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Buy Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser online at Flipkart Amazon. Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser Colours: Blue
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Polaroid Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser (Includes Blue Red Green ...

Polaroid Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser (Includes Blue Red Green Amber Yellow & Pink Gels) For The Canon Speedlite 580EX 580EX II 430EX 430EX II 270EX ...


Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser Features

The Polaroid Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser alters the harsh, highly focused light produced by a cameras flash unit and disperses it across the scene. The result is shadow reduction on people's faces and shadows that appear on the wall behind the subject. The softer, diffused light enhances the skins overall appearance. Use the six colored gels to add colorfull effects to your pictures. Add them together to create more colors. Get professional results and have fun at the same time! Attachment is made with the use of adhesive backed hook and loop tabs which are provided. The Polaroid clinch band (sold separately) can also be used to attach the diffuser; it provides a non-adhesive method of securing the diffuser

    • Provides Soft, Diffused Light
    • Includes 6 Colored Gels - Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Amber, Pink
    • Attaches With The Included Velcro Adhesive Tabs Or The Optional Polaroid Clinch Band (Sold Separately)
    • Approximate 1 Stop Light Loss
    • Dimensions: 3 3/8 X 4 (inches)
    Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser Colours:
    • Blue

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    Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser Specifications

    Brand Polaroid
    Color Black, Silver
    Model Number PL-DIFSBGEL-11
    Shade Black, Silver
    Suitable For Canon Speedlite 580EX, Canon Speedlite 580EX II, Canon Speedlite 430EX, Canon Speedlite 430EX II, Canon Speedlite 270EX, Canon Speedlite 320EX, Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT
    In the Box
    Pack of 1

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    Polaroid PL-DIFSBGEL-11 Universal Gel Soft Box Diffuser Reviews from YouTube

