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Buy Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash online at Amazon. Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash
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Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash Features

  • Flash has vertical bounce of 90° and horizontal swivel of 270°, with manual zoom settings of 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm
  • Autofocus auxiliary lamp helps the camera to focus in low-light situations
  • Recycles in 0.5 second
  • Includes a diffuser and reflective panels
  • Auto Sleep mode means less charging time, and more shooting time
Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash

The lowest Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash Price in India is ₹5,013 at Amazon.
Buy Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash online at Amazon.
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Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PL126PZC
Item Weight 440 g
Model PL126PZC
Model Year 2014
Product Dimensions 21.2 x 11.6 x 8.4 cm

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Polaroid Studio Series PL-126PZ Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash Reviews from YouTube

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Very informative video! I just found my old skool polaroid camera from my HS days (early 2000's) & I want to load it up now!
Thank you! This video was very helpful. I found a Polaroid camera at Goodwill yesterday for 9 bucks!
Hi, my impulse se camera was in the cold and took one photo which worked. Then when we tried to take another photo the picture didnt come out and the camera stopped working. Is there a way to fix this jam without exposing the rest of the film remaining in the camera? The black cover of the film is rolled and out of the camera just sitting in the front.
My shutter button isn't working, like it does push in all the way but when taking a picture or at least trying to it won't take a phone :(
Amazing video, definitely lifesaving! I found my dad's camera and I didn't know what to do.. Excellent job, with essential details! Thank you very much!
where i can find cheap film?
What if the green light is not on? Does it no longer work ?:(
a little spring about 1.5cm long fell out of my 600 when I opened the film tray... should I be concerned? Where did this little spring come from?
This vid was really really helpful thank u cep it up
Can someone please help me out if they know what I'm talking about with the type of polaroid in the video if when you got to snap a picture and the film that comes out is just yellow is it. Because the film is expired or there's something wrong with the camera its self
Use to own one back in the day, needed a refresher course, thank you.
Thank you
I wanted to buy my girlfriend a Polaroid Supercolor 635CL.. is there anything I have to know about the films? Do they get damaged if they are too long in the camera or should I put them somewhere cold?
Thanks for being there! I just found an old polaroid Supercolor 635L that has never been used. There is film inside but nothing is happening... no flash charging either... hoping that if I buy new film and cartridge that it will work...
Hey I have a doubt, Is that green light supposed to light up when the batteries is installed or not?
Thank you so much for posting this!! Helped a lot :-)
so ive been taking pics with flash but when the pic comes out there is like a bright section in the top left corner. im assuming its coming from the flash. any suggestions on how to get rid of it or fix it?
Hey amazing vid, I have a question when you introduce the film in the polaroid you have to take the photos faster possible or I can take the photos with calm and for example in different days or weeks until I finish the film?
I have the same camera but when I put in a bran new film the top one wouldnt come out. Does anyone know what to do if this happens or does it just not work anymore
Does anyone know why some of the Box cameras were called 1000? Was it for a certain region? All the ones I've seen in America called the One Step.
Hi, do you know if this flash works with the MODEL 1 SX-70s? You are using the alpha version in this video it seems... I have read some reports of compatibility issues with the first models but theres nothing official on the website...
ok l know this video was uploaded like long time ago. but l wanted to ask something. So l finally caved and bought the MINT Flash for my SX-70. So when it arrived l wanted to try it out if it works. But unfortunately it wouldn't flash or anything. l tried the flash tester and its working fine. So l was wondering if anybody have any idea why its not detecting or flashes? Side note: l didnt insert film on my camera but everytime l hit the shutter button it would be like taking a photo. Can you help a lad out? lf yall know.
Where did you get that camera strap for your SX-70?
the difference in the "look" is the difference in POWER of the flashes (i.e. Guide Number)... The disposable flash puts out a CRAZY amount of light to compensate for ASA 100. This is why the Mint Website says to turn the light compensation to WIDE OPEN at 1.3 meters, as is not as powerful...where as the disposable flash is good to 3 meters on normal settings. (edit, looks like someone pointed this out in great detail below 4 months ago).
You are colour blind
