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Proceedings of the 12th Reinventing Space Conference Book Reviews from YouTube

Reinventing the Record-to-Report Process for Worry-Free Governance, Risk & Compliance
AWS re:Invent 2020 - Keynote with Andy Jassy
Reinvent Yourself with Cues & AMA
Episode 5 - Loyalty Leader Insights "Reinventing Loyalty Programs"
Employees should asks for a pay raise. Fuck Amazon and fuck Bezos.
What a skills set.. Mc. Host. Product. CEO. Entertainer. Motivator. I guess this is what comes via 20 years the same business and company and constant work.
Carrier CEO Dave is a good story teller!
He is a great mixture of CTO, CMO, CFO, CIO, COO. I guess that's why he is a CEO..
Sets a good example for the staff one person presents for three hours. I wonder if he uses a prompter
He is been standing their for nearly 3hour huge respect for that it shows his involvement towards aws
@20:32 Lori Beer, CIO JP Morgan Chase & Co
This guy is awesome. This talk is a big sales pitch, but it's very entertaining and not boring at all, I almost don't see the time passing when watching it.
Data Wrangler, with its automatic data conversions will allow more time to focus finding solutions handling importing and preparing data for analysis.
In their journey to the cloud. JP Morgan used analytics to redesign. More and more in the cloud, the physical layout (Data Structures) are becoming less importantly as the cloud abstracts that layer out. This allows data scientists and engineers to concentrate on algorithms needed to solve business problems. Then select best tools for the implementation, using SageMaker is the problem needs machine learning or Kinesis Analytics for more streaming or near real-time analysis.
Really Interesting. I would like to hear about machine learning!
Just amazing !!!!!!
YouTubeFacebookInstagramWhatsApp +
full of explosive innovation,every part of the talk Andy made is so interesting and enriching that there are so many things to learn. precise and inspiring talk of the different companies and guests. who display the show case with tools.thanks Andy
"we treat black people"? or we treat each other?
Wow, what a speech! How fluent he is! Such a long speech given with so much clarity and vitality. Wow, wow... And, what a great suite of cloud offerings. Great brains have converged in AWS and producing such powerful products and services.. it is thrilling and also scary!!
This video is true representation of Dive Deep LP from Andy! What an ability from CEO to deliver so much technical material !
openning speech a disgrace. Lets all assume we are all racist.
I've got a manager who can't accept me for being for the being the person I am he dose not know or understand how to work with introverts
I low key don't trust charismatic people lol
Trying to gain back self-esteem
When I tryed to get nude in fronts lady freind and she made a big isue about it to alot of people. And she was sopast she said can can or do anything to me and she turned all around making me not trustanymore
No sex no girt freind over 2 years
I do like you
Very honest and gerios if they look at me now well that a hard one now you would to much reveling to much body language
I love your wisdom
1:03:20 I hold my arms sometimes because my hands\fingers get sooooo cold!!
Hi Vanessa! I've been a listener of yours for several years and I'm excited to read Cues. Is there a benefit to getting the physical copy of your book vs the audiobook?
A B and D
appreciate those around you
Hi from Brisbane Australia
Watching this recorded live session! Very informative and entertaining learnings. Got your Captivate and Cues books. Thanks Vanessa for sharing your knowledge in this matter.
So what if humans drain you and and finding the perfect way to interact with them sucks the life out you?
your awesome i do a lot of this

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