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Printed Men's Yellow Basic Shorts
The lowest Printed Men's Yellow Basic Shorts Price in India is ₹806 at Flipkart.
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Printed Men's Yellow Basic Shorts Reviews from YouTube

Zara Haul 2020 | My Favorite Pieces in Zara Right Now | Mens Fashion
5 inch shorts is like the first perfect piece of clothing ever
love those colour cant find them
Dope vid my g! Great content
What is ur height? Im 5'6 and i chose medium.
Such a nice video my friend thank youuu
Hi, i need some advice from anyone, im a 56 73kg 30waist what size should i buy? Thanks a lot, nice review btw!
I ordered a xl for some reason I'm worried it will be to big
What size are those
Bro can you help me with the length of the medium shorts? From waist down, how many inches?
What is your hieght bro?
My guy drippy
what inseam are they ?
Love these shorts, I am 5'11", 190lb (size 34 waist).I usually wear Large, but sized down to Medium (the large fit fine too, but medium looked less baggy)
make tutorial for looking for short shorts like those knowing size and fit
Bro i copped a pair of frost white 15 its firee
if you dont mind brother what is your height as well? nice review would like to get online
Just copped and I order a small. Kinda worried that it wont fit me
Them greens is fake
I found a black pair with white dots on em for 40 at footlocker I think.there my new favorite shorts
I work at the sportswear store JD Sports and I have a pair of those green Nike woven shorts dude and theyre Awesome! I wear them underneath my dark blue and white Nike Hoxton nylon trackies with my white Nike Air Force 1 trainers with a black JD Sports Nike t-shirt on over them... oh man it feels so good!
Heres the Top 10 Summer Shorts vid - need shorts that go mid shin otherwise my member will show
Wouldn't be better to use the outseam as reference? to measure from waist. Because the inseam size will depend on how low they decide to put the crotch.
The most important video for men's street fashion ever. Please do one for the measurements on suits next.
Shorter the better
Check out this Luxury Moncler Shorts I found on Grailed: dont want to look like Lt Dangle.
Bro what's the size and length of the nike woven shorts from waist down? How many inches? TY in advance
Hi Eddie, are the NBA shorts below the knees? Cause i noticed that basketball shorts' styles today are already above the knees, are there still below the knee shorts available? Cause i'm looking but i can't. Can i find it in Foot Locker stores or NBA stores? Can you suggest where to find a Chicago Bulls red shorts that MJ wearing? Thank you very much! I would appreciate it very much. I'm from the Philippines.
i'm 6ft 1 and i'd like shorts that go one or 2 inch above my knee. is 7 inch good
Im 5''6" and I wear em Half way down my butt, and then halfway on my calves so only half my calve shows ..I have good calves so wearing it halfway on the calve gives an illusion of vascularity/definition..Women love legs and unfortunately 95% of guys have NO calves .Also I know they are called "shorts" but men should not wear shorts any shorter then top of the calve and below the knee
thanks bro, ive been buying nike shorts at the knee and had to roll up the waistband. great info
Great video thank u brother
You made my day keep killing it. 65 & small how
put subtitles into the videos pleaseee!!!!
I wish I had normal legs left leg is tiny compared to the right cuz Ive had sooo many surgeries on it... cant possible rock short the ladies
Its definitely annoying when a brand doesnt include the inseam information. I am a woman with long legs and Im looking for shorts that hit mid thighmany womens shorts are too short for my personal preference. Your video was informative and easy to understand! I am glad I clicked, I thought maybe this video would be geared towards males, but I was thankfully wrong. New sub!
Thanks for this! Im 54 and a girl, so finding the right size of basketball shorts is always frustrating! Even if I go with a small, the inseam or leg openings are usually way too big. Really sucks they dont sell basketball shorts (specifically nba) in womens sizes!
Im from Germany you make good stuff
Good video bro
How to get that shirt that you are wearing? I searched a lot but didn't get it.
Osm and cool look
I love this video brooo
Love in Egypt
I always use your looks as inspiration and reference! send kiss to Brazil
What size are you wearing for the button-down shirts?
Ma gli conviene? LOL
I got the faded pink too
What size is ur shorts
I got the tropical peach and yellow shirt . I love it
Best combination ....from indonesia
I subscribe coz u wore it nice
All types of style will suit and flow well on a body type like that and the face too. I love you dapper.
literally everything on this guy looks good wow
The pink looked manly and expensive on you.
Checkout my recent video.Zara New collection.
You should use your platform to educate consumers on the issue of Fast Fashion and why Zara, H&M, TopShop and others brands are harmful not only to the environment but to the sweatshop workers.
from NEPAL
Great haul ! Where did you get your dress form ?
This guy says 70 bucks like its nothing I cant afford even one pair
Does anyone know if you can comfortably roll the 19nine shorts to make them more of a 5 inseam?
what are the new balance shorts called?
Video starts at 1:44
Man u nail it
What nike swoosh size are you wearing?
I'm 6'3 205 wear 34 waist and wear medium
Shorts 24/7
What size are the first shorts you tried on?
Why would a boutique that LeBron James is part owner of need a go fund me?
19nine was a hidden gem for years until Slam magazine. Now their college shorts are hard as shit to get.
What are the blue ones c and hall?
what that cap hanging back on the wall?
Bro check those DUNKS out with those jcrew camo shorts dropped in 2010!!!! Just how cop these bro!!!
Trill establishment shorts ?
hey Eddie, I got Nike WVN shorts in size L. I'm wondering if there is any difference in inseam between XL and L?
Started to love this channel. Stay lit man
Bro what is the model of your new balance shoe white and yellow?
Yooooo pimpin I have a nice set of OG Jordans that I am collecting and always rock them with my pants. But Ive always missed the mark on shorts and never had a guide on how to rock some dope shorts out there and all of a sudden I ran into your video. Great stuff man appreciate the help and you got yourself another subscriber!

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