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Principles of Quantum Mechanics Book Reviews from YouTube

My Quantum Mechanics Textbooks
Introduction To Quantum Mechanics | Dj Griffith | BOOK REVIEW IN HINDI | STUDY PHYSICS
How to learn Quantum Mechanics on your own (a self-study guide)
Best Quantum Mechanics Books
Dude what about Richard L.Lboff
im teaching myself undergrad QM now and griffths is amazing for a beginner, i never knew it was so good lol
Hey Andrew!
IMO the "bible" of QM for all its wonderful rigor and details is Quantum Mechanics Vol 1 & 2 by Albert Messiah
Principles of quantum mechanics by P.A.M Dirac, is a pretty good book. Nearly reads like a novel but still has the math.
In which are you studying. Please tell
Read Zettleii and Ghatak loknathan IIT India and Harvard University collaboration . It's good like sakuraii
he called me smart even tho im not
Surprised that the book by Ballentine never got a mention :o well that book was fun
These days any quantum books that don't cover Von Neumann's impossibility proof, Bell's Theorem, Entanglement in detail are useless. Although the best book on QM i've read is the one from David explain things in great detail and tries to build intuition for the subject.
Thank you Mr. Dotson
Cohen Tannoudji's book is the best book for undergraduate QM.
If you read the Sakurai book closely enough, you will understand physics like you've never done before. It's - beyond formalism and math. It's very: PHYSICAL. Can't quite describe it.
i want Gasiorowicz Quantum Physics 2nd Edition Solutions Manual moooore detalies
Griffith, shankar and sakurai
Being a indian i am very glad to heard the name of r sankar quantum mechanics
David McIntyre QM for Undergrads
5:07 g r i l
no townsend?
Interestingly - Dirac notation assumes you have already found a Hilbert space that is self adjoint or you could not have the adjoint basis
Hlo i need a quantum mechanics book but theoretical no maths
Should I buy this book or Arthur Beiser for Modern Physics?
Would it be best for Jest exam?
Sir numerical hai ya nahi ?
sir ipho ka quantum physics olympiad ke section me etna hi he 2.6 Quantum Physics 2.6.1 Probability waves Particles as waves: relationship between the frequency and energy, and between the wave vector and momen­tum. Energy levels of hydrogen-like atoms (circular orbits only) and of parabolic potentials; quantization of angular momentum. Uncertainty principle for the con­jugate pairs of time and energy, and of coordinate and momentum(as a theorem, and as a tool for estimates). 2.6.2 Structure of matter Emission and absorption spectra for hydrogen-like atoms (for other atoms —qualitatively), and for molecules due to molecular oscillations; spectral width and lifetime of excited states. Pauli exclusion principle for Fermi parti­cles. Particles (knowledge of charge and spin): electrons, electron neutrinos, protons, neutrons, photons; Comp­ton scattering. Protons and neutrons as compound par­ticles. Atomic nuclei, energy levels of nuclei (qualita­tively); alpha-, beta-and gamma-decays; fission, fusion and neutron capture; mass defect; half-life and exponen­tial decay. Photoelectric effect. toh bhIYA YE BOOK SE PADHNA HE YA HALLIDAY RESNICK WALKER SE SAHI RAHEGA ABI K LIYE
bhaiya ye ipho international physics olympiiad ke liye quantum physics portion k liye kesi rhegi ya heavy ho jaygi
physics book all year Hindi medium me batye sir
Sir physics book Hindi medium me batye sir please reply me
Fluids mechanics by feynman is it good for advance
Sir, which one is best between zetili and Grifiths ?
Is this book for beginners?
Kya iye mathematical hai?
Bhai yeh book neet ke liye achi hai?
Iit jam k liye kitne topic padne he is book me
And bhaiya maine kleppner and kolenkov mechanics ki book kr le hai but usme Lagrange and Hamiltonian ke bare me kuch nhi ap please koi book btao jha baki classical ke topic ho
Bhaiya iske answer kha se milenge maine official Cambridge ki site pe check kiya wo id maang rhe hai
Really like your videos mankeep it up .am a physics student myself.