    Flash Diffuser Light Softbox by Altura Photo | Review
    Magmod Unboxing | Magmod Flash Kit vs Softbox Photography in hindi
    Changing Sky Colors Using A SoftBox and Gels
    Using Color Gels and Godox/Yong Nuo Flashes in the Struggle Studio with @sarvani_eloheimo
    Does this block the focus assist on the altura ttl flash?
    hi, I bought the 6x5 for my fuji xt30. However, it give a lot of reflection for people wearing glasses when pointing the flash directly forward with the diffuser and it's not improved with the second diffusion. Any tip to reduce it?
    This flash diffuser is great but there is a trick to getting good results with it. First of all, I find that if you just put on the diffuser and angle it at a 90 degree angle it might create a shade/shadow effect over the lens, thereby reducing the amount of light going to the lens and sensor significantly. So in order to minimize that effect, you'll need to angle the flash head up a little. One way of doing that is by inserting the diffuser all the way down the flash head and use the rubber band to secure the diffuser right where the flash head meets the base of the speedlite. The rubber band will be sitting right in the gap between the flash head and the base which prevents the flash head from collapsing all the way down to 90 degrees. That's a FYI for you all.
    What are the purposes of 3 sizes of the softbox
    what size of light softbox do you suggest for weddings into church? 15cm is allright or i need more?
    this will block the infrared af assist lights
    Is it just me or dose he look stoned as hell?
    I'm a hobbyist and bought this to use with a used Nikon SB-22 Speedlight. It gives great results, but I find the design of the SB-22 is too short to securely attach the diffuser (the light end only sticks out about a half-inch from the body of the flash). Are there better Nikon flashes to use with this?
    Guys, honestly don't buy this. First of all, the test images shown have been shot by placing the flash on the top right of the subject and triggered using a wireless trigger. So it's not an ON CAMERA FLASH shot which most of you are looking for. The second thing to remember, larger your light source = softer the shadows and vice versa Which means, your light source (diffuser) should be larger than your subject. This diffuser is just so small and hardly bigger than any humans face. Therefore it will create harsh shadows when compared to a large softbox (80cms or 120cms) When compared to a bare Speedlite, you will get just little less harsh shadows. by using this diffuser you are not going to get those flattering mindblowing that you usually see in magazines etc.
    the photo example was shot with wireless in her left side look at the shadow, its not mounted in the camera.
    Can this work for professional photography like photo shoots for weddings Or even general single photo shoots?
    I read your answer in the macro question below, but could you specify which size would be best or provide a link please?
    Any issues fitting this to a Godox TT685? How about the Godox V1?
    what size is better for macro photography?
    Can I use this diffuser on godox
    Great video, provide good information and ideas for photography.
    I was reading in some reviews that some people bought this and didn’t fit properly. I’m planning on getting the Sony HVLF43M. Will this be able to fit?
    Does the diffuser's shape matter (octagon vs. rectangle)?
    What are the advantages or disadvantages of this product vs your flash diffuser reflector? Are you able to recommend one over the other or do they serve different needs?
    Very useful video , I learned lot from it, looking forward more videos like this keep it up good work, R.manohar , india,chennai
    Really you're very genuine. Thanks for this demo
    .khup chan mahiti dili saheb .soft box is very comfortable
    kya ghatiya confidence hai yaar tumhara or kitna ghatiya pronounsation hai .
    Sir mere pass Godox 50mm ke 2 softboxes hai aur X1 Trigger & Godox 685n hai. Agar muje Dono soft box se Do Godox 685n lights Ek sath Fire karna hai to kaise set karu. Uska video banaye plz
    गोडोक्स का सॉफ्टबॉक्स कैसे बेठाणेका मुझे सांगो सर
    Haha , first learn how to use mag mods then make a video on it bro people can't understand the use of mag mods . Mag mods are not meant for studio use , they're for portraits and outdoors photography where you can't set up at big soft box My frnd uses it .he has a pro photographer
    Nice advies
    Satish ji mega mod or flash diffuser mein konsa jyada best hi please reply krein.
    Bhau pn lagnat haldila softbox kasa nenar tevha tr he aslach vapryla lagal na tyavr ek video banav ki bhava
    Apne sahi tarke se use nai kia bhaiya but aap ho ache insaan
    Dukaan kaha h
    zaber dasat video bhi ap bhohat achi video banatan hen i m pakistane
    Hello sir can i get your mail id
    5.00 ha ha ha
    Sair apnar phone numberta ektuden please
    Godox ka R1 Kit bhai achha hai . Rectangle to round convert karne ke liye Godox ka S1 adaptor le sakte hai.
    Sopt box
    Magmood vs Digitek flash botth ka video banaye
    Let us know, what was your favorite image?
    This looks like New Mexico
    Great shots with gel
    Truly awesome Bro. I really loved your narration and cool photographs too. Bloopers - ha ha ha. Didn't expect them. Enjoyed them as well.
    what is the colour temperature of the light? is it 5500k?
    Very professional and detailed video. Great presentation of the material. One quick question: what color temperature was set up in the camera when using green gel for magenta sky and in the night shot with the bike? Thank you.
    Do you sell a Bowen’s mount gel system?
    And he’s a canon shooter, yayaas! My hero
    thank you for share
    Flash zoom ?
    Been watching the videos about working with gels. Been practicing and practicing just not working for me. The video you guy’s got make it so easy. Do I under exposed for the sky. Then I set my K to 3500 and place a full cto gel in the box. What kind of flash power do you need to start off with I have 2 ad200
    I tried this what am I doing wrong it's just not working
    I loved the last few shots with the color gels and the bike.
    What white balance did you use in camera when you used the CTO & CTB around 5.00mins into this video. Nice video by the way.
    How much Kalvin does each gel represent so you know what to set your Kalvin to on your camera in order to have 5500 Kalvin on your subject?
    Nice vid. Last was the best.
    1more videos use gels and camera setting plz sir
    Awesome images we just purchased MagMod and they are awesome
    Loved the shots with the bike near the end the best, great images
    Thank you
    Awesome vid as usual, amazing photos as always and that Controla mix is fire! Great content! Who made that Drake - Controla mix?
    Love this! It was so helpful to see all the things that worked and didn’t work, excellent video.
    Ihad to gone head and throw the like up once I heard that money shot great shoot too
    Great setup and photo shoot. What s the ISO set to !00 or 200?
    This was a dope instructional. Very to the point. Gonna be testing and experimenting like this. Thanks.
    Thank you
    Good job
    @5:49 very nice. I love back lighting.
    Yet another amazing photo shoot bro and I love the fact that your so down to earth and humble Ike. I’ve got a question tho which magmod gels your using in this photo shoot. I have two sets of the regular ones and I don’t see any color change so I need to know what the name of that gel set as there’s like four different sets. Again I am a huge fan of your and your beautiful Wife’s work I also love watching the two of you work together as a team and seeing y’all challenging one other
    Wow awesome images!
    Oh wow this video has been very helpful not only did you show it against a cloth gray background but a seemless white back ground . This is great
    Hey, I loved the video. Just trying to get an understanding of the camera settings for this shoot.
    Definitely gonna try these out!Thanks!
    I love how you're showcasing that you don't necessarily need a ton of expensive equipment to produce great shots. Well done sir.
    Love that I am looking for a video on gel lighting and it features one of my fave IG models.
    Learnt a lot All the way from SA
    Not afraid to show the experimentation that goes into this kind of work, not just the great shots at the end. Easy thumbs up
    Love the way you experiment with the placement of you lighting. you sir, have a new sub keep up the great work.

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