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  • Book - principles and applications of metal rolling

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Principles and Applications of Metal Rolling Book Reviews from YouTube

Rolling processes and it's types
Metal Working Processes: Rolling
Reference Book List & How to Read Books for GATE, ESE, ISRO & BARC
Theory of Rolling/AnalysisOfFlat rolling/P1/ME-302/MP-308/MetalFormingProcesses/K.M.Saini/GPC Jaipur
Tq very use ful info
Thanks sir
Bro PDF milega Eska
applications and selection criteria of metal working-rolling?
Copper & Brass and other Copper Alloys strips Cold Rolling Mill, foil and tape, Made in India,Width 420mm, thickness0.025mm, 450MPM
Very nice video sr
Plz provide notes
Greetings from Rolltech Innovation India !Over the period of associations with the Cold Rolling Mills, Pickling Lines, Continuous Degreasing-Annealing-Pickling Lines, etc. we had come across various practical problems like Roll Coolant carryover, Fluid Carryover from De-greasing lines, Pickling Lines etc. which result in poor quality surface finish of the final strip. Also the frequent damage of Rubber Covering of the Squeeze Rolls whether Rubber Rolls or 3M Rolls, induces high costs and Down Time for replacing them.Even with the most expensive wiping systems available in the market, the results have not been satisfactory besides high running costs. To overcome this problem, we have developed a very efficient high-performance Strip wiping system which can work from 0.010mm (10 Microns) to 10.00mm thicknesses, Strip width from 100mm to 1500mm, Line Speeds from 0-600 MPM.Adaptive strip wiping system, Dual-cassette wiper system, for high speed reversible cold rolling mills, galvanising lines, pickling lines for all types of fluids corrosive & non corrosive for more details call +91-9050539120 or mail us at you still using Rubber Rolls, Vacuum Rolls, Compressed Air -Air Knife Systems for removing, wiping, drying of the Strips, Sheets and Foils being processed on Cold Rolling Mills, Pickling Lines, Degreasing Lines, Skin Pass Mills.Try using the High Performance Adaptive Wiping System, no requiremnt of Electricity, Vacuum, Compressed Air, Rubber Rolls, our innovative design uses the science in a different manner to wipe, dry the passing strips wihout using any energy and valuable downtime and man hours & increase your production instantly without any major modifications and great quality with excellent quality
start using adaptive strip oiling or wiping without any energy, no moving parts, no replacement parts
Sir hindi me pura video banaye
lovely Discussion
awesome video sir jii
Nice video
Nice video
Nice video Sirji
Sir ji dikhayi nahi par rAha hai saaf
This video is very useful for me
What is the physics behind rolling process? Most says it is due to a net friction force but which friction forces and on which direction do they act?As per my understanding, both the rolls and the material are moving along the same direction. Since friction will always act opposite to the direction of motion, thus the frictional forces here are adverse in nature. Therefore even if there is a net frictional force, it won't help in rolling process but will make the system to apply more force, more torque to roll the roller as the combined net frictional forces are in opposite direction, to both the roll and the material.Is this understanding reasonable or is it wrong?Sir, please let me know.
Tnq so much for this sir
I was looking for neutral point pressure variation equation...... Dissatisfied
Watch our channel for strip wiping systems
How to get assignment answer folks, are you into strip processing lines line Cold Rolling Mills, Degreasing, Pickling and cleaning lines, Continuous Galvanizing lines and are having problem of carryover fluids, are you having troubles having a clean strip at the exit. Now you can use the High Performance Adaptive Strip Wiping system, it wonderfully works without any electrical or Compressed air, its a fit and forget solution with Zero consumption of electricity or electrical energy, simple and innovative design click to check and see it for yourself. enjoy watching,
I want same calculation when width change while rolling of billets ovel pass to round pass in difference final sizes
Sir in angle of bite and draft there should be inverse relation For dmax high roler dia means less angle of bite
The derivation of equations are missing
What kind of teaching is this? Handbooks are enough for writing the formulas! Why need a teacher?
sir can you tell me the reference book for coefficient of friction range for cold rollingplease reply as fast as possible
Boost up your Rolling mill knowledge with this course do u have explain how to reduce melting energy consumption for induction furnace for iron foundry it's very useful for our improvements
In the relation of max draft, draft is directly proportion to the radius R of the roller. But since R increases, the angle of bite decreases and so the the draft should also decrease. Then how its possible?
Please correct arrow of rotation inside work rolls.These should be opposite to each other,else metal would never be rolled.
sir ji I want to inform you . There is no running my study centre on Saturday and Sunday. pls tell me sir.
Sir , in rolling why width is constant?
do u hv all subjects lectures?
Bro what about Engineering Mechanics?
Which book to refer for engg mechanics
Sir please tell me YouTube channel name from where I can study for free for mechanical engineering competition exams
For interview and English language?
For Finite element analysis ?
17:46 Meaning of books
11:05 solve example
For thermal engineering which book should I use. The portion in my thermal engineering course is not included in pk nag or cengel. They recommend balleney in college. Your recommendation?
How is the Youth Competition Times Objective Book for Mechanical Engg. w.r.t. PSU exams ?
Hindi language plzz
What's book to refer for Power plant engineering?
Can u suggest a book for engineering mechanics?
Sir, according to my college curriculum...Engineering Mechanics is pre requisite for strength of materials....could you plz suggest good book for engineering mechanics
thank you sir for this video and unacademy lectures
Hi sirI am in the final year of mechanical engineeringI just started my gate and ese preparationHow long it will take to crack?Is it good to read all the references books?While doing jobs gate preparation is possible?Please reply sir
Bhaiya many standard books have no solution given for unsolved excercise.Show can I approach it should I solve only solved examples...Please reply
Is applied gate roots good
Bro can I refer madeeasy postal package is it good or any standard books to crack gate help me out . Thanks
Sir please suggest book for mechanics civil engineering first year student
For aerospace engineering,which book I can read in my 1 year. For good learning in my field.Please any one tell who have knowledge about that.
more example forwared
I had tried several times but I did not got the perfect sir please help me
Sir can you tell me how to calculate Roll Force
How to find our cofficient of friction
U r God
Good job keep going

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