I purchased the Flashbar 2 and I have to be honest and state that I'm pretty well unimpressed for a couple of reasons. A) The Mint Flashbar 2's power output is incredibly weak. A Sylvania Flash Bar (blue dot) allows for SX-70 film shots out to 20 feet while using SX-70 (or Time Zero) film. Mint's instructions read max power guide number of 20 (I assume that's meters and ISO 100) and this translates to an F/8 exposure at 10.3 feet; that's only 1/4 the power of a Sylvania or GE II flashbar. Mint published 1/2 power guide number is 12 (I assume that's meters and ISO 100) which is again pretty weak. a Guide number of 12 (in meters @ 100 ISO) translates to f/8 at 12.4 feet (using 600 film) or 6.2 feet using SX-70 film. B) The color temperature of the Mint flashbad is terribly cool when compared to a Sylvania (blue dot) flashbar which makes for (IMHO) very boring and dead looking flash images. C) Based on the guide number published by Mint; you will NEVER get properly exposed images unless you one (make great adjustments to the exposure compensation wheel or have your camera modified to use f/8 whenever the camera detects a flash. I like to tape and old Kodak 81A gel filter over my Mint flashbar but that forces me to place my subjects than the data above as the filter blocks apx 1/3 stop of light. All of these issues make using the Mint Flashbar a little cumbersome (IMHO). Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Mint and I own two Mint SLR670's (S and X models). While ultimately more expensive, I prefer using with Sylvania (blue dot) or GE II flash bars with an SX-70 camera which does not have an f/8 modification as it's easier (for me as I don't have to use a measuring tape to calculate subject distance), more spontaneity, greater simplicity and in my opinion images created with old flashbars look better aesthetically.
So you say the SX-70 will take a photo before its charged with this Mint Flash Bar? My daughters retro flash (a big thing that mounts to the side) will not take a photo until its fully charged - shame this Mint does not have that protection.
How long do that flash bars last
O shoot just realized your in impossible project on fb nice!
VERY, very helpful video. Thanks for taking the time to do this. p.s. Dig your aperture-tat...never seen anyone do that.
Do you need to use de impossible ND filter lent if you use the flash with 600 film with a sx70?
Excuse me Can it slave the pc signal when closed the flash on mintflasbarI mean i dont wanna use the flash on camera
Does the Mint flash bar work on the original Polaroid One Step?
Have you shot on the OneStep2 yet. I got it earlier this week, and wanted to know your thoughts?
I have two Polatronic 2350's , they have extra contacts on them to interface with the AF SLR and OneStep cameras. In my experience, when the flash is charging with the non-AF models they simulate a spent flash bulb and prevent the camera from firing. I think Mint should do a neat circuitry trick the does the same. Also, the Alpha/AF models allow for fill flash in daylight, while the rest just don't fire the flash in daylight. These days the flash options are better, as always, they don't make flash bars anymore, the electronic flash is the only way to go.
Hi. Thank you for our video.Would a GODOX FT-16 (433Mhz) transceiver trigger this CT-16?Looking froward to your reply.Thank you. God bless you.
Can this trigger connect to other flash like yongnuo flash?
Does this godox trigger works to godox speed light only?
Do you make same adjust in your canon camera
Can ct16 be triggered with elinchrom triggers?
Works great with my 20+ year-old JTL 300 D's.
Thank you for this presentation. May I ask, have you tested the operating range, outside and inside?
is it working with fuji xt3?
Can I use it on my lumix Dc-gx9 ?
It sounds like it has some kind of recycle time to shoot again? Will this work on a Sony a7iii? Can you tell me pls?! Thank you so much
Is it compatible for godox tt600s and sony a6000
funny you shot a video about photographic stuff and it's mostly out of focus. anyway it helped.
does the transmitter needs battery?
Review of Fujifilm's best budget instant camera: INSTAX Mini 11!INSTAX Mini 11 at Amazon: // Mini film: Buy Gordon a coffee: https://www.paypal.me/cameralabsGordon's In Camera book: / Amazon uk: Cameralabs merchandise: https://redbubble.com/people/cameralabs/shop
How big are the pictures
I was thinking about getting these cameras for my 8 and 9 year old. They love taking pictures and always want them printed off. I think them bringing these cameras back are amazing!
I dont understand english..T_T is fujifilm 11 good?
Yup I'm definitely buying this. I love looking pretty and taking pictures. It's not that expensive either.
You could have warned me that it would flash when you ejected the safety thing.
the a c c e n t bro
Hello, thank you for the review. I still have the instax mini 8, i was wondering if there is any good in keeping it around instead of selling it since i am not using it anymore..
add a tripod mount and at least a wired shutter button attachment (wireless would be better) and you've got yourself a winner.
does the instax 9 clip on selfie actually useful? or can i take selfies without it
Just bought my girlfriend a full Instax Mini 11 Value set for her birthday. Hope she likes it!
Sold! I'm going to buy it now. Thanks for the awesome review
Mini 9 or mini 11 is good?
I got the 11 mini instax and its amazing
Does the pack of 10 sheets means 10 films or 10 photos? I find it expensive for just 10 photos :(
Where I live they're $2 a print, which is ridiculously overpriced. I wanted something cheap for in field use. I ended up buying a fucking printer for my laptop instead. Cheaper. Higher quality. And I can print whatever I want. And if I take a dud photo I can delete it, not have to pay $2 to find out I took a dud photo. You'd think in 2020 we'd have better quality stuff than what we had fifty years ago, but it really seems technology has plateaued. :( I was going to just try and track down film for my old Polaroid from when I was a young lad but they're like $399 for 100 photos.
What lovely voice thanks for the review
I got a pink mini 11 cause I only like baby pink I really don't like other pinks and i didnt like the other colors but they dark grey and the pink was my only option and I wanted it to be cute so I got the pink mini 11 because the pictures are better quality than the mini 9 but now I wish I bought the mini 9 :(
My pictures outside always come out blurry do you know what the problem might be Thank youu
Thank you this was really helpful

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