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POLAROID Studio Series .42X HD Fisheye 58mm Lens ...

Mounts on existing lens "zoom enabled": can be used with zoom lenses Eliminates ... In The Box ... NIKON AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED VR Lens.


Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Canon EOS ) Features

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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Canon EOS ) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PL-BANKGCNEOS
Item Weight 23 g
Model Year 2014
Package Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.8 cm
Product Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.8 cm

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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon G Lenses to Canon EOS ) Reviews from YouTube

Nikon G lens to Canon EOS EF mount adapter ring with Aperture control
Fotodiox Nikon to EOS Adapter Review
Fotodiox FD to EOS Lens Adapter Review | Can You Use Old Lenses on Digital Cameras
Are we MAD? We Unapologetically Put Canon Lenses on our Nikon Bodies! TechArt Pro TZC-01
Will it adapt ais lens ? Have you try it on analog eos?
I was getting ready to use a grinder to get this damn adapter off. So glad I saw your video 1st Very helpful. Thanks so much!
Pleasheeelp Does autofocus woork or just manuel
Nice video, thanks for your detailed description. Now I could finally separate the adapter from the lens!
Everyone keeps showing one with electronic contacts but none of the ones that show up in searches have contacts.
What will happen if you connect a nikon D lens?
thank you so much you Ar the frets person that admit that the adapter ring does not work with auto focus lenses
Thanks for helpful information. I would suggest that this video could have been 2-3 minutes long and would have been better at that length.
Thank You for the Video. Instructive.
It's auto focus in viewfinder mode ort? Live view auto focus or not? Len length have change or not?
Is it worth it? does it work well? i'm a bit hesistant in buying on. currently have 50mm 1.8 g nikkor and canon 6d. Do you have any issues?
does it auto focus? or do you know of any adaptor that provide autofocus
Would be great to see how the autofocus works and all that kind of stuff. Can you do a video explaining how to use the lens to take pictures and if you can see your aperture settings and all that kind of stuff? Thanks
I would recommend those cheap adapters off ebay, for mid range look at the novoflex adapters, they have a few different types for different lenses and camera bodies, i have heard they have a tiny bit of give now and then with heavier lenses etc and a not so smooth aperture level due to weather seal rubber on lenses but good regardless. If you want pure build quality with no give and good reviews then check out leitax adapters, great installation manuals, fast e-mail responses and quality gear that won't flake metal into your camera body - Im scoping adapters out myself and I don't think anyone can beat them so will be purchasing my adapter from them soon - they are stocking the optic v7 soon : )
what is the name of the adapter?
the name of the adapter ? , as your link will not lead to a live ebay item for long . tks
Can someone tell me in the video he shows his camera screen how can i get those lines on the screen
I found it for 18$ on amazon
I can't seem to find this adapter anywhere, who makes it?
With The AF confirmation chip, does that make the whole lens autofocus from the canon body? or is it not autofocus?
really good - just what I needed to know thanks - love my old Nikkor lens - they are built like tanks and amazing quality
Here after 7yrs
Can I use it to mount Nikon Glass on the BMPCC 6K? It's got an EF Mount but just want to be sure.
Good evening, for those who are wondering, we do not also adapt the Nikon lenses in version Q, I tried with the Fotodiox adapter ring, it works well. Very good evening
Thanks a lot How is the auto focus?
Hi, i want to use my old nikon nikkor 24-105 mm on my canon eos m6. I bought another adapter but wont focus. Please help which fotodiox or adapter would work.
Thanks. You saved me the trouble of making a similar video. I'll be sharing with other astrophotographers. Nikkor lenses are great for astronomy photos. And the best astro-camera adapters take EOS lenses. So folks can use Nikkors or newer EOS lenses thanks to the adapter. (Note about the adapter: Some people panic that the adapter is permanently locked to their lens because they try to remove it counterclockwise, like the common "lefty-loosy, righty-tighty" proverb. Nikkors are "righty-releasy, lefty-locky". End of panic.)
Can't you release that adaptar ? My problem
Does thisnadapter auto focuw
I'm pretty new to all of this, can I ask if I can go Cannon lens to Nikon also with a different lens adapter?
Does it has also infinity? Because the distance insode the 2 brands has a different distance to the lenses.
Great video most useful, simple and to the point :-)
Love this adapter I've had for a few years and use it all the time, for video and IR photography on my Canon 5DII
Hi. I have an urgent question: in a Tamron 18-270 the image stab (a.k.a. VC) will work using a 10 dollar adaptor? (I have Canon camera and I found a Tamron lens for vert good price.) I only worried about the image stab. The rest no trouble cause I make videos with manual focus. But the image stabilizer needs some voltage to get from the Canon's battery . Am I right? So does the very basic adaptor cover such support?
I've fixed Nikon lens using the same adapter to the Canon body, but now, I'm not able to remove the lens. Please suggest what has to be done.
