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Powerbass S1ZT 1-Inch Zirconium Super Tweeters Features

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The lowest Powerbass S1ZT 1-Inch Zirconium Super Tweeters Price in India is ₹2,216 at Amazon.
Buy Powerbass S1ZT 1-Inch Zirconium Super Tweeters online at Amazon.
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Powerbass S1ZT 1-Inch Zirconium Super Tweeters Specifications

Technical Details
Assembly Required No
Brand PowerBass USA, Inc.
Item model number S1ZT
Item Weight 113 g
Manufacturer PowerBass USA, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number S1ZT
Model S1ZT
Product Dimensions 18 x 11.7 x 2.4 cm

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Powerbass S1ZT 1-Inch Zirconium Super Tweeters Reviews from YouTube

STOP BUYING CRAP! 12 Mid Weight Tweeters BEST SELLERS Sound test and Over Look
5 Best Car Tweeters Of 2021
WORTH PENNY! Super tweeters sound test Skar Audio VX35-ST Pioneer TS-B350PRO DS18 PRO ORION
PROTECT YOUR TWEETERS! Capacitors and WHY you need them
why didn't you test the orion xtw950fd they are boss for 50 a piece
I have 2 pioneer tweeters and I thought i had to get so many midrange speakers to be loud and nope i was totally wrong those 2 pioneers in an enclosure were loud enough 🤣🤣
And what abt hertz St25 and st44??
Spectacular job.. Thanks. Two large pioneers are nice. Out of the smaller. I like the Skar VX 175's. Nice crisp sound. 👍
thanks for the comparison. would help if you played better music. and clean vocals.
The skar and ds18 billet are the best two to be heard from a block away you just have to know how to set your gains with them
My blastking keeps blowing even with a capacitor on them
What are the best tweeters for 8” mid range speakers?
the skar audio is identical to the pyle Pyle-Pro PDBT28
You are doing the lords work man. Not many places you can see tests of so many different models of speakers etc. Plus you can give feedback listening to them all at the same time in person. Valuable information.
I honestly love my Pyle tweeters. I was running 2, now I have 4 of the PDBT18 older model. Used to be $13 a pair. They have been rebranded and sold by most common car audio companies. I had a pair from soundqubed and blew one, the pyle were more reliable. (And I love soundqubed, been running an HDC315 for years)
Can't wait to get into this video. i love how theres so many tweeters that are all the exact same but just rebranded and charged more for the logo stamped onto it 🤣🤣 all made in china...
Thanks this channel is very helpful cause I don't have the money to be buying or re-buying speakers so it's helpful to give me a good idea on what I should buy. Thanks I appreciate it 🙏
i want to hear the sound of the crap tweeter.😁
Which model are those two last bigger tweets
Personally I would NEVER touch horn tweeters for home Hi-Fi application 😕
Pioneer 👌
the red bullet horn pioneer first and then the orion are the best sounding to me.
Skar VX175-ST
When using these tweeters what should you put the HPF of your Amp too?
0:35​ ⇢ 5- DS18 PRO-TW120B 👉 US Amazon : https://amzn.to/30sJj5X​ 👉 Amazon International : https://geni.us/gPkp​ 👉 Walmart US Store : https://lite.al/maW7pQ​ 1:22​ ⇢ 4- Rockford Fosgate R1T-S 👉 US Amazon : https://amzn.to/38r8Sst​ 👉 Amazon International : https://geni.us/cDEn​ 👉 Best Buy US Store : https://lite.bz/9cfSP​ 2:29​ ⇢ 3- JBL GTO19T 👉 US Amazon : https://amzn.to/3cgikzZ​ 👉 Amazon International : https://geni.us/J87jkNk​ 👉 Best Buy US Store : https://lite.al/XZsy3​ 3:38​ ⇢ 2- Pioneer TS-B350PRO 👉 US Amazon : https://amzn.to/3cbs7HG​ 👉 Amazon International : https://geni.us/2iqvAFq​ 👉 Walmart US Store : https://lite.bz/xavan​ 4:43​ ⇢ 1- Alpine SPR-10TW 👉 US Amazon : https://amzn.to/3qAFVRb​ 👉 Amazon International : https://geni.us/9EwnGZY​ 👉 Best Buy US Store : https://lite.bz/9YSjr
This tweeter list for budget builds ?
I need some help can I wire two 4 ohms skar tweeters to a 2ohms amplifier? Or how to do it
Skar sounds the best than DS18
Which skar tweeter could help with voice and highs?
