Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) on Amazon Price in India: Compare prices and reviews

Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon . Compare Prices and Save!

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Buy Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) online at Amazon. Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera)
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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) Features

Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera)

Find the best deal on Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) Price in India is ₹7,471 at Amazon.
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For a comprehensive understanding of Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PLBANKGQ
Item Weight 136 g
Model Year 2014
Package Dimensions 7.9 x 7.6 x 4.3 cm
Product Dimensions 7.9 x 7.6 x 4.3 cm

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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Pentax Q Camera) Reviews from YouTube

Micro four thirds to Pentax Q Adapter Review - Worlds First!!!
Mount a Retro Lens on Your Pentax Q Camera!
Review - Nikon Users STAY AWAY from M42 Helios USSR, Pentax, Fujinon Lenses
Identifying a camera lens mount Part II Minolta Nikon Konica Pentax
Thanks for share. it is a good time for Q owners because are coming very fast lenses for M4/3
Hi Paul ! can I use the Helios 44M-4 with this ?
Raf is epically awesome!
M4/3 to Nikon 1 would be great too.
Some Micro 4/3 lenses are focus by wire so I expect these dont work. I think the aperture control is also by wire so does it only work wide open? I like using my old Pentax 110 system manual lenses on my Q with an adapter. The only pain is shutter control is done using discs to stop down.
If you really want to go low light, get a Metabones Devil's Speed Booster. With an f/1.2 Nikon lens you can get down to f/0.666
Ask your tech if he can do the same for Canon XL lens to the Q - Would be fantastic to be able to use the XL1 manual zoom on a Q. For that matter, he might want to make a ring that swaps out the C/Y mount on Metabones products, to replace with a K mount ring.
Wow! This is awesome! I just got my q and I want to try this out. My original 02 lense is noisy so I would be happy to try something new.
Hey Paul, do you ever considered asking or designing an m43 to ef adapter meikes Lens on a speedbooster?
Fantastic Paul ! That definitely extends possibilities
Hi ! is it comabitble with a Helios 44M LENS ?
i cant seem to find these old 8mm cameras anywhere
May I know what is the equivalent mm to Pentax q on d mount 0.5”, 1”, 1.5” ?
Hi there, I have Pentax ks-1 and I want to use a cctv lens 50mm. I have c-P/Q adapter but its not fit with my camera. Can you please tell me which adapter I can use to fit the lens? Thanks in advance.
How do you focus with the old movie camera lens
The lens looks a little soft.
Hi , that old D mount lens of yours is old school yes , but they will give a fantastic colour when the light source is behind the camera. Thanx for your videos.
Would this work on canon eos m? I was planning on doing D mount to C mount and C mount to eos m
I just bought a Q10 on ebay and a fotodiox f-mount lens adapter from Fotodiox to use Nikkor F-mount film lenses with the Q10. I love the Fotodiox adapters. But on this video the example pix shown using the D-Mount adapter were terrible. Very blurry, nothing in sharp focus. They looked like pix from a 1950's Brownie camera with a plastic lens.
Can you please make a Pentax Q to m12 mount? I made one up by adapting to C then C to M12, but I had to take apart the Q to C adapter to make it focus to infinity. Using a 2.8mm webcam type lens gave a surprisingly good quality fisheye effect.
The fotodiox AR to Q adapter does not focus to infinity. Kind of makes it a piece of useless junk.
Wonders,. has anyone tried to adapt a Canon XL lens to a Pentax Q mount ?
just got my Fotodiox adapter for Pentax QS-1 to 42m. So I'm waiting for the Pentax Q camera to turn up from Asia! I already have a stack of 42mm prime lenses from back in the day i'm dying to try out. The Fotodiox is clearly better made than the Pixco I already have. So what will happen when I drop Ziess prime glass on the "Q" watch this space. I snap wildlife so the 4.6 crop factor with 250mm lenses gives me 1150mm. This is like being a National Geo photo journal on a budget. :) I love the concept since ART will drive the resulting images instead of money
Hi, I would like to know, will this adapter be suitable for Canon CL 8-120 mm 1/1.4-2.1 (video lens)? Can I use this adapter with Canon CL 8-120 mm with Pentax Q mirrorless camera?
I love this concept. Thanks Fotodiox I have a BUNCH of vintage lenses for sale Picked them up here and there . Just an  FYI
Interesting video, thanks.  Can you tell me if the Keystone cameras that have 3 lenses on a turret, are all individually D mount lenses, and therefore would work in this application.  Some of these cameras are out there for a few bucks also, and would if adaptable provide 3 times the fun, or something.
No video?
Myself, as well as many other Q users, would love to see a micro four thirds adapter for the Q cameras.
I modified an old Russian lens (Helios 58mm 44M-4) and was able to focus from 0.5m to infinity. Be careful, because you can break your camera's mirror if you don't know what you're doing. The thing is IQ is not that great on these old lenses. I think Nikkor 50mm 1.8D is much better in every way and it's affordable too!
