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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon AI Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera ) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PL-BANKAINK1
Item Weight 136 g
Manufacturer Polaroid
Min Focal Length 0.01 Millimeters
Model Year 2014
Product Dimensions 7.9 x 7.6 x 4.3 cm

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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Nikon AI Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera ) Reviews from YouTube

Mount Almost Any Lens on your Nikon 1 Camera with Fotodiox Nikon 1 Lens Adapters
Nikon FT-1 Adapter Review - Use Nikon / Nokkor F-mount lenses on V1 & J1 Nikon1 cameras
Adapting Nikon F Mount Lenses to Mirrorless Non-AI / AI / AI-S / G Style Lens Mounts
Adapt ANY Lens to Nikon Z
What adapter can I use for my Canon EF S 17-85mm lens to a Nikon body (nikon d3500). The nikon body is F mount. Pls help
Quick question do you have an adaptor that would allow a Olympus OM-System Zuiko f:200mm 1:4 to fit on a Nikon j5
Can I use m42 lenses with m42-n1 adapter on my Nikon1 V1?
Does anyone know if they ever did a firmware update or manual focusing and focus peaking
Do you have electronic adapters for Nikon 1?
How to focus with canon ef lenses ? I have a EOS to N1 adapter but I'm not able to focus with the ring
How much does cost the grip thing you have in your camera?
nikon 1 s1 when i remove the lens says i should put it back to take photo. will it detect adapter as a lens?
What lens can work on my nikon l32o
and adapter for nikon s1
I did not find D-mount to nikon 1 adapter. You should make it
Dose your company make an adapter to put z lenses on dslr camera
What about shooting in video mode?
Thx. Which do I need to hook a regular lens to a Nikon j3
good night! Is there any adapter that can use nikon j2 lens on a nikon dlsr d700?
@Fotodiox Inc . How can i buy your adapter here in Thailand?
I have some tamron and sigma lenses I use with my Nikon D90. Can they be used with the adapter to my Nikon 1V2? If so, will there be limitations of what I can do such as autofocus and metering?
please help I have a nikon d300, nikon d90, nikon d3400, nikon d5300 and i would love to get AI lens, what type of adapter do i use to use older model lens?
Not sure if i need an adapter for my nikon series E Ai 50mm 1:1.8 on my Nikon D5000
Can the m42 focus to infinity?
Bought a FT1 and J5 on a lark in 2019. Shame about the limited focus options, but a fun little toy. The J5+FT1 combo does make an interesting alternative to my D750 +2x Tele.
can you use old lenses from way back on manual no probs. like 70s era
Thanks for that review Blunty! I was looking for a adapter for my V1 so I can mount other Nikkor DSLR lenses; and feeling uncertain. Now I feel informed. Brilliant! You got another subscriber. :D
Of course, with the latest firmware update, the FT1 will now do AF-C. Using the FT-1 adapter with my V1 has put fun back into photography. I used my 85mm f/1.8 recently at a baseball game. I got some incredible photos with that setup. I have even used a 70-300mm and a 80-400mm (which won't autofocus) with the V1. While the 70-300 works well handheld with VR (if you know how to hold the camera properly), the 80-400 requires a tripod as it has no VR and just a bit too long to hand hold.
with mount it has auto focus or not?
haha! i'm a year late to this comment but you sir just broke digitaljackass's heart. lol
Hi Blunty. Would you recommend to get this adapter and buy a 50 mm 1.4 or 1.8 Nikon lens for a portraits or should I just buy the nikkor 18mm 1.8 that part of the V1 line up? Would the 50mm give a nicer bokeh than the 18mm?
I love my FT1 but one thing bothers me is the slow shutter speed is locked. I can't enjoy long exposure photos. Sad.
how you made that move on 2:36 ?
Nice review, man!
just like how a macro tube works, does this adapted alter the DoF and focal length of dx lenses? also are they (dx lenses) cropped off by the sensor anyway? but mainly I was going to ask something I just forgot. oh, can you set exposure so it doesn't change in video? also would you recommend the J1 to save some costs, or is there something you wouldn't compromise on over the V1. regards ~ Sam p.s. I recognized your footage, Australia ^P^
how much was the 12-24mm?
I love you, Blunty.
