decision" and reread About Face. i Felt fundamentally changed when I thinking and articulating design. Thank you!
As a CCA interaction design student, I'm ashamed that I’ve never read that book.
Hi Lily, thank you for your videos, they have been so helpful for me! You mentioned getting stumped by PM interview questions, I was wondering if you could ever do a video on how you would answer these questions?
ill read these for free and pay when i get a job as a ux designer
Awesome! Have these books but haven’t gotten around to them.
I feel really privileged to have read About Face as one of the first books I've read as a product designer. It influenced me SO MUCH!
Just found your channel! And I also live in SF. I was planning to do UX design Bootcamp in GA during pandemic. Will you please make a video regarding bootcamp culture’s pros and cons. Looking forward to it.Thanks! 🤗
I've read Articulating Design decision and it's so underrated I'm learned so much
I have an idea for a potential video you might have already covered. The context would be a small team that has a start-up venture—not yet licensed, still very much conceptual. What kind of process would you recommend for a team of two engineers and one designer to have a concept that's presentable and ultimately worthy of venture capital investment?
Your youtube channel has been soooo helpful to me! Love the recommendations, will make sure to add them to my growing library of design books :)
As someone who hasn’t read any of these, is there a particular order I should read them in?
Wow i just got About Face, thanks again for the reco... and boy this book is no joke beefy. If its not too much, can you give advice on how to read this? Thanks
I think some of these books will help me to better understand design generally :D Thanks! (I am a industrial engineer.)
do you think its easy to get a job in the product design field ? im unsure if theres any other jobs i can do other than being an industrial/product designer. with an education background in product design, is it possible to have other pathways too?
Hi, I love your videos. I’m an engineer and never thought design would be so complex. Always thought it was only a matter of being creative. I was so wrong and I learned it by watching your videos. Thanks and congratulations! I would like to see a video about paint scheme design. Is it anything similar to the physical design of pieces? I’m building an airplane and I started to design the paint scheme for it. It’s turned out to be a big challenge. Appreciate any thoughts on that. If you like, I could send some pictures of the design so you can make a video about it. There is a huge community in aircraft home building that would love to see it! Thanks
The design of everyday things Designing for growth Value proposition Elements of design
My favorite channel of 2021 Gracias John
Hey, nice content...Please make some videos on How should I design mechanical joints in product design...
Hey John why are you switching to Pc?
Going through the archives, thanks for the suggestions
Thanks for sharing
Very nice video, thank you. For the love of God, don't switch to PC, unless you're planning to use Solidworks or Inventor :).
Thank You So much
Hey can you suggest books for improving aesthetic 3d forms or how we can improve look and feel of product.
Your channel perfectly fits my needs. Cant thank you enough. Got a good job and your advice helps me out a lot.
You failed to sell me the pen
Design Expertise, Bryan Lawson
Scott robertson is so talented in sketching and rendering, also he has a great channel here on youtube. Thanks for the recommendations, so useful since I want to develop a reading habit asap.
thank you
I think also you could make a video about channels, pages and people to follow for learning and inspiration
Thanks you soo much ...this is Great and useful, I did read How to Draw and How to render and they are great for teaching drawing and rendering skills, and now on the design of everday things. Will continue with the other books you mentioned
Nice! Was just asking for some books on Reddit. I'd add Less is More by Dieter Rams. I know, it's not an essential book, but damn how inspiring it is!
would you like it if I push your plate of food with my leg
عظيم 🤓
Ridiculous b-rolls on this video...
Dude don't just drop them and throw them books are forms of knowledge that means they just should not be dropped , just put them in desk or something. Treat them with respect.
Be much more respectful towards books...knowledge creates respect ,but it seems you only know to review books and not read them, illiterate loser.
just for information: you were throwing people's minds down.
Don't treat the book like that.
The way u treating books in not so good inspiring!! the fourth best book could be "The Laws of Semplicity" by John Maeda..isn't it?
Are you stupid or what .. manner less are throwing books.... respect the thing which you are publicly describing are motivating ohhh wow.. first respect the knowledge respects books . .. stupid ,

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