They work really well on mirrorless cameras such as a Fuji xt1, or a Sony A7.
I use these as-is for portraits and they are awesome, especially the Carl Zeiss lenses. Your argument for not using them is invalid. It would be like me saying "don't use a 300mm lens for macro work, you can't focus that closely with them, they are useless" (exact same argument just in reverse).
just stay away from nikon camera, use another brand
you need to modify the lens in order to get it to focus to infinity!
Some modifications and all good. Here in YouTube has how to do! I got my set up for my Nikon APS-C
Yeah there's no such thing as infinity focus with a M42 mount lens mounted on a Nikon F mount camera because the adapter, no matter how thin it is, is essentially working as an extension tube, which is a well known tool for macro photography. Get a mirrorless full frame camera like a Sony A7 series camera or literally any other DSLR. Canon has a shorter flange distance than Nikon does and therefore the adapters work perfectly. This video just seemed like you have 0 technical understanding of why you were experiencing this phenomenon and you were just frustrated because you couldn't get the lenses to work like you wanted them to
I've adapted succesfully 44-2, M-4 and M6 for infinity without the corrective lens. They work just fine. Tested on D3400, D7100 and D610.
I’ve used the Super Takumar SMC 135mm F3.5 with that same adapter on both my D810 and D610.
Totally agree. Why are so many Nikon shooters saying the M42 mount lenses are worth trying? Makes no sense. It’s like trying to put Mercedes wheels on your BMW. It might fit on the car with an adapter but function goes out the window.
The issue is that is a mechanical problem so you need a mechanical solution, basically an adapter that pushes the aperture prong on the back of the lens to make the lens work in all apertures.
Wish I watched this first before buying my USSR Lens
Thank you. You saved time & money.
I got the most amazing LOOKING Industar 50 2.8 which is the perfect little hipster lens for my Nikon Df. I also saw online photographers raving about the quality of these lenses. I got the flush mount, as well as an "infinity-glass" mount, neither work. I can focus ONLY at about 2 feet. Not worth it - moving on.
You need a infinite adapter with glass to focus infinite and works awesome I got a Nikon D5600
I have the Helios 58 F2 hacked for infinity focus, and it works great on my D750. Just purchased the Takumar 135 F2.5 and an M42 to Nikon F mount and no Bueno. The Takumar was in damn near perfect condition when I bought it so I feel I can sell it for the price I paid for it, if not more, but I don't want to. There has to be an adapter out there that will work without having to hack the lens.
Would it work if the mount was changed to smaller one? Instead of "fixing" the lens
Flange focal distance Check it before you buy a lens and adapter. for m42 it's 45,46mm but for NIKON F mout it's 46,50mm
I use them on Sony DSLT , Canon DSLR and Pentax DSLR cameras, all work fine, can focus infinity and have great results. The flange focal distance of the: M42 is 45.46mm Nikon F-mount is 46.50mm Canon EF/EF-S-mount is 44.00mm Pentax K-mount is 45.46mm Minolta/Sony A-mount is 44.50mm Olympus Four Third System is 38.67mm * So, you can see the Nikon F-mount's flange focal distance is longer than the M42 by 1.04mm. The focus point of the M42 lens is at 1.04mm in-front of the sensor, and it will be further forwarded by added adapter. So it will never get infinity focus by normal adapter. * There is an adapter with a lens to push the focus point backward to the sensor can let M42 lens focus infinity, but the image quality will affected by the adapter lens.
Thats why you buy Canon
join everyone!
Thanks a million. Much appreciated
thank you ! i think i have just comfirm my soligor 28mm 2.8 to be Konica
Hu, I like your videos and that's why today I am politely requesting you to write down what you would like to say, beforehand. Your mother tongue is English but keeping fluidity of any description is important for the listeners.
Thank you!
I have a canon t6 dslr and I’m looking for a adapter for a Konica lens it’s a a4 hexar lens any help would be great messsage me on Facebook thanks a lot need help.
hi guys can you help identify my lens i bought for my nikon but sadly it doesn't fit, it has nine pins on the buttom like a canon has, tnx, respect
This was super helpful!
Im confused i habe a mi nolta camera n the minolta lens doesnt wanna stay attached? Idky? But the zoom lens does attach
Thanks for the video. I bought an old Vivitar lens, and I wasn't able to identify its mount. It was a Minolta MD mount.
Are you filming on a sigma lens? The focus motor sound is familiar lol
Thank you. Very informative.
Hey man you just saved me some grief. I had found a lens and was told it was a Nikon AI mount so I ordered an adapter to get it onto my Sony A6000. When I got the adapter I couldnt get the thing on and figured it was the wrong adapter and tried it on a couple other adapters I had and nothing fit. I found your youtube and watched and even though this lens , doesnt have that little metal clip on it, I heard you say they screw on counter clockwise. Sure enough that was the problem and I got it on and it works perfect. I never thought about trying to put it on counterclockwise as I've never had a Nikon camera. Thanks a lot for the info You have a subcriber!

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