Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt online at Amazon. Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt
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Amazon Offers ₹499
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Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt Features

  • 100% smooth cotton with bio wash and enzyme treatment.
  • Bright and solid colors with no color fading.
  • Breathable cotton fabric.
  • Perfect for summers and high temperatures.
  • Check the Size Chart to get Perfect fit for you.
Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt
The lowest Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt Price in India is ₹499 at Amazon.
Buy Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

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Printing Geeks Mens Legends are Born in June Designer Cotton T Shirt Reviews from YouTube

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Hi, do you need any special ink to print a T-shirt, or is it printed with the ink that comes with the printer?
Hi, where did you get the heat press ?
Is the color gone after wash the tshirt??
Thanks for the video. All I wanted was to see it print n cut. You were the only once that should this without the sales pitch. Amazing what is out there. I do have one question. When you do stickers, are they water proof or just to be used indoors? Again thank you.
like your channel cool.
i like good
Do you have to wait to let ink dry after printing and cutting before applying to the shirt or can you go straight from the cutter tape it off and press?
Hi, how are you? I have a lot of doubts, I am starting in the middle of the publisher and I would like to ask you if you can help me with some meters of advertising material such as canvases, paper for business cards, vinyl, and paper brochures, I live in Vallejo ca. Thank you
What type of media did you print on for the tshirt?
Dear Sir When you buy a Roland BN20 printer, you will have cartridges with the printer or not thank you
Hi! not sure if you can answer my question but i it possible to use this printer as a cutter only with regular vinyl if I wanted to utilize it multiple ways?
Hi, how long does the print last once on the top? Like how many washes till it fades or has to been chucked as the ink has gone from the media on the top? Thanks
How long did it take to print that image?
Hi - is the video in real-time please, or did you speed up any of the printing sections? I am looking to buy one of these but a number of people say that they are slow machines. Just want to give myself some context - and if the video that you have shown is it printing in real time, I'd be happy with the speed for the jobs I need to undertake.
How much do they cost?
Roland Print & Cut from Japan. Various Models for sale. More information add in the Telegram or WhatsApp +818036305277
what is the price of this machine?
hi, I wondering what's the advantage of using two magenta ink cartridge ? and is the white ink useful, as you cans print on white flex and cut the parts you want to be tranparent out ? thank you
you have done this job using ecosolvent tint for tshirt?
I will find out...
Thanks for sharing!!
still confused. the video should be based on generic cotton material not on the stock named used in BC.
Combed doesnt mean its more clean or less trash. It means its combed so it has less short length fibers. Which adds to strentgh and feel not the looks.
Each kind of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can try mixing materials. They combine the advantages and enlarge the advantages. For example, 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabrics, many underwear brands will choose to use them, such as CK, Tommy and smaconsum, because they have the advantages of most materials
1:31 by who?
OMG, Just love your Unique show. Great Job young lady. Keep talking your way to the TOP Ladder of Higher Success. All the World Needs now is Love Sweet Love.
Thank you guys!
Fantastic info
You misrepresented combed yarn. The combing process is done to remove short fibers. The amount of impurities in ring and combed ring spun yarn is pretty much the same.
i required in bulk quantity for my business uses in india
Love these vids. This helps a ton with marketing my new shirt company! The only thing I would adjust is the pronunciation of "Us vs. Them" You're saying "verse" but it should be "versus." I know I know. I'm a weirdo but just want to help you out.
Can I buy one shirt to see how I like it?
Is Bella canvas stating there cotton softer than Pima cotton?
I gotta give it to you guys; you are really doing good with these videos. We've tried so many different tees at this point, but always fall back on Bella Canvas.
Informative series! Makes one look forward to a new week.
I'm learning alot through your videos. Thank you.
Great information appreciate it.
That was an excellent video. Makes me love Bella Canvas more. Airlume is available on 3001 and all models @bellacanvas
Great explanation on the cotton!!! I love to use the Bella and Canvas for DTG, glitter and vinyl!!!
Do you not tell what vinyl you use? 🤷‍♂️
What's the name of media and where to purchase?
can you please tell your viewers the name of the product you are using. I know I would really appreciate. Thank!
Where to buy this?
What is the name of the clear vinyl?
Nice I want one.
Looks good, who sells the film?
Nice. What brand of material are you using?
What printer can we use
what brand do you use? thank you
Looks like a pain to weed.. what kind of hand?
Where did you order your adhesive paper from?
Can this machine print out colors with 3M or metallic colors? Or do you need to buy that type of ink separate
Hey what about the washing? Does it go after washing it?
Can you use this to print on both sides of the shirt or is it only for 1 side because my shirts of images on both sides
does it also work on shirt with polyester?
Fàntastic demonstration and nice video indeed! But where I do not understand is, if you have a full 4 color (CMYK) design to print on a dark color T-shirts and this printer is a White Color Printer, how do you get other colors on the paper to heat transfer on shirts? Does the printer prints other colors as well? Thank you!
Whats the difference between this printer and using heat transfer paper on normal printer?
So basically It's a Uninet 550 and you put your name on it?? Then you call it Ricoma?? What the heck?? Why??
Did you modify any settings in your rip to get such a vibrant result on a black shirt?
Is it possible on cotton t shirts
If I want to buy printer how can I ?
Where can i find the adhesive sheets?
Heat white paper What name How buy
What kind of ink does the machine produce? How does it compare to plastisol, & water base inks? How does it hold up after wash? Thanks
Can this work for a cotton/poly blend. 60/40?
How much do the unit cost
I just ordered my bundle. Eddy at Ricoma was tons of help and answered all of my questions concerning this type of printing. I'm genuinely amped to get this booming!
Love it good show.
Looks really good!! 1. How many washes can you get out of that image? 2. Can it be used on polyester? And or any blend? 3.I know this one is tough but about how many of those same print can you get out of the ink cartridge? 4. Does the printer needs to be primed every so often? Like it doesnt get clogged? Jjst trhing to get all the facts becaue Im a potential buyer I've bought a lot of machibes aith you guys and looking to expand even more and this will be the cherrie on top, thanks! Oh also does this printer do sublimation??

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