This is great- thanks for all the info-I really appreciate it
I've it on Nikon 85mm lens but the aperture is zero on camera ?
Would this fit to my Tamron 70-300mm lens
hi Do you have any adapter to mount Canon EF lenses to Nikon with autofocus capability
Why do you plan on using vintage lenses? What camera are you currently using right now?
Thanks for the info. Recently did a video showing off my old Canon A-1 and it got me thinking it might be fun to play around with my old lenses on my current EOS, so checking around to see what others have to say on the subject.
Can I use this adaptor with my fd 50mm 1.4 lens to my canon 5D mark 3 camera please?
How do you take it off?
Interesting. I like the your style!
Thank you for the video. I have an old kenko tele converter that i love to use. I love the look it and old lenses can give to photos, but didn't know how i could mount them.
Will this work for the canon m100 I am thinking about getting one
Here's hoping.
I have the same setup, except my 55mm lens is F1.2, which I bought way back in 1973/4 with a heap of others most of which were stolen with my prizes F1 Canon about 20 years ago. Arseholes. I remembered the bokeh that I got wide open and wanted to reproduce that. I had a ship load of trouble with the adapter but you have just cleared that up for me Jonathon. Thanks mate .
does it matter if you get an adaptor with a piece of glass in or not ? :)
Hey! Quick question just ordered a FD lens from JP but still looking for an adapter the move you do with the adapter is smoth without de-clicking the lens? Or you had to de-click it before?
I use Canon FD glass exclusively.
I have a FD canon lens and the adapter does not seem to click in place on the lens. I don't know what the problem is.
have you tried to use an extension tube with this. I do macro pics and I would like to use some of my FD lenses
You pronounced it correctly! Not many people get it right the first time :) Nice video. Enjoy your adapter!
EOS mount? Did you mean EF mount?
I have the same camera with a 28-105 mm lens, will that work for that lens or is it necessary?
Are there any good adapters Canon lens to nikon z ? I heard after the Nikon updates the tech adapter don't work as well and if they didn't work great before now they must just suck.
How can manual focusing not work? Please, explain.
This adapter sucks completely because when you put just about any modern EF lens in Manual Focus mode (which most photographers do all the time to overcome issues with AF or for creative control), the camera still tries to auto-focus the lens(!), even as you are turning the focus ring. This means your focus will suddenly be overridden by an IDIOT machine trying to un-focus your manually focused shot which prevents the camera from even firing! Many missed pics.Uuugh. This happens with the following Canon lenses on a Nikon Z7 with current firmware: 24-105 F4 V1, 50mm 1.4 (old version), 100-400 f4-5.6 V 2, Tamron 90mm 2.8 in EF mount). The company has not responded AT ALL to emails requesting a fix or at least a work around, so the adapter is entirely useless.
This use the nikon d750 but lens is conon 70 200 lens
I tried on Z6 the 200 f2.8L, the 80x200 f2.8, the 20x35, the 70x300 f4-5.6 Nothing work in AF only noises, camera heating and battery collapses But very well with manual focus, the metering works ,And no website except for Sony adapter, and no notice no contact
it could be for a couple of friends. one who owns a Nikon & one who owns a Canon. I'm the Canon guy lol. Great video. thanks.
I think this is possible also on DSLR's bodies. Now, to increase incomes the companies started producing "magic" converters to force people to move to the mirror less bodies and nothing more.
Thanks for posting this. My Canon is coming up on 14yo, and I reaaaaaaaaally need a new body. Was wanting to switch to Nikon though. Nice to see I can use the same glass.
Hey Dear, how is the adapter performance in Videos in terms of Quality. I just love Canon 1.2 lenses for my Video Productions.
I wish Techart would make adapter for Nikon Z to Canon RF lenses
I bought the Techart TZC-01. to use my existing Canon lenses on my Z6. The lenses EF 14 mm and EF 8-15 mm work so far, the autofocus is felt to be a bit slower than on a Canon body, but this would be negligible in practice. The EF 70-200 mm works rather modestly and that's what I had mainly thought the adapter for :-(. Below ~80 mm and above ~135 mm the autofocus pumps quite strongly. In the area in between little to no pumping and a little slower AF than the Canon body. The EF 100-400 mm behaves similar to the 70-200 mm. In the range between about 150 mm and 350 mm it focuses reasonably well, but with some pumping and slow autofocus. Below and above this range, focusing is hardly possible. The adapter works reasonably well with the EF 100 mm/1:2.8 L IS USM Macro. This even made automatic focus stacking with the Nikon Z6 possible. Best regards, Carlo from Germany
This is madness! this is how zootic viruses start
the worlds gone maaaaad
Ok! It works But WHY? Lol and if u are a Canon shooter just buy an EOS R Then
As a point of comparison/reference, I’ve shot that 24 1.4 on a canon body at night, and it works flawlessly. Don’t have any experience with the others.
Effect of COVID-19 infection?
What was the point of this test if you do not have a canon body to try it against? but you got my attention with the title, shame.
I already have bought this adapter for my Z6 (I have some EOS lens like 70-200 F4 L IS, 135mm F2L, 59mm 1.8 STM )hope they will zoon update the theis website said that lens over 300 may not work.(I have also try some lens like 100-400 at 300-400, )
Heresy ;^)

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