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Principles of Metal Casting Book Reviews from YouTube

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Casting process in Hindi || What is Casting Hindi || Manufacturing process in hindi ||
Principles (Hindi Book Summary) |#RayDalio |#NidhiVadhera |#DesiBhashaDesiGyan
I am looking for the book "Casting Aluminum" by CW Ammen, I don´t know if somebody has it in pdf format
I did enjoy the sand casting book... convinced me not to do sand casting for my project lol.
Hi, I've recently become fascinated with Metal casting and I'm looking to start doing some myself. From watching your videos and some others I kind of know what I need to melt and mold metals but i am unsure what tools I need to clean them up. Could you help me out and give a list of things I need to make my soon to be scrappy casts Look clean and polished? FYI i'm a complete nub and nothing other than a dremmel I found in the attic
far a sec i was thinking you be reviewing actual reading / story books dont read a lot of dead tree stuff mostly stories on most is the type : where the heart is full of the mouth is flowed over (read sex) but there quite a few jewels in there too
hay do you have an Amazon affiliate link? about to order these books and just wanted to check before I order.
Where's your mobile Paul? No vice in this vid?
I just realized I'm not subscribed to your channel. So I subscribed. I've been watching your videos for two months. I love what you do. Keep it up. You're an inspiration for us all and your delivery is humorous. Thanks.
from were to buy the first book
Im your 100th viewer of this video
Kill those nasty trespassers with your new metal casting book
You look boss
SO paul, we've seen you screw with a little bit of metal so far. What's the PLAN for your new found hobby? We all get into hot metal for some reason? btw what happened to the hand?? Hope it gets better soon.... until then we'll see you back over at the avenue. ;-)
Nice Cone Vod ya got there
Novels can be great, too! Especially as they are a result of our culture / reflect on our culture (at least the good ones). Hence, reading good novels is also an important way of expanding one's knowledge. Sure, you might not be able to cast some metal after reading them, but casting metal isn't everything in the world. :-P Also, Homer ftw!
My stapler! They took it and put it in the basement! 😂
I know the ingots are very enticing to pick up after you pour them, but they really need to cool dude, lol. Love the videos and cant wait for more. I would look at machinery's handbook also, you can find pdf files of it all over the place through google, and there's a few chapters in there that lists pretty much every alloy in existance with the %'s of each metal to create different alloys. Another good place to look up sand casting stuff is here on youtube, myfordboy, mrpete222, olfoundryman, brian oltrogge, soat mon, and luckygen1001 are good sources for information on sand casting stuff.
You can study a man according on his pose, the food he eats and the reads he reads. I wonder who says stuff like that.
Bakwas pahale sand banani to dikhao
Please sr check my machinery video is it useful for foundry
Nice explain Sir ❤️
There is a college located in Ranchi whose name is NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FOUNDRY AND FORGE TECHNOLOGY (NIFFT). Anyone can learn here foundry technology or forge technology.
Pattern बनाते वक्त उसको एक्चुअल मॉडल से ज्यादा स्टॉक रखना पड़ता हे ताकि ओ मशीनिंग के वक्त अछेसे फिनिश हो ये तो आपने बताया नही ,,,,,
Thanks sir🙏🙏
Thank you sir....after 3 year of diploma now I'm easily understand what is casting infact manufacturing subject also.....🙌
Hello sar nombor send plz
Sir I'm hindi medium student or mujhe bohot dikkat aa rhi hai padne me koi solution iska kese pade
Are bhenkar shahid afridi...teaching mechanical
Very nice 👍
Thanks 😊❤️
Nice information
Mere unit me sub ladko ko Pura video dikhaya bahut acha laga U R Best
Hello Kya aap Kuch casting may help provide kerskty hy
Easy ❤️❤️
Thank you sir samjhane ka tarika good raha
Kisi Ki casting ke requirement hai mera sand casting ka kam hai
Good better best sir
I'm really sorry, I just want to know is a book summary and your gossips.
mam please upload ray dialo changing world order
Explain regarding book topics and chapters in detail, rather than multiple examples on 1 topic. Thank you...
Raghav Rana CHS charkop next top ke pass hi governor income tax officer bhi rakhunga Rana Bada khiladi
The changing world order Ka.. summary laiye mam please
Thanks Nidhi Mam for sharing knowledgeable books your voice is very nice. I have listened in gigal also.
बहुत सुंदर ❤️👍🏻🙏
Awesome video Redalio secret of make money is pr bnao
Didi u r doing great job
N.di apna whatsapp nmbrr dena Nice video
Nidhi mam store main sales ko increase karne ke liye kya kare kuch idea de . Customer visit increase ke liye kya kare
Today I saw your this video 5 times in a row aaj aap zyada beautiful lag rhi thi ki mai aapki video pr concentrate hi nhi kr ska don't be this much beautiful pls 😅😅😅 by the way nice video as always 👍👍
Great job... I need to fullbook in hindi
nice book ma'am
Thanks Nidhi Mam for sharing knowledgeable books 📚 some people no time for read 📖 books so your channel is very helpful for all.
Apka samjhane ka style bolne ka style kamaaal hai .. ek bhi sec video miss karna mushkil hai . Thank you so much mam .
Nice 👍
Very good mam

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