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Buy PowerPak PLDFCA18NSB6 Flash Diffuser (For Nikon SB-600) online at Amazon. PowerPak PLDFCA18NSB6 Flash Diffuser (For Nikon SB-600)
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PowerPak PLDFCA18NSB6 Flash Diffuser (For Nikon SB-600) Features

  • Instantly Eliminates Uneven Harsh Lighting And "Hot Spots" : Caused By Most Flashes
  • Creates A Naturally Ambient " Wrap Around" Lighting
  • Use With Your Flash's Bounce Head To Soften Shadows And Create A Balanced Yet Breathtaking Light Scape
  • Special Formulation Ensures ven Diffusion Regardless Of Shooting Situation
  • Precision Engineered To Snap On & Off Flash Head With Ease
PowerPak PLDFCA18NSB6 Flash Diffuser (For Nikon SB-600)

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PowerPak PLDFCA18NSB6 Flash Diffuser (For Nikon SB-600) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Polaroid
Item model number Polaroid PLDFCA18NSB6
Model Polaroid PLDFCA18NSB6

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PowerPak PLDFCA18NSB6 Flash Diffuser (For Nikon SB-600) Reviews from YouTube

Nikon SB-600 Used Flash Review - Is this 15+ year old flash a good choice in 2020?
Nikon SB600 Speedlight Over view
works on my F100, F90S, F4s and my D700 only one flash needed!
Less than 100 dollars now. It’s a good buy compared to generic flash
Very informative, Now I know I need to research; Flash Zoom ITTL Remote Mode Nikon batteries - better recycling Thanks :)
Good video on the SB-600. As it happens I too have a SB-600 and a Nikon D300. I recently purchased a SB-5000 that I do like over the SB-600 as it has more settings. The SB-600 however is very good for my film cameras.
Short and sweet. Thanks for the review. Just what I needed.
Thanks for the review. I have found the SB600 to be a frustrating piece of kit. I only use it occasionally for family get togethers and I find myself needing a reeducation on its features after I have stuffed up all the shots. Would you mind doing an instructional video on how to use it properly in social settings? What I found really interesting about your video is that I also have a D300! So . which exposure mode (matrix?)?, which program setting P,S,A or M - which ISO setting?, which focus mode? I am an amateur and occasional user - I like its fill flash capability, but never know whether to leave the SB600 in auto mode or Bal/fill mode. It's worth noting that when you flip the diffuser down it reverts to 14mm (its widest mode) and stops reacting to the focal length of the lens on the camera.
How does it work off camera? Can i for example trigger it without having to use the camera flash as a trigger? Thanks
Thanks for this 2020 review, I appreciate it!
Thank you very much
hey Eric.great video as it greased the wheels for me to get a Sb 600 flash, i have a Nikon d90 so working it off camera not sure, but i need a flash anyway but one thing that was when you're not using the flash to take out the batteries as to never leave it in the flash so u dont ruin it just in case the batteries leak
Eric I understand this flash has HSS capabilities but u have to put in on the camera hotshoe to manually set it from camera and u will see the FP pop up on the flash screen but what I want to know is can I remove the SB600 from the camera and still have the HSS function
Thank you for your review Eric, hope this is compatible with my d3300 as guy at work has offered one of these for sale? Cheers Geoff
Good explanation Eric. Thank you.
the wind noises are annoying.
I want to ask you,do you know if it will work with nikon d5100?I think it should,but anyway I wanted to ask.
this really helped! Thanks for the review.
Nice description, is it just me or is it a problem with the sound? (echo)
This was def a good video! Great work
Thank you. This is the only instructive video that enabled me to set the SB-600 Speedlight (Channel 3, A Group) in conjunction with the D600 Nikon camera and they have worked well together since. Then suddenly the SB-600 failed to flash. I have three SB-600s and none will operate in line-of-sight photography as previously. The Nikon camera generates the flash but for some reason it is not being transmitted properly to or processed by the Speedlight. Could you suggest a remedy please?
I don’t know how many times I keep coming back to this because I forget the process for setting up my SB600
Thank you! this is my first off camera flash and your video explains the process easily and direct!
Most excellent tutorial. (Subscribe)
Oh man Now I'm wanting some icecream
Great info - many thanks!
Same as Neftaly right before me. You nailed it! Thanks a lot!
Harry, I had difficultly understanding the name of the batteries that you prefer for this flashsorry 'bout that mate! :)
3:27 Ice cream Sorry, became a little kid again for a moment.
Very good explanation - Thanks, JA
Is it still be able to use in manual when the speedlight set to remote?
Yep. Great help! Thank you sooooo much!
It's firing with out trigger wow
Thank you . I am going to get one. My first one. Less then a $100.00 in America. Used of course.
The Nikon SB-800 has Commander and or Remote mode.I use mine with the extra battery which clips onto the regular battery SB-600's are a good flash which I use primarily as remote slaves.
Thank you so much for this - had my speedlight for years, never knew how to set it up, great video, easy to understand
Great simple.Great help. Thank you very much. Cheers!
You didn't say how to change groups!
Thanks for the great video!
Thankyou, exactly the info I needed.
Allright. Haha/ good tutorial
i frikin love thye D50 bro i have one too. Would you recommend this flash on 2020?
I have this flash can I use on my Sony a6000 camera
Would've worked better if the flashgun screen wasn't out of focus all the way through.
Good info but what detracts from the video is your hand moving the unit all over the place. Because of all this hand movement it was difficult to see exactly what 2 buttons you hold for the submenus (1:33).
Does this flash has high speed sync capability?
Cool, I am looking into buying a PSP in 2019
I have had my SB600 since its release in 2004. I still use it today and never had any issues with it. I have upgraded my body’s 3x since I got this flash and it just keeps performing. Link to the manual if anyone needs it to nikon d3300?
How to set this flash become dummy slave ?
Thank you so much for teaching me some speed flash info. It helped so much when you showed me the flash zooming in/out when you pushed the buttons, I never really knew that was happening like that. I need to learn more, but this helped a lot.
I use the SB900, SB800, and some SB600 speedlites.I don't agree that the SB600 isn't worth having.I use mine as slaves in remote mode to either the SB900 or SB800 with no drama at 't know what they cost these days, but when I bought mine they were affordable.Having said that some of the flashes out of China (where the SB600 was made) are very good.I do have some Pocket Wizard radio triggers that get used with my other lights (studio strobes).Radio is a very different system, and generally a lot more expensive than infra red.Everyone to their own It's a personal thing, but I still love my Nikon CLS, and when taking photos outside or at function's it proves its worth because it weighs much less than some lighting optionsAll you need in one bag: Main camera, backup camera, battery's, memory cards, and as many speedlites as you don't even need light stands, but they are usefull additionsFeel free to disagree.Nikon Cameras that can be used:D70/80/90,D7000/7100, D300S, D600/610, D700 and D800/810 And a compatible speedlite that can be set to remote mode. Models include: SB-R200,SB-500, SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910.
very informative, thank you dude
Do u know if the TTL of this speedlight works in D750 or D5000?
Is it has high speed sync?
Good review. Simple with good demonstrations. Thanks. Picking up a second hand version today.
Was looking at the same model. You sold me. Thanks for the vid very informative
Hi, is this speed light automatic or manual ?
should I get the cord that allows me to take it off my camera I'm very torn on this

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