Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus TTL Flash

Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash online at Amazon. Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash

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Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash price at Amazon - ₹7,999

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The lowest Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash Price in India is ₹7,999 at Amazon.
Buy Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash online at Amazon.
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Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash

Polaroid Studio Series PL-108AF Digital Auto Focus / TTL Flash Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Polaroid
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number PL108AFN
Item Weight 118 g
Model PL108AFN
Model Year 2014
Product Dimensions 11.2 x 7.1 x 6.6 cm

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My flush is manual... Anyway it is a very good video~ 😊😊😊
Very informative...
why ttl flash is not good for interiour photography?
Damn! Your're good!!! I'm in the video business for over 30 years and now have a photo headshot gig...so am now learning how to use a flash for 1st time ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Thank you. Now I have some idea at least of what I'm trying to do. You did a great job of explaining this. I will be sending several of my friends to check this out, instead of trying to explain it lol.
Great explanation. Thank you!
Thanks - well explained!! :)
It was great the way you drew the picture showing pre-flash bouncing and going back into the camera so it could calculate the correct flash level. Thanks for the info, now to decide which third party flash to buy in 2020 :)
But why does TTL mode (on triggers like the Xpro) have a power adjustment option? I thought TTL was supposed to set the power for me?
So well explained, thank you!
Really helpful, thank you
FYI: I-TTL = Information (Nikon) E-TTL = Evaluative (Canon) P-TTL = Preflash (Pentax, the TTL pioneer) flash metering.
Still valid in 2020. Thanks a lot for the concise and clear explanation.
What flash will support on canon T7
Thanks for the nice video. I'm still in a dilemma. I have a flash model YN685. I plan on buying another Yn flash. Which in your opinion is a better flash of the YN600 or YN685. I want to connect these 2 flashes with one wireless trigger Which model is a wireless trigger. Yongnuo YN685 vs YN600 to the Canon 600 hopefully there will be time for one answer.
Wow well explained 🙂
Great video, your really made it clear! Question: if the hot shoe of the camera has one pin, like Sony a7sii, it means that you can't use a TTL flash?
Great explanation and quick to the point! Thank you!
Amazing explanation. It's also amazing how modern technology enabled this feature. It's just... WOW.
Hallelujah, Thanks a lot, Now I understand; Also see other comments below :)
Hi there. I bought a flash of you guys and My ir beam just stopped working. Is there some trouble shoot I can try to get it to work? Or do I have to change the settings? thanks.
are there any assists for phase detect autofocus? I saw someone using a gordox flash with a cross pattern laser(visible to my eyes) would this help with phase detect?
My IR Beam shows up in pictures sometimes what should I do to prevent that?
is it possible to change the light intensity or design? I don't have a circle as you do have in the example.. and if I test it in a really dark place it s easy to see the red beam, but in a nightclub.... hardly able to notice where the beam is pointed at.. Thank you, Julian
The red AF light beam from Speedlite doesn't work in Live View, but it does work when using the View Finder. Why is that? Is it possible to get it to work in Live View?
I need a Flash with Laser Beam Assist for Nightclub photography. Canon 80D User bere.
I just Got this flash I there mail about an hour ago. The beam on my flash dose not align with my focusing points at all. Is this common?
I have a canon 80D and I recently bought a neewer NW 562 speed light, everything work well besides i can't use the AF Assist beam on the flash. I searched onlie set everything right (The foucs points, the one shote mode etc..) I even tryed using the flash on my friends camera and for him it works, did anyone had the sam problem or know of a solution?
how can on this red light auto foucus canon 700D?
I'll be using the flashes for weddings and need it be ttl. Can I use any mode. I have nikon d3200 and will be indoors
Hi, I have the AP-N1001 for Nikon. Can i handle it manually ?? And to be able to do it like I do ???
Can I get the red beam to show while using the flash off camera in manual mode?
Just got mine, the difference between the built in flash and the external are incomparable. It has many features and its totally worth the $$$.
I have AF beam enabled in my camera setting(canon 5d mark iv), but no matter what I do, AF beam just wont fire on my Altura Photo APC-958X. Am I missing something ?
how can i disable it ?
I bought the flash and had it for months before youtube taught me how to use it, I think you should do a tutorial on what settings to change in your camera so that the beam actually goes off and not that others spend months thinking either that function doesn't work with their camera or that they're retarded
I just ordered my flash the other day! Cant wait to get it!! Its the altura from your shop izzy..
Does the AR beam work automatically?
great job izzy
thanks for the tutorial...
Great review! Crappy device. Thanks!
thanks. Wish you'd shown it on-camera. To show size
i currently own this flash i am currently confused on how to go about operating this flash with my Canon 50d camera. How do i go about doing so?
I never heard of Bower, are they any good?
Hell inconsistent,..
Do you know the trigger voltage for this flash unit?
That flash sucks! Get a yongnuo instead!
Is there a way of lowering or raising the flash intensity on the camera menu and with no screen on the flash how do you know if it knows which lens you have? 
good review!
Hey i just got this flash and I'm having trouble syncing it with my Canon 60d. Its reading This menu cannot be displayed. Incompatible flash or flash's power is turned off." you you could help me out that would be awesome.
You forgot the zoom my friend...
Im sorta new to photography ive been using a SLR 35mm canon t50.. and old one passed down to me and just upgraded to a DSLR and i really love photography
Advice like this varies depending on the user. Based on the camera you mentioned, the Canon EOS Rebel T3, I would figure that you like dealing with photography, but you are not too into it just yet. If that is true, this flash would be great for someone like you. It is a great flash to start off with, to familiarize yourself with how lighting works in the world of photography.
And one question i have a canon Rebel t3. i want an external flash like this one. would this be a good flash to invest in? if not which one would be recommended for the best price
aewsome review keep making vids please!!
Why doesnt the mk4 have its own assist lamp ?
GRAZIE!!! ;)))
I use an Eos r with a Godox V860 flash. I cant get my camera nor my flash to fire off this AF assist beam. Is there a specific setting I need to have on my camera and what is it?
Thank's a lot !! I just bought a Godox TT685C and your tips are very helpfull cause I was thinking about the AF Assit doesn't work but now its's solved. 👍
Excelente aporte, thanks
good vid
Useless video. Doesnt even explain the steps to turn it on
When you are focusing in low ligh you are geting red lights patterns on faces. How to avoid that? I autofocus then i recompose and the red pattern its away. Stil i get the first image with red pattern , its sucks.
wonder if 850nm ir hunting torch ($15-20 on aliexpress with remote cable) would work the same..
Still I am having a hard time trying to focus in the club where I work. Mostly I am using the 50mm f/1.8 lens in order to get focused shoots. Any sugestion on how I could do to focus in such dark enviroment as a night/ dance club? My camera is a Canon 80D lens 18-135mm and 50mm 1.8 woking with Canon Speedlite 430x III-RT. Than you in advance!
Thank you!!!!
This is a huge help. Thank you.
You're talking too fast, David--your otherwise valuable info is lost when the listener can't fathom your words.
Hi there. Using flash on camera also makes shutter speed limit to 200 in my Canon 5D mark III.. is any way to let me disable this and still get the help of focus light from flash? I use canon 430 EXII flash
Thanks, will give this a try
Love your tips!
Why we still don't have laser assisted AF like LG phones on cameras
Great tip! 👍🏼👍🏼
Ugh!!! I needed these tips two days ago!!!!
Thanks for the tip about switching the flash off: I didn't know you could do that. I love these quick 2 minute tips: I learn so much!