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Buy Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar System - Black online at Flipkart Amazon. Soundbar Speakers 2.1 Channel Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar System - Black Colours: Black
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Polk Audio MagniFi 150W 5.1 Channel Wi-Fi, Wireless, Hdmi ...

The only Mini Sound Bar with a Subwoofer - and it's Wireless. The MagniFi Mini sound bar and included wireless subwoofer reproduce deep bass impact you can feel ...


UpBright 15V AC/DC Adapter Compatible with Polk Audio DSB1 ...

... with Polk Audio DSB1 DSB2 AM9114-A AM9114A MagniFi Mini Sound Bar AM 9114 ... Sound Bar Home Theater Soundbar System AM 9114 Magni Fi Mini Sound Bar, ...


(Renewed) Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Ultra-Compact Home Theater ...

Buy (Renewed) Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Ultra-Compact Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer - 250W, HDMI, WiFi, Google Cast and Bluetooth (Black) ...


Buy Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Dolby Digital 250 W Bluetooth ...

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Dolby Digital 250 W Bluetooth Soundbar (Black, 2.1 Channel). Compare ... exceptional sound system in a compact design


Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar System - Black Features

Description Listen to your favourite playlist or watch movies with a high-quality audio experience. You need not miss out on your favourite punch-lines from the movies thanks to this Polk soundbar’s Voice Adjust Technology. You can also watch them all through the night without disturbing your neighbours, courtesy its Night Mode feature where you can adjust the voice and lower the bass effect without lowering the volume.

  • Power Output(RMS): 250 W
  • Power Source: Adapter
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Soundbar Speakers
  • 2.1 Channel
Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar System - Black Colours:
  • Black

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Buy Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar System - Black online at Flipkart Amazon.
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Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Sound Bar System - Black Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Polk
Color Black
feature 2.1-channel system; compact sound bar has 6 built-in speakers Four 2-1/4" drivers and two 1/2" tweeters Separate wireless subwoofer with 6-1/2" driver built-in Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Google Cast for wireless music streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers Polk VoiceAdjustTM technology helps keep dialogue intelligible Dolby® Digital decodingThree listening modes: Movie, Music, and Sports Universal remote control learns commands from IR remotes for TVs, satellite receivers,
Manufacturer Polk Audio
Model AUSE01B387