Sounds like the pioneer would be better in conjunction with a midrange speaker. I like to cover all the frequencies I can and love the really crisp highs.
Would the skar 3.5 tweeter fit on a 2012 Dodge Charger front dash
Oh wao ds 18 sound good
Ur awesome.... I always check ur channel b4 I buy speakers...
I prefer drivers !! Tweeters sound distorted
Im happy with my Skar VX35 put it thru alot of abuse and it takes it like a champ along with my mid horn
This comparison sucks . U cant tell what they can do from a phone. A phone and a car receiver has different wattage
You choose really shitty music to do sound test dude. if you are testing speakers you should know better.
I purchased the Pioneer TS-B350PRO Based on this video. I was looking for a high frequency, tweeter that is loud, great sounding, and can take some power. Thanks for the this video.
You should do the 3000 watt twitters from ignite. 40 for on 80 for pair but has more watts that any of these
Hello, If I was to get Apline tweeters for the tweeters. Than I get my Front door and my rear deck pioneers, would that have any affect on the sound ? Will it no work ? Would it even be compatible?? Am I allowed to do that? Please lmk thanks !!!
At the end of the day its all about what you can afford and your ears because they'll all sound different to different ears IMO
DS 18, best for highs
Please compare this brands in the tweeters segment Pioneer, Kenwood and Sony.
The thing is tweeters and mids are made to cover part of the spectrum of sound. When all 3 are set correctly it will give a rich full sound. Mids you don't want loud as in high frequency because it's not made for that, a mid is just that, the ranges where your subs leave off and tweeters are starting. Some folks like a little overlapping. Like you said with the pioneer tweets, it's high range loud but wouldn't sound good in a system unless you add a speaker to cover the range it doesn't. I just think most people couldn't (including myself) get a true sense of that speaker's sound and quality.
also humans cant hear anything above 20khz so those are useless stats too. The pioneers are playing above 10khz a lot more while the skar and ds18s are peaking hard at the 4000-8000hz sibilance range, its where midrange starts rolling and where the tweeter picks up so its lower treble Which is why it sound "louder" because of the peak in the sibilance range.
Is there any difference from which end the electric current goes/pass from the speaker to the capacitor before reaching the tweeter?
Whats the best way to hook up tweeters? If I have a cross over, can I connect more than 1 tweeter to the tweeter connections? Will the power be evenly distributed to each tweeter? If I have a bass blocker, can I set my amp to full signal and just let the bass blocker do all the work? Or should the amp crossovers be set appropriatley? With those super tweeters capable of 200 watts rms, would I use a 4 channel to run 4 of those and have a seperate 4 channel for my mids?
Put the capacitor in line with the positive or negative? Or does it not matter?
Nice Video.Thank you
In my old speakers capasitor is connected to negative is it ok or should I change to positive?
I have a Kenwood speaker and it's is a two way system and there is no crossover present Only a capasitor near twetter 6 ohms speaker 4 ohms tweeter my question is capasitor is connected to the negitive end of twetter is it ok ? As every we're I saw it shows it should be connected to positive end ?
-2 fingers down;’
Processing state of mind-threw you;
Components are components.
-like wire direct- -;’
-in-line in-put...,-;’
-in-cludes paid prom...,’- -;’
Thank you
Sure ..sounds good to know
Calculus 1 very nice
this video made my head hurt I thought I was back in school 😳 just make it plain and simple I promise you will still listen
Awesome, thanks for the info! I ordered some Kicker speakers and I noticed they came with two sets of harnesses. One with capacitors and one without, I was curious as to why
Should i use a one of those even if I have a dedicated cross over??
I want filter car audio tweeter so let me know about the value need to use?

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