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Powerglide Tips 11Mm Features

  • Four pieces packaged on a header card
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 11 mm
Powerglide Tips 11Mm

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Powerglide Tips 11Mm Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Powerglide
Size 11 mm
Sport other

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Powerglide Tips 11Mm Reviews from YouTube

Th400 vs. Powerglide!!! Which is better??
Shaun Murphy: My cue
Pool Cue Tip comparison
Cue Tip Comparison
Y does my power Glide has holes in the case around the torc converter
I want to know if you can use a power Glide trans hooked to s small block with 400hps
So powerglide is same on street as th400? Same final drive? And its better at the strip? = less shifts easier to drive? And its lighter than th400? So powerglide is the way to go And it's cheaper.
How much times he said power glide ?
So stock power glide how fast can you drive on the street, same question for 400
If you want a powerglide but have a th400, just take off in 2nd lol.
Does the 350 fit in anywhere?
I wanna build a gasser
What trans would you recommend for a 1200hp bbc turbo
some shops are starting to do a race T400 case with powerglide internals, best of both worlds
Is the length of the power glide longer than the th400 would you have to extend the driveshaft length
What power range do you think necessitates a swap to a glide from a 400? I'm building a turbo ls foxbody, somewhere around 900hp for track use. I haven't picked a trans yet but was debating on 400 or glide.
Can't u just start in second with a th400?
dont order your ammo to be delivered by oops [ups] they open the packages and steal your ammo
Subscribed. :) What I am curious about is the difference between a PG and launching a TH400 in 2nd gear. Having a 1.51:1 2nd gear in the TH400 brings you down into PG territory. Are there any cons to launching a TH400 in 2nd?
What is your opinion on a built 700r4 vs th400 for a 550hp 67 Camaro street/strip car
If your looking for speed on the quarter mile you want a turbo 400 ( is a 4 speed a TH350 is the 3 speed ) you can get away with a power glide for the 1/8 mile but your gonna top out in the 180 Mph range, your launching at like 3 grand you need a way higher stall on your converter you need like 6500-7500 stall ( Lock Up I had a lock up torque converter with a 4500 stall back in the 90’s there not that expensive but I ran a studded box which allows you to launch a N/A , NoS car or supercharged car for turbos you gotta go high on your stall ) so They don’t have GTsport on computer odd most games are made for all platforms except for X-box games kinda odd they wouldn’t make it for pc, I hope GT7 has adjustable AI like ACC and PC2 I miss being able to tune cars like in GT 2 that was one of the best upgrade systems IMO, fictional tracks aren’t always the best I like real circuits They don’t have GTsport on computer odd most games are made for all platforms except for X-box games kinda odd they wouldn’t make it for pc, I hope GT7 has adjustable AI like ACC and PC2 I miss being able to tune cars like in GT 2 that was one of the best upgrade systems IMO, fictional tracks aren’t always the best I like real circuits you can launch harder and g faster, two reason y’all struggle for traction is the way you do you burnouts doesn’t pit heat in the tires just lays rubber on the track and you put your slick on rims that are too big and run too much air pressure, air shifter will make you faster not much you might pick up 0.1 of a sec going to an air shifter don’t sound like much but in racing every 0.001 you can go faster means you have that much more of a chance of winning I’ve won quite a few races in my 30+ year race career by 0.001 of a second started in the 60’s had to quit in the 90’s because of MS or else I would probably be racing NHRA top fuel or top sportsman by now when I had to get out of racing I was building an NHRA Pro Stock
Why run any of them run a 4l80e same as 400 but has over drive and lockup few mods runs 1000hp from factory sooo
8.75 mm tip. Amazing
Yep the guys at knob
was this advertising or just talking shite?
Most unpopular bloke in the tour - says he is a Christian then gets caught with a prostitute !
8.75 mil is ridiculously small for a tip
Not long got my new cue that was supposed to be 9mm, looked too small so put a vernier gauge on it and it was 8.8 hate hate hate havering to trim a tip.
what a new cue has.
this guy looks dead inside
What's your cue's butt diameter?
many congratulations Shaun, the magician is finally back,and is crowned himself with a ranking title at job over, ample well wishes for the titles ahead.
cheerse shaun
plz teach me I can't afford to come to ur country
I m ur biggest fan can u plz teach me it would change my life
hi ShaunI am you big big fan i like your cue action,your stance long potting and everything in short You are one of My Perfect along with Neil and Ronnie one thing I want to know is about cue that is there any differnce in playing with Maple andAsh CuesI personaly like Maple but most of the pros use Ash ALso tell that 1 piece Cue is better orr jointed cue is good either 3/4 or 1/2 Thanks a Lot
post some videos please
