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Practical Forging and Art Smithing Book Reviews from YouTube

Blacksmith's Project book - blacksmithing book review
Blacksmithing Books - DF In The Shop
Blacksmiths Book Review, The Home Blacksmith
blacksmith book review
John, did you get permission to present these projects?
Hot, dry, windy, red-flag warning for fires, fire restrictions in effect. Lots of haze in the air, fires here and there, need rain! Hope you guys get through this without difficulty. Ordered the book. Thanks and the best to you!
It's also on Amazon.
Pretty hot on the front range but not as hot as Kuwait! Get up in the hills do some fishing instead
John, thanks for the tip on the book. Maine is hot, rainy and buggy, we share your pain.. rgds Peter
Looking forward to the projects
Thanks again for your great videos. My biggest obstacle isn't material, money, or even skill development right now, it's simply getting time for the shop. My work just up is to alternating 7 and 6 days a week. But I imagine we'll see down in fall or winter. We make juice drinks. So I'll have more shop time then. It'll probably be in that time I'll get that package out to you I've been putting together. Nothin fancy, just the kinds of materials I get occasionally work let's me get from the metal dumpster. Some stuff I know what it is and will give all that info, some is a mystery and I'll ask suggestions on what you think it's best for. And I'll also be able to make some more of my own videos you might like. Have a great day and keep cool.
When it gets this hot...I just ignore the forge and come inside and watch John's videos with the A/C going!!!
Thanks for that John. Very inspired already.
Awesome sounding book, John. Stay cool, brother.
you sook! just leave the metal in the sun and think of the money you will save on gas
Nice this might be a book I end up buying.
Good call on writing them. Would be great if they said yes. Well I guess it would work in their favor too.
hope your figureing out what your going to do for 20k subs its not going to be long
I love new ideas ! I never make it exactly like its ever shown I always see it a different way artistically ... or I like the idea but could make it differently. I just love making stuff !
This weekend is supposed to be near 100 here and humid. Right now it's cool and raining. Great day for forge work, Saturday, maybe read a book on blacksmithing... Great tip John, thanks again. Stay cool!
The heat slaughters my energy. I think the temp got to around 95 today with near 100% humidity. Lighting the forge just isn't worth a heat stroke.
Very cool. Ill check it out. Why wouldnt they want to? Ill likely buy it just because I want to learn more. Didnt know about it until now.
7th1st That looks like another idea book for the library
I'm Italian and I live in the same city as Antonello Rizzo and I've never heard about him. That's so cool. Thank you
I am in the process of retiring and looking forward to buying a new home in a more rural area where I will have the time to put together a much better shop and these books look like excellent sources of information and inspiration for new and challenging projects. Thanks for sharing. I will likely order them both very soon. (I'm going to air condition the new shop so I can play year round.)
Im looking forward to new videos...I,be been looking at old ones I guess and learning from every one. Thanks for posting and sharing your knowledge!
Great video and great tips
We're can I buy the books I live in Australia help lol
I knew you were in Ontario, but I didn't realized that you were that close to the Sault. Not all that far from me in the central UP
Denis Denis Denis, where have you been my brother? I've missed your videos, I've been real sick from welding galvanized metal for 15 years the fumes have destroyed my body. It's good to hear your videos friend.
Thanks for the video and the book review. Since neither one of those books are for beginners,do you have a book recommendation for someone starting out in blacksmithing. I've been watching a lot of beginner videos and have learned a lot from them but when they start using blacksmithing terms to describe what they're doing I'm lost. Thank you.
Those look like a couple of great books. Some of the projects are way above my skill level, but I would enjoy reading them anyway.
Great review I love how in depth you get with theses
Hey Adam, good book, thanks for sharing, take care
Just like hammers, you can't have too many blacksmithing books
Good one Adam. You are a fountain of knowledge. Great way to get people interested in Blacksmithing. Buy the book, do the practice and projects, easy peasy..... Thanks for the chat.
Thanks for sharing Adam! Before I buy more books I better read one of the few I own lol.
Good recommendation Adam, I have this book and enjoyed working with it also. Wayne
I actually have this book and agree with your review of it. Cool video man
Another great review
Keep it up. I like the book reviews
Thanks for the video, I'm going to pick this up for a read.
Awesome recommendations!
..Good but kinda brief. Then again you gave the outlines well Cam! i've got a few of those on my "What to get me for Christmas" list. i don't plan on doing knives, but do like to watch...!

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