Wow, found the FT1 review. Nice! Gonna get me the adapter! Looking forward trying it out with my primes and macro lenses. Anxious to try the V1 during a concert with a Røde mic.
understood less than half of what you said but still found it enjoyalbe. P.S when is the new lego making video?
The Nikon 1 doesn't have a "lack of manual functions", It's got the same PASM modes you'll find on other cameras, they're just buried deeper than usual as it's designed in a more "apple" mind-set it tries to get out of the way and just let you shoot. yes this philosophy won't be the best for everyone, but it does work quite well. And for the record, most of these shots were either in full manual, or aperture priority. (I've a full review of the V1 if you're interested in seeing more)
Nice pictures. i didn't expect that from the Nikon v1 because the lack of manual functions.
As his username would imply, I think.
@digitaljackass if you had watched on of Blunty's previous videos on the V1, you would have noticed that he actually explained about the whole N-Eye-Con (American Pronouncing) or Nick-on (Rest of the world pronouncing) thing idiot
Really well delivered and clear on a subject that has a lot of people confused. Thanks!
SO the bulk and ugly part of the FTZ adapter doesn't "drive" the autofocus on the AF-D lenses? wow, just wow. and It's sad.
I bought one of those Russian bullet proof things I think has Leica M mount. Will check all this out. I was actually looking for ways to 3D print adapters but now with this video I don't need to worry. I have a Z61 and just a beast of a camera. Image quality for photo & video straight from camera just brilliant.
What about the Nikon one lenses?
Thanks., very helpful
Now, when Megadap M to Z is out, is it possible to adopt Nikon D lenses to Z cameras and keep autofocus? What F to M adapter to do that would you recommend, if any?
defect in design strong implies they made a design choice that causes the device to fail or defect. its just a business choice not to add another motor and make that adapter even bigger and bulkier than it already is. nikon's backward compatibility has been making their infrastructure bigger and bulkier for years. consider that they have offered dslr bodies with built in motors for 2 decades, 95% of users who paid for the motor, lug the motor around, and never use the darn thing. the last thing i want is a $500 adapter with a built in motor so that some 60 year retired photographer can use their dusty old $100 af-d lens they bought on ebay. yeah yeah, i know nikon still makes them. but let me know if you have ever met someone who has bought a brand new af-d lens.
cooooool ;-)
It is amazing , thanks for this important informations
The ergonomics and asthetics of the new Nikon Z series look amazing from a product design perspective. Far, far nice than the horrible rounded R series Canon which along with the Sony's are just not as premium looking as the jet black angular Nikon Z. Plus where are Sony and Canon getting their pricing from the used Tesla marketplace. This is not real world pricing for a deep ression that the world is in right now Ken.
Hey Ken, great video here I'm moving to the Z7ii from years with DSLR Nikon's and cannot wait to give it a go. I wanted to ask you a question regarding this video. Years ago I sold my Contax 139 quartz kit and would love to buy a used 50mm 1.7 plannar and use the Leica adapter mount you mention here, is this a good idea?
Speechless my friend thanks for the context. I will get the new Z6II
perfect video
Do you prefer Sony or Nikon to use old manual focus lenses? Which has better focus peaking?
One can argue that ff glass actually performs better on a crop sensor. The smaller sensor uses more of the center of the glass which is the sharpest part. Giving you sharper images edge to edge with less vignette. I've used ff glass on dx bodies for years never had any performance issues.
Best Nikon lens video I've seen in a long time. Subscribed.
Like some other comments here - you were one of the original independent reviewers for years, and now finally you're on YT. Welcome! Subscribing to help drive some traffic up!
Isn't it easier to simply buy mount to mount adapters to avoid stacking 2-3 adapters plus the lens?
I have the z50 and the FTZ adapter. I tried putting my tokina 100 f 2.8 pro lens and it does not work. WHY?
Will a Nikon F lens adapted on a Canon RP still allow the camera to focus peak?

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