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Principles of Acoustic Devices Book Reviews from YouTube

PRINCIPLES by Ray Dalio | Animated Core Message
Principles by Ray Dalio - Book Review
Principles (Hindi Book Summary) |#RayDalio |#NidhiVadhera |#DesiBhashaDesiGyan
Principles by Ray Dalio - My Quick Take Review
Everyone was focused until you mentioned the animation part.
Keep up the good work. Your narration is fantastic.
What's your highlighting system called?
This is really good! Thank you for making this!
I didn’t see your email information
I bet Ray lives on a firm schedual like a dog training themsleves, he just went too far
Pain + Reflection = Progress 1. Be radically open minded Ask for true feedbacks. What am i missing? How can i ger honest feedback? 2. Find the root cause:Try to fix that weakness. 3. Write your principles down: Write down principles where you suck.
brother the way you share your expereince in between is just at another level
my question as I watch this video is, can "Physical" pain plus reflection equal progress. I'm speaking for someone who's putting in hours and hours in a job where they need that money to either clear a debt or maybe work on their credit or maybe even use that money for smart investments that will make them even more money in the future? this is all a question btw.
What an amazing book this is. Thank you for creating this summary
You’re adding real value to the world, thank you for these videos.
Absolutely loved this video. Thank you so much for this valuable information mate. Lot's of Love from an Australian:)
To the viewer: you’ll be asked to pay $10 for the product. Just FYI.
I highlight in diff colour on a kindle. LOL
You are amazing
Really enjoyed this - thank you. I read the book a couple of years ago but have a hard time recalling the core of the book, so this is a perfect way to recap.
Love your videos
Which is the principle which corresponds best to your life philosophy?
Odolena, thank u very much for ur videos with book reviews! U have recommended many great books that have changed my views. Don’t stop ur Chanel despite anything at all. Спасибо Вам!
How is it that you have a review on all my favorite books?
Thanks for the review. Solid read!
While i am searching for this bookI found u r it helps me and clarify my u ma'am
Ur voice is awesome ma'am
I like your channel its good
Hey, have you read any book on meditation or mindfulness? which would you recommend? Your hair is just love.
Thanks for the summary! I'm thinking about reading the book the big debt cycle since I love his macro investing principles.
Principles: Life & Work is a 2017 book by hedge fund manager Ray Dalio based on the principles he had developed while directing Bridgewater Associates. Principles: Life and Work Book By Ray Dalio (PDF-Summary-Review-Online Reading-Download): review Thanks
Odolena kindly check out & do a review of Me: A Rewrite: From Vanity Insanity to Self-Acceptance by Anna Jorgensen. Amazon has it by the way.
This is really a good book! I wanted to read it, but i forgot about it, but after seeing this i am excited to read it. Thanks again Odolena
You're getting better with your videos Odolena. You added humor and different styles of editing. You should read Russel Brunsons books because he helps with exploding one's personal brand. I say the last comment because I wish for you to be successful. Take care and keep having fun with what you are doing.
I like your video from nepal . keep going
I'm really sorry, I just want to know is a book summary and your gossips.
mam please upload ray dialo changing world order
Explain regarding book topics and chapters in detail, rather than multiple examples on 1 topic. Thank you.
The changing world order Ka summary laiye mam please
Thanks Nidhi Mam for sharing knowledgeable books your voice is very nice. I have listened in gigal also.
बहुत सुंदर
Awesome video Redalio secret of make money is pr bnao
Didi u r doing great job
apna whatsapp nmbrr dena Nice video
Nidhi mam store main sales ko increase karne ke liye kya kare kuch idea de . Customer visit increase ke liye kya kare
Today I saw your this video 5 times in a row aaj aap zyada beautiful lag rhi thi ki mai aapki video pr concentrate hi nhi kr ska don't be this much beautiful pls by the way nice video as always
Great job. I need to fullbook in hindi
nice book ma'am
Thanks Nidhi Mam for sharing knowledgeable books some people no time for read books so your channel is very helpful for all.
Apka samjhane ka style bolne ka style kamaaal hai ek bhi sec video miss karna mushkil hai . Thank you so much mam .
Very good mam
Great! Thank you.
Thanks a lot. Actually I was listening to you with book in my hands
Thank u for yr gererous review
Hey matt! How are u doing.
Thanks for your thoughts on this book. You’ve made my day :-)
I have read the book and have the same thoughts

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