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Buy Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera) online at Amazon. Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera)
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Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera) Features

  • An Accessory Ring Available In Most Popular Mounts Which Converts The Lens Mount Of Your SLR Camera To A T-mount.
Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera)

Find the best deal on Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera) at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera) Price in India is ₹2,870 at Amazon.
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Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PLTMOM
Item Weight 45 g
Product Dimensions 6.9 x 6.6 x 4.3 cm

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Polaroid T-Mount Adapter (For Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 Mount Camera) Reviews from YouTube

Overview of Micro Four Thirds adapters for Canon Lenses
How to Use Vintage lenses on your Micro 4/3 Camera
Micro 4/3 Lenses on a Sony Camera with Clear Image Zoom: Micro 4/3 to Sony E-mount Adapter
MICRO FOUR THIRDS ADAPTER | Micro Four Thirds Adapter for Nikon Lenses on Panasonic & other Cameras
from what I understand f/1.8 stays 1.8 in terms of light gathering but becomes 2.6 DOF equivalent
thank you i had no idea about the different adapters need one for my 18-35
hi brother,,,pls suggest me an adapter for usig my ef lens on p4k. I m not looking for speed boosters, but must have iris controll .
Will The Canon EF- S 10-18 MM Work with the Fotasy Adapter on My lumix G7?Need help!
Thank you. One aspect which you did not cover is - how good is the optical alignment of the lens on the body, using different adapters? Are the surfaces parallel, is the optical centre of the lens in line with that of the sensor, how good is the capture of the excess light from the larger image, ..? After all, those optical issues are how we judge a photograph.
Caution! The Metabones Speed Booster SLR Tom likes is only designed to work with certain micro four-thirds camera bodies and Canon lenses. In fact Metabones warns that some camera bodies could actually be damaged physically by attaching this device. Before shelling out the $600-700 to buy it, check out Metabones' details under "Limitations": Tom, do you have a favorite, I keep buying simple adapters but there is lots of wiggle and play in the adapters, any suggestions would be great, thank you for your video!
Is there a new adapter for canon RF to Panasonic m43 ?
Great video SLR Tom. Everything I needed to know about M4/3 adapters in one place and no guff. Cheers and subbed.
Do know of an adapter for a Fujinon XF-10-24mm to Lumix GX8?
700 bucks for a lens adapter.......for this money you can get a good camera Body.
Too exp
How is the autofocus on video with the metabones? thanks
Can i use canon efs 18-55mm lens to the 44$ adapter for Panasonic lumix g7?
Dude, if we use our manual lens that has an aperture ring, would speed booster still boost the aperture? Thanks btw
I have Meyer Gorlitz Dioplan 50 mm and a Lumix g1. In aperture priority I can only change the exposure compensation.
Nice video! Do you happen to have any footage/images of some of these lenses in action on your m4/3 cameras? Trying to decide which ones I like the look of
Old Takumar and OM Zuiko System lenses are my favorites.You can go crazy and get a speed booster, works really well, piched up a used Metabones for cheap.
Question about using long lenses on m43 bodies....if using a tripod what do you feel max weight of lens before having to use a support bracket? I'm just a bit concerned about damaging the camera body with a heavy lens. I'm using an Olympus EM10
I have a question about the aperture for vintage lenses with adapters, if you change the aperture on the lens rings, because the aperture on the camera controls will not change do you just have to shoot in manual mode and only change the shutter speed or do i need to also set the aperture to the same amount on the lens?
Hi Damian, brilliant video, just what I'm looking for!!! I have just bought the exact same Vivitar 28mm 1:2.8 Wide Angle (OM mount) only to realise that it doesn't fit my OM-D EM-10 natively. Can you please advise which adapter I can use for it with my Olympus. thanks.
How do you set focus mode ? Is it automatic?
Amazing, thank you!
Will I be able to mount old canon lens to any mft camera or black magic pocket camera 4k with this adapter.
You missed the best ones, Hexanon lenses. Very underrated.
All good & fun lenses. My 1st decent 35mm cams were Miranda & the lenses were pretty good as I recall. But what does one really know in his youth. I'm surprised they make a Miranda adapter. Great vid.
low budget posse in the house lol Great review, need to try out those gobe adapters!