I had my cue a John Parris ultimate 339 stolen from the club. Maple and ebony with a from splice. It must be out there somewhere. Both Joe Davis and Steve Davis used a 57 inch cue. Ding uses a 56 inch as did Alex Higgins and Ray Reardon. When you think about it makes sense to go for a shorter cue. The longer the cue the more room for error there is.I think too much is made of what cue you use and maybe I have been too preoccupied by it.Interesting that Shaun uses a 8.25 tip which could be why he creates so much spin but if you are slightly out then that would not help.
isn't you cue too light Shaun ? I personally like heavy cues, just like Jimmy White
what height are you Shaun for a 58" cue?
Nice Cue. But can u please explain y 8.75? 9mm would be great for a Player who has a cue power like you. 8.5mm would put nice spin on CueBall. What Does 8.75mm Does? a Bit of Both? How much has it cost for you Replica Cue? Whats the Best John Paris Cue for Value for Money?
I have to say that I agree. Kamui tips do tend to play a bit hard. I switched to the mako pro medium and wow! What a great feel! I found my new brand of tip. I LOVE these tips!
Zan hybrid is top for me
Faz envio para o Brasil?
I personally love the kamui clear soft black. Been using them for years. I replace my tip once a year, so there is no need to cheap out. I did buy the salatto top spot that you had in your other video. That thing is awesome
need to make a hard tip for us hard guys.
I want to try your tip after my kamui soft clear needs replacing.
I cant believe the price of a tip is an important thing, its the only contact with the ball, so pick one that suits you personally. I think all tips are good, it is just a preference. But try multiple and see what you like. What we see too much is players buy an expensive cue, and cheap out on a good tip. Same with cue cases. Please go for quality, then make sure it is shaped right. play for a few weeks and then make a decision.
Biased test. bs
Could you make a video about how to position and how to look at the balls?
I like your presentations. Your a good bloke as. That will compel me to buy from U.
when will Pool try Bamboo and try make Leather Tip out of them . i use Lepro. but sadly i'm using Kamui think Soft preferred Med. i just waiting til it mushroom go back to Lepro again. but from the Pic these Tip look good
Your videos are great. Seems like a great product. Can’t see spending $20+ on a tip. I have a Kamui super soft on my Jacoby and personally do not like it. Super soft seems to play as hard as the medium tiger tip that was on it originally. Also can’t see spending 25+ for a single piece of kamui chalk when I frequently play with shooters who play at a professional level and they can use a bar cue with virtually no tip and standard master chalk and play as well as using their top of the line cues.
Do you also sell a home kit to install this tip? I have never glued a tip but need to learn how.
Brandon what’s your take on the new cue soul tips
Lepro is my favorite tip and I've played with almost every brand.
I am looking to buy a cue but they are pushing 9mm can I switch to 13 mm
Everest laminated tip shown here has a red line around the circumference of the tip showing when the tip needs to be replaced. HAH! You've got to be kidding me. By the time the tip shown here is shaped to match up with a dime held up against it, you're already below that red line. And just look at how much leather is under that red line going to waste if you replace it when they say to. I've done some research to see what tips the pros use and they seem to use the Le Pro tip much more than than the Kamui Black tip
How are Collapsar tips in comparison to some of the others? Low, medium or high end?
Subtítulos por favor
Thanks Brandon, been watching a lot of your videos lately.  Always learn a lot and are very well done!
Excellent video. Thank you!
we need to change the phenolic tips on a break cue
Can't hear you.
So how old does that Kamui tip get until it gets sold?
Hi Brandon how do predator tips compare with kamui tips im a league hacker apa 6, should i use a soft or medium tip?
Dear Brandon, Thank you for your very much useful videos - PERFECT! I have questions about LEATHER CUE TIPS: 1) Should I chalk up leather tips or leather tips should NEVER be chucked? 2) Tell us about the softness and hardness of the tips and their uses. 3) Should I buy the whole set or select one? 4) I'm trying to learn Swerves and strong Curves which is difficult for us. So what kind of Tip do you recommend us? I'm not a pro but I play well enough with my friends as a hobby. But each day we are getting better. This is very important to me. Waiting to hearing from you soon. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated. Regards, Kian IRAN - Great Persia!
So Brandon how do you know how long the tips were setting in your store or any other?I have only seen a few that come individually wrapped so with that being said what's the difference between on a cue and in a box ?
wow he knows his stuff! but no mention of blue diamond,a popular tip?
Good video
whats the best cue tip for draw shots? hard tip? soft? or medium?
what if i put embossed side up on tiger emerald tip?
looks like he needs some sleep in this video
NO disrespect M8 but the volume of your many posts is horribly low.otherwise ? love your stuff!

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