Nice work hey if you see this can you tell that what needed for foundation of mathmatical physics
Quantum Physics has shown that Reality is based on Probabilities. A statistical impossibility is defined as *_“a probability that is so low as to not be worthy of mentioning. Sometimes it is quoted as 1/10^50 although the cutoff is inherently arbitrary. Although not truly impossible the probability is low enough so as to not bear mention in a Rational, Reasonable argument."_* The probability of finding one particular atom out of all of the atoms in the universe has been estimated to be 1/10^80. The probability of a functional 150 amino acid protein chain forming by chance is 1/10^164. It has been calculated that the probability of DNA forming by chance is 1/10^119,000. The probability of random chance protein-protein linkages in a cell is 1/10^79,000,000,000. Based on just these three cellular components, it would be far more *Rational and Reasonable* to conclude that the cell was not formed by undirected random natural processes. Note: Abiogenesis Hypothesis posits that un-directed random natural processes, i.e. random chance formation, of molecules led to living organisms. Natural selection has no effect on individual atoms and molecules on the micro scale in a prebiotic environment. (*For reference, peptides/proteins can vary in size from 3 amino acid chains to 34,000 amino acid chains. Some scientists consider 300-400 amino acid protein chains to be the average size. There are 42,000,000 protein molecules in just one (1) simple cell, each protein requiring precise assembly. There are approx. 30,000,000,000,000 cells in the human body.) Furthermore, of all the physical laws and constants, just the Cosmological Constant alone is tuned to a level of 1/10^120; not to mention the fine-tuning of the Mass-Energy distribution of early universe which is 1/ 10^10^123. Therefore, in the fine-tuning argument, it would be more *Rational and Reasonable* to conclude that the multi-verse is not the correct answer while trying to determine the origin of the universe. A "Miracle" is considered to be an event with a probability of occurrence of 1/10^6. Abiogenesis, RNA World Hypothesis, and Multiverse would all far, far, far exceed any "Miracle". Yet, these extremely *Irrational and Unreasonable* hypotheses are what many of the world’s top scientists _‘must’_ believe in and promote because of a prior commitment to a strictly arbitrary, subjective, biased, narrow, limiting, materialistic ideology / worldview. Every idea, number, concept, thought, theory, mathematical equation, abstraction, qualia, Information, etc. existing within and expressed by anyone is "Immaterial" or "Non-material". The very idea or concept of "Materialism" is an immaterial entity and by it's own definition does not exist. Modern science seems to be stuck in archaic, subjective, biased ideologies that have inadequately attempted to define the "nature of reality" or the "reality of nature" for millenia. A Paradigm Shift in ‘Science’ is needed for humanity to advance. A major part of this Science Paradigm Shift would be the formal acknowledgment by the scientific community of the existence of "Immaterial" or "Non-material" entities as verified and confirmed by discoveries in Quantum Physics.
La gran ventaja es saber inglés
Where are you from
Hindi me batao koi book
Could you recommend physics and math book for high school level students?
One of my biggest downfalls going through university for a bachelors in systems engineering is my impulsivity, but starting to work for myself fixing phones and microsoldering as well as teaching working out to kids in the evenings at my local rec center has given me a stability that Ive needed, not gonna lie it would be really cool to make it all the way to quatum computing technitian jaja
You are awesome!
Love the videos. I was going to recommend this to some students here. Just curious what you do for sound (yes, technical recording question) - seems like you are in a lab or study-room, but the sound is super clean. Thanks! And look forward to sharing some of the Fourier series videos for my own classes. As additional watching + reading.
OMG é Power-Phull Hindu-Stani
Somebody please send a link to this video to Deepak Chopra!
For those who want to go the extra step or have already covered the basics and know Calculus and Librar Algebra, I strongly encourage Dr. V. Balakrishnan’s lectures from ITT Madras, full course available for free here on YouTube.
Your work on educating people on quantum theory is truly fundamental for the future of humanity in a world of quantum computers and quantum artificial intelligence. I am extremely pleased to have stumbled across your channel
The only thing i disagree is suggesting Strang's book as a text for Linear Algebra. It's not a good book, and there are other way better books on the subject.
Who is this beautiful, exceptionally intelligent phenomenon.?
I recall a running joke about ``Feynman's problem-solving method'' back from my undergrad years: 1. Write down the problem. 2. Think hard. 3. Write down the solution.
I'm a computer science student who is interested in getting into the quantum computing field, this video is super helpful! Thank you for this
I started reading Quantum Computing and Quantum Information after finishing a CS degree that included advanced Linear Algebra, and it is a good fit because the physics aspect of QM is an afterthought to what I'm most interested in, which is the algorithms and information theory side of things. I'll definitely take a look at these books if I get to the point where the physics becomes more interesting to me. I'll also check out Ultralearning for sure!
Alice in the quantum world book very good.
It's too bad you studied quantum computing because it's impossible.
Very nice
My favorite book: Zettili
I have 1.Griffiths 2.Zettili 3.Cameron Reed 4. Aruldhas(500 problems) and 5 . SN Ghoshal For Quantum mechanics
Hey Need ur help a bit, Actually i'm looking for a Quantum Book which gives information about Quantum Entanglement, Quantum simulation and stuff. So if you have any good books suggestions then plz let me know.
I think you left few important books like Feynman lectures on physics vol. 3 and Quantum mechanics by Aruldhas for beginners. Griffiths and Zettli for intermediate. And Satyaprakash is also good for Advanced
pls review on arhuldass quantum mechanics
Thanks for the references but you really had bad presentation. Are you aware that the video is rotated . Have you checked it before you uploaded it .
Bro I want to learn quantum physics superficially i.e. without maths, so can recommend me some good books.
Sorry, I am Egyptian I want to be buy books of Griffiths Quantum and Electrodynamics and The dealer told me he Would bring Indian Edition because it is cheaper I want to Know what the difference in quality between the Indian Copies and The originals ? And the difference in the average price
Bro you are awesome. Kindly tell something about yourself your qualification
Last its Dittrich that is an advanced book that use variational methods
Brandsen it's an elementary well done book for Particles Black body radiation say nothing, the equipartition of energy is not proved so no fallure of classical mechanics. One day they will know this
Murugan its quite elementary maybe the same level or less than Griffiths
Pawell it's an old book, much more advanced than others and sofisticated and not easy. More for particles
Venkatesan it's a intermediate book, quite not famous i don't know why. It's well done and more for condensated matter
Townsend it's well done but use wawes and matrix more then others, more for condensated matter
Napolitano it's an advanced book, but you can try to study it More for Particles study. It's 3 Ed. now
Where did you buy the sakurai indian edition, and in what price please I'm really interested in buying that book. Nice book reviews by the way
Hey I wanna learn quantum mechanics in deep so which would be more helpful

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