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Problems in Fluid Flow Book Reviews from YouTube

Best Books for Fluid Mechanics ...
Fluid Mechanics Subject best Books for Gate/ESE and Others Mechanical Engineering Exam
Don't follow this book for Fluid Mechanics !! Best books for FM, GATE and ESE !! Marit Tiwari Sir !!
Sir hindi medium me koi book h fluid mechanics ki
TURBOMECHANARY book plz.. tell me
Thank you so much sir
Sir is it for civil engineering or mechanical engineering
Best teacher of fluid mechanics
Sir if I am preparing for ese then which book is best. I have studied Rk Bansal. Please reply ...sir
TRIANGULAR notch nhi h rk bansal me
Is r k bhansal good for gate XE?
Sir numerical practice krne ke liye koin se book achchhi hai jo ki solved question jyda rhna chaiyeFor civil branch
Kabhi khud bhi cengel ya white s padh lete to aise tatti lecture ki jagah thode conceptual lecture deliver kar pate low level teachers
Sir R K Bansal ke unsolved questions ki solution pdf kaha milegi
Please remove your videos starting irritating tune. really it's so irritating
Sir we want quick revision of Strength of materials and Fluid mechanics sir... Please allow to access sir
Gate ke liye best book konsi ha
If you are a civil engineering student Go for Modi Seth
I think, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by Robert W. Fox and Alan T. McDonald deserves to be mentioned.In Yunus Cengel's book, the author mentioned the book many times from 1st chapter to near the end chapter. It's the main textbook used in my department when I took the course in 1989.
Sir what about IES? Can you please recommend a text book for IES for a civil engineering student who has basic knowledge about the subject?
Is it also for civil engineering students for ies or gate
Dear you always miss Modi and Seth..
"chicks send me hi"
Thank you so much! just what I needed for my presentation on my Positive Psychology class.
I am buying this book
Thank you for the video and excellent explanation!
It just hit me after watching Naruto what "Chakra" actually is. It's how long you can stay in the flow state for. People who can stay in it for longer are able to accomplish more because of it. When you use up your "chakra" you go out of flow state. The chemicals that make up the flow state and the amount your body produces is your chakra.
How opioid-dopamine interactions can explain common varieties of personal experience, the case of flow.Being in the moment or mindfulness induces relaxation, which increases opioid activity that causes pleasure. If concurrent persistent meaningful ideation occurs (meaning is defined as thinking of or doing actions that have branching novel positive implications, or a variant of positive thinking), this induces a feeling of arousal as mediated by dopamine systems. Dopamine and opioid systems are synergistic, or reciprocally stimulate each other, causing feelings of greater pleasure and arousal, or ecstatic states. This explains why loving kindness meditation, savoring, peak, or flow experiences that incorporate relaxation and meaning are affectively different from mindfulness, yet nonetheless represent unremarkable and simple neural processes that can be explained and replicated with ease by anyone.My arguments are based on the research of the distinguished affective neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, who was kind to vet my argument linked below for accuracy and to provide an endorsement in its preface. In an article from the Scientific American linked below, Berridge details how opioid and dopamine systems act and interact to induce positive affectA more formal explanation for a lay audience from affective neuroscience is provided on pp. 44-51 in a little open-source book on the psychology of rest linked below. Flow and peak experience is explained on pp. 82-87 place, good source text, but very implausible for the day - even in 2015.
Keep the flow going!
This explains why I loathe redundant work, and passive entertainment, and just want to keep creating art.
RIP :(
I think the writer didnt emphasize much on toxic shame ( culture grip on individuals ) also the person own inner trauma and demons , for instance if your existence was run by traumatized attachments, you would mostly be inauthentic and would look for constant feedbacks from the environment that feed that wound like people pleasing , to reach flow first you must untangle these issues and fucking know yourself inside and out and how you do things unconsciously , do you need to become something to not hate yourself or are you already operating on a pattern that without that pattern you would hate yourself and generate self hate only when you unravel these things you can concentrate 1000000% without external forces effecting your internal world, the idea is you want to reach a state of feeling and believing that youre enough so when you face a difficult challenge you wont break spiritually only then when youre free from toxic shame you become enough and with it the courage and hyperfocus could be manifested
Thank you
Congrats! Very close pronunciation. You missed the last "i" in pronouncing his last name, you pronounce it as "e" at the end. Put a sound of "e" at the end of the last name and you got it! It means in Hungarian "from" like how Germans say "van" before last name. Csk is a majority Hungarian speaking county in Transylvania, Romania It's capitol is Cskszereda, and many small towns have the prefix of Csk before the town name. That region of Transylvania is home of the Szkely people (Szekler).
We are all, as Huxley says someplace, Great Abbreviators, meaning that none of us has the wit to know the whole truth, the time to tell it if we believed we did, or an audience so gullible as to accept it.
Giving advice advice to leave fb but last time should fb link ! Holly cow
I absolutely love this summary!!
Wait a sec, so you're saying his name is really: Me-high Chicks-and-me-high? LOL
Thanks for this amazing video
Where would playing ranked apex fall on this graph? I wonder.

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