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Buy Polaroid T online at Amazon. Polaroid T - Mount Adapter (For Pentax DSLR )
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Polaroid T - Mount Adapter (For Pentax DSLR )

The lowest Polaroid T Price in India is ₹2,715 at Amazon.
Buy Polaroid T online at Amazon.
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Polaroid T Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PLTMPEN
Item Weight 45 g
Product Dimensions 6.6 x 6.6 x 1.3 cm

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“whatever you do to the photo, the person in the way will suffer the same fate” w- what? that’s not even close to original! fuckin jojo did this in, like, the 90s!
The sheriff is Darby from S.O.A
Rotisserie chicken 😂😂😂
Ngl not very complex but a nice 3 am watch
flame on
"hey... do you know what i heard?".......I was hoping for "the bird is the word!...."
I noticed people were saying this was a copy of Say Cheese and Die" but I have to disagree. Say Cheese and Die actually scared me and made me lose a little bit of sleep (I was 8 or something). I watched this and it *put* me to sleep. And I'm ticked off cuz I woke up with a crick in my neck
I was trapped on a submarine for 7 months and this helped a lot
Mile Myers did kill the roll of cat in the hat
so it's basically Goosebumps - say cheese and die?
I hope you get analytics of when the like button was clicked...if not, just so you know, it was the ca-call-me
Ca Ca-ll me! Lol! Dude you are hilarious!
This just put it into perspective, this video was 9 months ago.
Literally died laughing at "God, i fucking hate neck wear"
The camera doesn't even look that old. It looks like it was bought the day they started filming. Probably got it from Circuit City
Shoulda called it an SCP not a creepy pasta🙄
He rhymed again w/again - again!?
WOW what a heartbreak at the end there 😂😂😂😂😂
this whole episode is gold😂😂😂 the jokes write themselves with this movie bro lmfao
Is camera se kiski photos click karna pasand karoge?
I got this camera on my 9th birthday it is amazing
Prise kota
I will buy this soon🥰
Me too
Please make a video what is inside in this 📷 camera
I want it but I can’t afford it
I dont like this kamera i like Instax liplay❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 like gusy👍
Bought this as a gift for my friends marriage....😛 Wish someone gifts me the same 😁
1:25 ye Gini japani 😂😂😂👍👍
Aap agar picture ko thoda shake karoge print hone ke baad to develope jaldi ho sakti hai
Isss camera me bahut kharcha hai isse Accha to cannon camera hai
Do we can store the photos in phone too?
Can you just SHUT THE F up for one second and do what you do in peace, you havnt stopped yapping for one second in this whole video, I had to mute it to watch the visual. You dont need to speak anything to put a couple of batteries inside the camera. Annoying man. Just try to be quiet and only speak when you have to speak. Jesus!
Ek intax se kitne photos nikal sakte hai
Can we record video also in this camera??
Order karo
Sur Pleze Ya Mani Camara Dad De Geya Na Pleze Sur
Wow nice videos and nice teach I'm always proud of my favorite Tgfamily and Tgfriends .
thanks a lot, definitely buying this. really helpful
Hi I have a question how do you turn it off?
Why is exactly right 😂 got my Polaroid Now camera just now, wish me luck 😅
Hi, I receiveid it as christmas gift but when I try to print what comes out are white photos, someone know how to solve this problem?
you can adjust the crop in the app before printing
how much does it affect if you do have a screen protector?
Expertly covers all of the points you'd expect in a product review such as this, thank you for your work.
Hey Erin pl suggest big prints camera pls
Very spot on. Like why bother putting phone over the top of the thing
Is it flat or does it have the actual Polaroid frame around the photo?
I wanted to get one but needed to check if it is the the type I wanted to pay for but I am grateful for this review helped me choose on what I wanted to get. Thank you for being honest
How would I get good quality color ?
How can I make the photo no vintage ?
I found this video looking for an alternative to my Instax Share SP-3. The Instax prints are annoyingly small compared to Polaroid originals. I got my hopes up looking at the lab, but now I see that it's a big step backwards from wirelessly connecting the phone and just doing edits and prints in phone to then send to the printer for final image...GAH! Polaroid need to up their printing game. Lets hope that a V2 comes around with more sensible features. Thanks for the honest review.
My interest is solely in emulsion lifts. The why for me is the ability to do this to my non Polaroid photos. I have been approximating the look with waterslide paper, inkjet prints, and an acrylic spray to create an sort of emulsion but it’s not quite the same. Any ideas? Thanks
Thanks for the heads up. You mentioned other printers that give a Polaroid style photo. Could you name a few? Best, V
You just saved me a ton of money and frustration. Thank you
When I get finished playing with the Polaroid Lab I'm going to go out and get a typewriter. Or not.
Very non practical it's sooooo much cheaper just getting them printed of on a site or in a store where they allow you to connect either using a wire or Bluetooth at a small fee
What if your phone screen is cracked and shattered?
I loved it ........ Now it's in my bucket list
Apu ata price
Thank u Now ill buy this cam
What is the amount ?
Nice im also buying it
Hey ...could u pls tel me how much photos can we took with it?
9682372646 mobile
I already ordered itt
https://youtu.be/FJIb3W0ZamM See this
Where can I buy the films??
Ooooh nice!! I've made a video on this too.... Check it out
Mam isko ham click krke direct mobile phone me nai kr skte kya? Possible h ki nai mam pls say😊 . . Nice video and amazing😍😘💖
Mam what is its price please tell
8:45 the company has also mentioned that and they have advised the buyer to aim slightly right when taking a picture 😊 U can adjust the settings if u want a dark pic from indoor to sunny that might help
What is the cost of the whole box including bag, frame etc
I bought it
Can we use norman reel?
I too want this cute camera

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