Nice one Damian, vintage glass may not be razor sharp like modern options but hundreds are available all over the internet. My advice would be to go for the independent manufacturers like Soligor, Vivitar etc as they aren't commanding the higher prices like Nikon etc. Focus peaking is however an essential feature on any mirrorless body to nail focus.
How well your camera handles focus peaking is important. I've tried the same old adapted lens on an early digital camera (from about 2012) and it is really difficult to tell when things are in focus. The same lens on a newer model camera (from 2018) presents no problem.
I actually prefer to use vintage lenses on my Fuji camera. My absolute favourites are lenses that are well known and not so well known: The Flektogon 35mm f2.4 is in first place, Revuenon 55mm f1.4, then the Triotar 135mm f4, and of course the Biotar 58mm f2. Also love the Russian Jupiter lenses, sadly let go of the 135mm, which as as good as the Triotar. A recent acquisition is the Meyer-Optic Gorlitz Primoplan 58mm f1.9. With a speed booster focal reducer adapter from M42 - Fuji FX I get all the bokeh az special effects and gain an extra stop. Could not be happier. Unfortunately, collecting old, weird lenses can be addictive...
As an owner of the exact same camera. I have to ask, which is the best combo? Which lenses work best and which adaptor? Some generally work better than others from reading on the subject.
I bought some m43 kit in 2014, but I've noticed in the UK prices for m43 kit has really gone up. Here in the UK Fuji and APC kit is sometimes cheaper, no idea why m43 is so expensive.
Try a 500mm f8 mirror lens on this camera body and have a lot of fun with your featherlight 1000mm eq. setup.
Very interesting and educational review...
Can you use a teleconverter with it too to fill up the frame?
Hey Sean, quick question that could save me a lot of money. Can I use this to mount my mft speedbooster to my sony a6500 (e-mount/aps-c) body?
The adapter has a lot of play from the mft side, not only in the axis of the lens like all photo mounts (it does it like 2 times more), but also sideways which is terrible. Definitely dont reccomend it for use with follow focus system or larger lenses.It looks very nice, but the MFT hole seems too large in diameter.
If I order it now on amazon, is it already the new version or could I still be getting the old, tight one? Thanks a lot for the great review btw!
I need to use this with vazen 40mm anamorphic with either sony fs7 or sony a7s3,can you suggest how much vignette will I be getting on both?
Now if only it was actually in stock....anywhere.
I ordered one but it doesnt seem to want to make proper contact with my MTF lenses. When I attach it, it doesnt seem to lock. My lens fell off once which was terrifying. Is it possible I have a faulty or old unit?
how about if i use 6500 for it?
Does that mean that SLR magic anamorphic lens can be used on sony a7iii too?
I don't want to be a hater, but please stop devoting resources to this kind of product.
Will there be a Fuji version?
Great work!Please make a M4/3 adapter for the EF-M mount!As of this month, there are 11 different models of the EOS-M, and many of them have crop modes. The original EOS-M has been the hottest Magic Lantern camera for almost two years, with raw video crop modes continually being added. Films shot with the EOS-M's raw video crop modes are numerous on YouTube, and new ones keep appearing. So, if there is any camera right now that could really utilize a M4/3 adapter, it is the EOS-M.It should be easier to make such an adapter for the EOS-M, because the EF-M mount has throat diameter that is 0.9mm larger than that of the E-mount, while having the same flange focal distance (18mm) as the E-mount.Thanks!
Embrace the vignetting. That's gold. Lol
Hi. I'm interested in light-weight telephoto lenses. Could I use an Olympus 100-400 that has an MF/AF switch with this adapter (on the Sony A7III)?
would you be able to use a nocticron 42.5mm f1.2 manually on a sony camera with this?
Have this adapter from you guys, it's fun to use, however it would be nice you guys also mention that you won't be able to reach infinity focus with this adapter... (Found that out the hard way...:(...
Big deal will be your adapter to use Sony E lenses on fuji X cameras. Loxia & voigtlander lenses on the xe, xpro or xt cameras... waiting ;)
is there one for MFT to L Mount
Question: Would it be possible to use old OM 35mm lenses attached to a MFT adapter and then added to this new adapter?
What's the possibility of an adaptor for the RF mount?
hi can I use 200 500 with this
Please help is there any adapter for nikon to use miccro 3/4 lens to nikonbody please help
Can I control the aperture on my Panasonic G80 when I hook up a Tamron 24-70mm for full frame Nikon cameras with a simple adapter?
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