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The lowest Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon AI Lenses to Olympus OM Camera) Price in India is ₹5,053 at Amazon.
Buy Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon AI Lenses to Olympus OM Camera) online at Amazon.
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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon AI Lenses to Olympus OM Camera) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PL-BANKAIOOM43
Item Weight 91 g
Manufacturer Polaroid
Model Year 2014
Product Dimensions 7.6 x 7.4 x 1.8 cm

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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon AI Lenses to Olympus OM Camera) Reviews from YouTube

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Do lens adapters affect image quality?
Dude you have good content but could you please keep that monitoring monitor of yours that is now on the far left side, to somewhere close to where you hand and lens (Your right side)... The beginning and when your face turns constantly to make sure of focus or FOV, is fine, is very distracting. Otherwise liked all I saw and thanks for that.
This has answered a lot of questions I’ve had. Thanks!!
Hi I have a Nikon D610 and got hold of some beautiful un converted Pre AI lenses.. Is there an adapter out there that allows one to use pre AI lenses on Nikon F mount cameras? I also own a Sony Alpha 5100 again what adapters are available for non converted pre Ai lenses Thanks in advance
I've been heavily invested in the Nikon system of lenses as well as their film and DSLR cameras, but I just can't make the jump to Nikon's mirrorless. I grabbed an adapter for my Sony a6000 in hopes of wedding the old lenses with new tech, but as you mentioned the tactile dials and experience just wasnt there which is why I'm considering an XT-3 or something more similar to my Nikon F3.
When calculate focal length times crop factor, the same applys for the maximum aperture as well, in terms of depth of field. So 50mm f1.8 lens becomes 75mm f2.7 on a 1.5 crop factor camera. It is not 85mm f1.8 as you stated. I used to own 50mm f1.4 AI-S lens for a long time and I loved it!
Got my k&f adaptor, but it doesnt work with my nikon 50 1.8D lens. Lens kind of falling off
Hi Jon, thanks so much lovely video. A question for you will I loose stops and if so how many? Thanks.
its more like 75mm
do you like more 50mm NIKON than 56mm FUJI ?? i ask because i wanna 55mm 1.2 nikon but i have fraid that the texture can change when u look a video with another lens of fuji like a 35mm f\2.
I can't wait for my X-T3 to arrive with the Nikon adapter. I've been using my nikon lenses adapted to a Sony A6000, but i really want the dials and look from the Fuji like my olds Nikkormat FT and Olympus OM-1. Thanks for the review Samwell Tarly 😃💪
Outstanding presentation. Stay well and be safe.
Quality not Quantity
nice video :)
hi! how much does the lens with adapter weigh together?
What's you secret to keeping an uncluttered desk?
Sweet, looking forward to watching your analogue series 👌👍
The trick is to get the old E Series lenses when you want to have a very small system. Optically they were mostly the same than the more expensive Nikkor versions, but (like the 50mm 1.8 E) sometimes only had single coating, therefore making them a bit more sensitive to flare and low contrast. I love my 1st gen. 50mm 1.8/E Series (build between 1977 and 81) on also an K&F Adapter on my X-E2s. Very small, focus runs still smooth and with focus peaking you are able to get things quickly framed...
at a difference of a couple hundred dollars the Nikkor f/1.4 Ai-S is not that much different. Yes it has that extra 2/3 stop of light and Slight more bokeh than the f/1.8 Ai-S but once you get to f/2 it's all equal. Some say the f/1.8 performs much better in that range and I have to agree.
Love this dude, audio is on point too, great job. 👏🏽
Great video! Very helpful... thank you! Subscribed :)
Dick Niemand
canon eos nead adaptor for pentax k and minolta
Great review, simple and straightforward. I just ordered one of these the other day. I'm using a Sony a 6000, only got the kit lens for now. I got as a Christmas gift a set of extension tubes for shooting macro but they don't work with my focus by wire lens since i can't manual focus without the lens being directly attached. So the only way i could use them is with a fully manual lens. Luckily i had my father's canon ae-1 with two lenses that I've been using for film shooting. So i decided to order an adapter and I'm looking forward not only to use the macro tubes but also to use the vintage lenses on my Sony. Thanks so much for the review, just found your channel and i really like your way of talking and presenting things. You got a new subscriber. :)
PSA: get this adapter. works much better and you won't loose your auto or manual focus capabilities. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0788PDN1S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I want to get a gobe adapter for my Canon mirrorless camera, do you recommend this brand or should I buy from Canon which is significantly more expensive?
Hey, big help, how did you adjust the aperture of the lens to have it so open? I just bought a Gobe adapter and the lens is completely closed when used. The image is too dark because of a high aperture/closed lens. Help.
Perfect for what i needed mate! Thank you - also you deserve way more subs cause awesome content
Awesome video man, just what I was looking for! You deserve so many more viewers. Keep it up
Surprised your channel subs arent in the thousands buddy, your production quality and content is awesome!
Great video! Thanks
Many will probably ask why I didn't test a Novoflex. Short answer, I should have. I didn't discover them until after the testing was done on all of these adapters. I hope to try one soon and do a follow-up video.
..great analysis!.. in the future, if wish to take your dimensional data adquisition to another level, I humbly suggest using a micrometer instead of a caliper. It makes it easier to achieve squareness at the time of measuring and its rigid design makes it most reliable. One way or another, great job in sharing your insight on the matter!..
try novoflex. its the best.
Honestly I believe quality control issues could lead to not consistent products so deciding which is best based on only 1 sample each is not fair, probably if I buy the same brands I will get different results. In any case I believe not all is lost, all adapters comes with 4 screws on the ring housing the lens, I didn't try but I'm pretty sure those little discrepancy could be fixed by acting with the screws and probably some thread-lock (in case)... maybe 3 screws would have been easy to tweak and obtain a perfect plain. I think tollerances of around 0.1mm are present on the lens ring itself. Another interesting discussion about adapters will be light filtering in trough the (even if very little) gap between the rings, if you try a long exposure shot with a ND filter you'll find there is ligth sneaking in.
