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Probiotics and Plant Health Book Reviews from YouTube

The best Probiotic foods to improve gut health | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra
Probiotics क्या है? | Health Benefits of Probiotics | Side effects | Basic Science Series Hindi
Probiotics Benefits + Myths | Improve Gut Health | Doctor Mike
Prebiotics and Probiotics Important for "Gut" Health
Hope you found this video helpful. Probiotic foods have several health benefits; please share this video with friends and family who could benefit from this information. Also, let us know your favorite probiotic food in the comments. Let us together make the world a better place to live in.
Thank you Mam !!!! 🙏
Namaskar 🙏
BGM is disturbing the attention. Please switch it off. Thank you.
Plz let me know copper rich foods
Can anyone have kefir. I am ready to buy
Where do you get curds in North America?
Where to buy kfir
Amma, just to ask you some advices on child's cold allergy where my daughter since 3 years old until now 6 years old, allergy to cold weather or fan. If she sitting in front of a fan also can sneezing and mild flu for few minutes / hours. We did tried giving vitamin C since 3 yrs old but no improvement even probiotic. What should I do maa, pls advice 🙏
Thank you so much
Fermented rice tooo
Tq mam
Please tell only those products which are readily available in India . Otherwise it sounds nonsense .
Hansajis voice is laboured,not pleasant for audio. Info is ok,delivery is forced. Do not mean to criticize,just an information, observation!!
Best and well-known probiotic food is leftover cooked rice soaked overnight in water preferably in claypot .Drink this water separately and have rice with curd and pickle . It is age-old recipe all over India and best probiotic .
Good gut health is crucial for maintaining good physical, immune and mental status, and with some changes in diet and lifestyle it is possible to improve and maintain a healthy gut. To maintain proper digestive health you should try vidangadi Loha from planet ayurveda
Superb ma ❤️ thank you 🙏
Can mixing salt to buttermilk make the probiotics (good bacteria) to die?????
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Sir pre and probiotic kitne din tak le ibs m
Sir H pylori ko treat krne ke liye probiotic liya ja sakta he kya ??
But me apne coach ki gaidans ma probotic Daly lati hun 1 gm
Probotic se gathalthe achi hoti hai
Very large stools coming Body is not gaining weight Last stool comming little bit soft Body not properly absorbing food What to do sir
Sir suggest me some probiotic foods plzzzz🙏
Sir doctor ne mujhe Clidinium Bromide chlordiazepoxide & Dicyclomine medicine de hai abi 30 tablets kha liye ma ne aur doctor ne muje curd khane ko bola liye yeh kis liye hai plz reply 🙏🙏🙏😭
sir kya pre&pro se bhook lagti hai
Sir pre+Probiotic Digestion supplyment kitna din use karni chiya
sir populas probiotics le sakte hain kiya
Sir i have gastritis and Ibs problem and taking pre and probiotics from 5 months... is it okay or not ???
Plz number dijye
I have gastric distress can I take probiotic?
Sir mera erosive gastritis hain main le sakte ho probiotic
Sir mera erosive gastritis hain me le sakte ho probiotic
सर मुझे स्टाल में बैक्टीरिया और पंगस हो जाते हैं जब तक मैं मेडिसिन लेती हूं मोशन का तब तक ठीक रहता है बंद करने पर फिर होने लगता है पर बैठक लेने लेने से मुझे आराम रहता है पर
Sir please name send kare medicines ka
Dear sir covid ke bad mera immune system weak ho gya hai immunity ke liye best medicine bataye mujhe bar bar cough ho jati hai jukam ho jata hai
Thank you sir
Thank you for posting this video very helpful! I had a stool test done where it showed I didn't have any growth of lactobacillus, no yeast issues. My issue is hormonal acne chin jaw line area (I'm a female in my 40s) (I've cut out dairy a long time ago, i don't eat alot of sugar). My hormones are for the most part decent (male ones where tested and they are in good ranges for the most part). Do you think taking probiotics would help with my acne? Or first try to eat probiotic rich foods then see if that works, if not then move to supplements probiotics wise?
The intro ! lol 😆😆
Dr. Osaoji on YouTube is the best when it comes to norovirus treatments
I'm pregnant and self diagnosed myself with h pylori. Sulphur burps, sometimes no gas at all being passed with severe pain from eating nothing but an egg bacon wheat sandwich. Etc I am stressed over little things being an empath as well. I absorb people's emotions kinda rough to not care when you're a woman and your body is meant to care! Lol
Ive always been a bloat prone person, eben as a kid. I can just eat a small bowl of rice (not white) or have soup or drink juice and bam! bloated I keep seeing so many influencers tips and tricks but I dont trust any of them (ex apple cider vinegar) Any tips?
My mom said antibiotics even taken when you should can be bad for your good bacteria, so she like always gave us yoghurt when we were on it.
Finally I found someone who explains it
Genital warts was hard for me, I had it for years and then I came across Dr. Osaoji who used his herbs to cure me and now I’m cured completely after using his natural medication.
What about yakult?
Do you recommend a specific brand of kombucha?
Fish oil pills vitamin D is ok
By logic of your argument to be careful about which probiotic to take, shouldn’t that apply to the foods that one gets probiotics from? Isn’t the caution the same for both????
since ive had greek yogurt my acid goes completely its amazing tbh
How do I work on myself as a college student with a full time job. I'm honestly struggling, constantly stressed and tbh, not enough sleep.
How many per mg
Kombucha is a great source as well
so those "butterflies in the stomach" were just bacteria.
Hello! Where can we get the probiotic from , if we don't eat dairy ( kefir, yogurt) ?
Hi doctor mike. I heard the cause of the constipation, bloating, stomach pain diarrhea etc. may not get better when you eat more vegetables, take fibre supplements and exercise more. I heard Synogut pill is a good solution to treat Gut piranha. Do you have any idea of Synogut pill? Or what is the non pill treatment for constipation. Plz help
If both pathogens and probiotics can exist together in one's gut, in a Probiotic dominated gut, what is the ratio of pathogens?

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