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Prachin Boy Scout Compass Features

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    Prachin Boy Scout Compass Specifications

    Depth 3 inch
    Diameter 1.5 inch
    Weight 380 g
    Liquid Fill No
    Material Brass
    Type Compass
    Waterproof Yes
    In the Box
    Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 1
    Sales Package Compass

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    Prachin Boy Scout Compass Reviews from YouTube

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    How to Use a Compass
    My Father was in the Boy Scouts during WW II and still have this compass in the original box. It was manufactured by Taylor Instrument Companies Rochester, N. Y. at a cost of $1.25. One other interesting thing Boy Scouts had to learn was airplane black silhouettes to determine our planes - have five of these paperback books.
    Good video! In your example with your declination as 3 degrees west, did you turn the bezel to the east or west?
    ............I have that exact same compass from when I was a Scout in the 60' do I figure what the degrees of declination ( sp ? ) for Central Texas would be ?.....
    I just found my grandfather's boy scout member card from 1930 do u know anything about them?
    I love it.. LOL I bought one from EBay for 9.00 ( a good deal I thought considering that included shipping) It came in the original box and the original price stamped on it was $1.65... LOL inflation.. but I think I'll use my 1970's area Silva ;o)
    Nice info blackie
    That is a great little piece of history, I'm glad it's found it's way to someone who truly appreciates it and will use it.
    3 degrees east or west?? Of 0 degrees.I think I read somewhere that it changes every year or so.
    Taylor has always been a super instrument to keep from getting lost. lol I found mine in a army-navy surplus store.
    My wife found one of these in the original box at a thrift store
    Great explanation. My 1948 Handbook has that compass pictured. I've never seen one until now. Thanks
    Sometimes I think you and I are just tuned in to the same wavelength. I was just in the last 2 days playing around and experimenting with 2 old boy scout compasses. I was even thinking about possibly doing a video on them. I really enjoyed this one and especially because you are demonstrating that you don't have to have the latest/greatest in navigational tools to get the job done. If you can do the job with an older, more simple compass then you will be that much better off when you go back to something with more features. Thank you for the video Blackie.
    Cool vid , 10x
    Good video. I always learn something from your vids. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great videos.
    My dad had a BSA book just like that,,We referred to it at times along with a "newer "book way back while I was in the Then I also learned compass skills from the military..
    great video. thanks for sharing
    Even something not designed to be high end expensive gear back then will today outperform and outlast the latest and greatest from China. I am  proud of America's past and it hurts to see any of it lost to political agendas and crazy stuff. The Boy Scouts of America helped a lot of kids grow up to be good men. A part of my soul wants to believe that one day a generation will emerge that looks back and sees what was and with a fire in their hearts reclaims what has been lost.
    I use a replica of a early brass pocket compass I may have to look and see if I have my dads boy scout compass I have always liked simple designs. I have only recently started using gaps maps. I still always carry a compass and map of were I am and will never stop as they do not need batteries.
    Excellent information Blackie. I learned a lot. Thanks for posting...  ken
    How to reparation luminous compas not acuration
    it’s just called Compass lol
    I have a compass
    Mine came today
    im looking for a buyer of my antique 1577 compass.
    is campass my work manufakchar
    I got one of these and it had dirt under the needle where the directions are
    This is the exsact kind of compass I was looking for.
    Does anyone know how big it is in comparison?
    What does USA mean
    nice compass.
    Add a public comment
    so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Looks decent. I live in the USA and would love to have one like that!
    I need a compass USA
    Now I won't get lost. USA
    My seiko sarg007 has a compass on the bezel. Couldn't hurt to have an actual compass. USA.
    as I live in the true north it would go with my kilt😀,canada
    Truly entertaining! This guy knows nothing about what he is talking about, but the entertainment value was top notch!! My suggestion to you fine sir is that you actually learn about what it is you are trying to review. Your credibility for anything else you might review on YouTube is now ZILCH. Congratulations! :-)
    There seems to be so many people on Youtube reviewing and teaching how to use these types of compass who have clearly never used one before
    You truly do not know what you are talking about .
    Actually there is a lense inside the piece he too off at 7:28 that you can look into to see the marking on the rounded edge. He missed that. And that exact thing is pretty cheap in India like 6USD or something...
    I don’t like the metric system.
    OMG the blind leading the blind....
    Get lost
    What did I just watch. I will never get those 10 minutes back.
    This guy is clueless. He knows nothing about compasses or navigating by them
    I know what i bought.........
    Can somebody tell me the official name for these compasses with the little eye-hole for sighting the bearing? I want to find an expensive one that isn't junk like this eBay crap...
    PRAT! 10:16 of my life GONE, Just like that.
    Look... We don't need another asshole spewing verbal diarrhea. Get your shit together and know where you're going with your talk. 0 information, excessive verbiage. You stink. Lots to learn.
    With your expertise, and now that you've acquired the best compass made, you should really consider starting your own Guide business.
    Haha, That's a really cheap compass mate! I don't think you have seen many compasses ;)
    WOW, I think the comments cover the subject of this video well... Read comments before watching.....
    Bruh we don't need to know about the materials this compass is made out of. JUST TELL US HOW TO USE IT!!!!!!
    After absorbing this fascinating insight into modern mountain men, its revealed that we are truly not worth saving.
    Hero man
    saw this is in class 😂😂😂😂
    the pepole look like freaken lego
    So funny. Really nicely made. Thank you.
    LMAO... how funny was that... so entertaining, and informative :-D
    This seems like something Dwight Kurt Shrute will say to Philip. This is from the tv show THE OFFICE
    this is demonic
    It's quite complicated for smaller cubs.
    Horse shit
    take a shot for every dad joke
    What the what is this crap!
    Loved it... best video yet on using a compass and technically precise.
    My Scoutmaster Made this video! :D LOL I told him about Never Eat Slimy Worms :) I love coming back and watching it every so often!
    This sounds very robotic no offensive

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