Well shit I own a Gobe M42-MFT adapter lol but I haven’t noticed any loss in sharpness. Guess I need to buy Fotasy from now own for my vintage glass
Love the disclaimers on fuji or FF :p
What lens was the video shot on?
First of all, Dearly thank you for this great job you executed that should be priceless for many who understand and are in need in this very revealing field of photography. Having said that and the fact that I can't thank you enough for that, please allow me to point out a few flaws in your review, only to be constructive critiques for the sake of a better future and not any God forbidden troll or likewise. I see you love your Fuji and had a 50mm Nikkor to test but honestly, 50mm is too light a lens and gravity talks big here. Besides the logarithmic importance & prominent effect of the long FL (Focal length) lens to show and magnify the flaws of a badly made adapter. A point you may want to consider on future tests. 1:53 Oh no. I'm not a fan of FF alone, as I do shoot all the time, both with all kind of sensors and like APCs, especially the petite of all M4/3 but the new high rez, high pixel FF sensor do show the flaws in the build quality of adapters, much more significantly or prominently. So here, the choice of Full Frame sensor could make a difference. That is besides some other problems s.a. Canon 5Ds that have apparently Trump type mirror (Bigger size (Physically-not mentally) than others!!!!) so the mirror gets stuck to the back of certain badly made adapters while shooting!!!😱. Yes, you may have no problem with the longer flange distance of your mirrorless Fuji but others do have significant problems in this department that you totally missed. So maybe of note to add this to your future tests and good recommendations for the sake of perfection as I know, that is your sole aim. 8:31 You confuse the viewer at this point. If ever you make a revision ever, make a revision also at this point for better understanding. 4:26 I wish but sorry if I have to disagree on this. As a person who has very many adapters, I have seen some really really badly built ones, even some that due to no quality check, some copies of the same company, misses the infinity focus when another copy not (And they were all promised to focus infinity). This is beside the wiggling ones that you can potentially miss the section of focus due to gravitational pull of lens and worst of all.... God damn them! One company that had made such a bad lose adapters for Nikon (Bad latch design that doesn't engage any more overtime or even some, right out of the box) that won't lock when attached and my very expensive, always petted Nikon CAT 500mm F5 ( the Nippon Kogaku 500mm F5.0 Reflex Nikkor Mirror Lens), accidentally fell off the camera, that's when I was trying to focus for stars in a dark night and of course, as bad things happen, this had to be in front of 17 steps of the staircase and so did my baby tumbled all the way down!!!!!!!! I guess you guess how much I hate them! TG lens stood the insult but my heart is broken. Bottom line. Pay a bit more or go with the unbiassed genuine reviews so you don't be SAD or cheated at the end. 13:39 TOTALLY agree with you on this extremely important point. The main problem with any product coming to form China or the far east (Except high-quality Japan's products and some of the So Korea products) is truly that lack of QC or Quality Control and one sample (UNFORTUNATELY) is not representative of the entire batch of the product! This would explain the cause of many arguments some of your viewers may come within the comments as their inference may be quite right and opposite to what you expressed here but that could simply be due to receiving a better random copy rather than what most are! Again thanks for making this very nice, useful review that I found very informative. (Side note: Please secretly let me know your eBay user name to add it to my black-list of sellers I must avoid🤣 16:58) But appreciate your honesty, A typical good American. So please Everyone VOTE for the better of our great land...Nov 3rd is almost here... GBA.
I put a canon lens on a canon to Sony adaptor. It is a manual focus adaptor, but I cannot change the focus on my lens when I turn the focus wheel. Why is this?
Thanks god I found you! :D Im also about to buy an X-T3, but im currently a Nikon user. I was about to "upgrade" to Sony, but after I magicially found out this 10 bit, inbody headphone output, I finally found the perfect camera between the Blackmagic PC4K and the Sony Alpha series. However, Im struggling to find an adapter, which wont reduce the image quality of my Nikon mount Sigma ART lenses. So if Im understanding your video, the Fotasy adapter is the one for me, to who adapting sharp lens is important? :D But can I buy any of them in Europe? I cant find them on european market.
Dude... what kinda light do you have setting to your left? Thanks.
Can you test a wide angle vintage lens like 28mm with those adapter, is it all vignetting or only the lens I use, I use 28mm accura diamatic with cheap adapter to sony a7r mark ii.
Thank you for this. Appears to be very sound logic. (appreciate following up with your adding the perspective that this is only a sample of quantity=1. (which was enough data for the poor performer, but not enough samples/data to confidently claim championship status among the top performers.)) personally, I would have just assumed that this area you measured would have been near perfect. Why did the manufacturer mess up on this dimension, which is so critical !!! other than sloppy work, hurrying the machining process, not bother to measure and discard what is off, or have very loose standards for what is acceptable.
What do you mean by "ml" in the weight topic? Isn't it supposed to be "grams"?
Hi Bro Andrew, may be you could test a Sony full frame body could be the newest one the A7C sooner when released or just the A7iii or A9 and test with the only one lens of Fujinon XF 50mm F1.0 lens.
I was sure my guy was going to say he purchased a coordinate measurement machine :')
Nice telecaster!
Next time make longer video. You are time waster.
I just did a review on the Metabones EF to X Mount Speedbooster adapter!
Thank you for the comparison video. You wrote on the weight labels “ml” but I think you meant “mg”, right? 🧐

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