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Polk Audio MagniFi Mini SoundBar Home Theater System Review
Polk MagniFi Mini SoundBar Review - Small Yet Powerful
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If you don't want to spend that much I feel the JBL Soundbar that I reviewed a few months ago is also good option but that does not come with a sub-woofer here is my review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REWJuy0EsHM
Sir in ur opinion polk magni max sr is gud or jbl 5.1 is gud i m confuse which one purchase u can give me some suggestion
It's Polk, not Polka. Good review, thanks.
Hi, you can see some surround effect with netflix?
Good 👍
Hi Mr. Ranjith is it still worthy purchase in 2020..or please suggest better sound bar which is under 300$ ..what is your opinion about Bose TV speaker?
How to turn off demo mode
How is the Bluetooth connectivity?
Hi buddy, nice review. My question is 2 years later is it still working? You hear a lot of people complaining the sub woofer stops working after awhile. Any thoughts? Thanks friend...
Hi Ranjit, thanks for informative video. Can you tell experience after 1 year of use. Also how does someone claim warranty if bought from Amazon. Polk does not have service center in India
POLK not polka
i just travelled back from 2020 to 2018😎🙌🙌
Better is Yamaha YAS soundbar...
Its Good, But very Expensive,When lot of Low cast High quality sound bar in the market..
Pls give the reviewe in Hindi
Connect it with optical cable to the tv and it will switch on automatically...
Hello Sir, Can you please tell if I can connect this system with my iMac or with my iPhone ? Can I stream music or movies from my handheld devices? Is Bluetooth available on this device? Will be highly obliged if you clear this questions
Which is better, polk magnifi mini or yamaha yas 109?
Hello can please let someone explain to me how to turn on this Dolby or maybe turn it on because I can't know English if someone can explain to me in German how this works I would be happy if she would get in touch with someone and explain this to me
It is working perfectly fine with the chromecast Perhaps, it received a firmware upgrade.
Hello, I’ve owned this system for about a year and a half now, and I gotta admit, this little guy does pack a punch. There are a few things that no reviewer has mentioned that I think is important when considering this unit. 1st: One of the questions in the comments was, “ can you connect other wireless speakers to this soundbar?”. No. Unfortunately, the only speaker you can connect wirelessly is the sub that came with it. 2nd: while the “voice control” does a good job enhancing dialogue, it’s doesn’t work with everything you watch. That has to do with the audio encoding from the video source. 3rd: there is no “on-screen” menu. The only visual feedback you get from this unit, is a series of light in the center of the bar. Lights will indicate volume up/down, bass up/down and voice up/down. A pattern of light will also show you indication when switching between sound profiles. There also no way to connect this unit to Polk Audio’s app. 4th: This is a big one, for me at least, while this unit does allow universal remote function (must be connected through ARC port), once the connection is disrupted, the remote function is disrupted. Let me explain: say you have this unit connected to your tv through the ARC HDMI port, and you’re controlling the soundbar’s volume through your tv remote. Now say you pause what you were watching, if there’s no audio being played for 5-10 minutes, the soundbar auto-shuts down. When that happens, your tv remote loses it’s connection with soundbar and the only way to re-establish that connection is to shut down your tv as well and wait about five minutes. If you don’t mind using multiple remotes then this shouldn’t be a problem for you, however, if you’re like me, I have a remote for my cable box, Xbox, tv and soundbar. My Samsung tv’s remote allows me to control all four. Overall, this IS a great sounding unit in general. The low price is just a bonus. Those are excellent pros, I just felt like there weren’t enough cons being mentioned. Hope this helps.
can you suggest between the magnify mini and the polk audio command bar?
How well is it working with the WW/Chrome Cast?
Do you think is good for 20 square meters ?
Hi, you can see some surround effect with netflix?
Anybody knows if it can be connected to any wireless speakers ?
I miss Jim’s review room! So glad you did this review tho! I’m between the Sony hts350, Jbl 2.1 300watt and this!
This is currently 230 on amazon, and since this review is 3 years old, would you still recommend this or do you have a better recommendation for the discount price?
Can it be compared to the products of 2020?
Thank you for including the dimensions!
Hi Can we connect it with Desktop computer? Could you suggest Bose Companion 50 (32000 INR) or Polk Magnifi mini(29000 INR) for purchasing. Thanks
Why is This More than The Polk Command Bar
This is wonderful but the bass looks ugly.
Does anyone know if it's possible to add on the surround speakers that come with the Magnifi Max SR?
Highly recommend this set up there great small but great sound and prize
Got a good deal on it! Got it only for 139!! More than half off at Walmart last years summer of 2019 and it was amazing. When I opened the box I was astonished. I was blown away when I got it working and set up. It was booming. The only issues I have with this sound system. Is that the subwoofer and soundbar interfere connections when placed behind or a little more than 180 degrees to the left facing the soundbar to you. Or it could just be mine only. But. I’ve noticed. My sound bars WiFi signal keeps connecting to my phone sometimes in the middle of the night. And it gets annoying. If you know how to disable it, I would definitely do so. It’s clarity with the voice and music just sound so phenomenal! Its probably one of the best sound bars I’ll ever own. I don’t think JBL, Bose, or Yamaha can even keep up with this system. It’s just all around a good speaker. The only sad thing is, is that this soundbar does not offer AirPlay for Apple and or other AirPlay things like TVs etc.
Can you connect more than one magnifi subwoofer to one magnifi mini soundbar?
💥💥💥💥💥💥 The Heat movie clip was an excellent choice for testing, wonder what it'll sound like with the Bose Soundbar 700 + Base Module
How would it compare to something like Logitech's Z623? Cheers!
DO NOT BUY! My 2 year old subwoofer went out, trouble shoot, updating a firmware and customer service have no fix for it. You have been warned, google it and read all the issues they have had with the magnifi mini.
What’s better this or the soundcore bar?
Does the subwoofer have to be paired up to the soundbar every time you shut it off? Or does it pair up automatically ?
Can u plzz review 'Denon DHT-S316' soundbar ?
Does this sound better than than the Bose TV speaker using one of Bose lowest priced subwoofers as far as crisp sound clarity highs and lows, hearing all the instruments clearly and the deep rich base that Bose speakers provide?
what you think is better polk magnifi mini or Sony htmt300
Speaking about the music, which one is better: Polk MagniFi Mini or Sonos Beam? And are they that much better than JBL 2.0 which is 3-4 times cheaper? Thanks.
Bought from best buy black Friday yesterday and I love it
what happened to your wrist, bro?
Take the sub out, does the soundbar sound good with great bass? I'm looking for a soundbar for my small gaming desktop and portable enough to use it as a bluetooth speaker but still able to connect it to my TV. compact, great bass for the size, dialogue enhance and no subwoofer but the option to add a bass. I checked out some gaming soundbars and they don't have good bass and some come with a subwoofer which I don't want for my desktop. 20 to 25 inches of space on my desktop
Hi, klipsch cinema 400 o polk magnifi mini? Thanks
how to connect sound bars to sub woofer?
how does this model compare to the sigma s2
Hi man! Thanks for the review it was great. I have a dilemma I was hoping ypu can help me out. What soundbar+subwoofer do you recoomend me to buy, the Polk magnifi mini or the Vizio SB3821-C6?
Love Polk
Hope to see acoustic energy aego 3 or acoustic energy aego sound3ar review too
Not a good review fam
I'm curious what your thoughts are on the volume setup for this sound bar. To me, it seems like it doesn't get loud until after you hit 40. That's nearly half way and it's just barely getting loud, at least in my opinion. Can anyone else relate?
For movies yas 109 or polk magnifi mini?
Comparado con yas 109? Cual te da mejor calidad para movies
Polk Magnifi Mini or Yamaha YAS 209 Which sounds better for Movies
Perhaps this is the best soundbar out there at present. Need to consider one for myself
Same issue that Mike Corleone has, just happened to mine this week. After several calls to customer service, troubleshooting and updating the firmware still no success. Do not buy the Magnifi Mini, do your research on google and look at all the issue this model has had.
can i get 5.1 channel with this system?
should i get this one or the yas 207 yamaha
got mine for 40 dollars at Walmart ppl thought 300 dollars was to much then it went from 300 to 200 then low from there ppl did not know they were 40 dollars when they reached the lowest peak and since I work there =D I got 1
looks like a coby bluetooth speaker lol
help! cant get my subw to connect. followed the pamphlet instructions & still doesn't connect.
Polk advertises the unit as Chromecast built-in, but it is never stated (as it should) that it is "Chromecast Audio built-in", not full chromecast. With the HDMI port i was fooled when i bought it. I thought the HDMI was chomecast out with ARC return, The HDMI is audio in and CEC control only.
The soundbar remind me of my sony srs-xb3 speaker while the sub looks like old pioneer home theater. Might getting this 😁
Sounds awesome. Great price.
Polk MagniFi Mini vs vizio 4051-d5 which one is better and louder?
It would be very useful to know if it operates with a universal remote like Dish and with a return hdmi control.
looks cheap and nasty

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