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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Canon FD Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera) Features

  • For  Canon FD Lens

Find the best deal on Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Canon FD Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera) at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Canon FD Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera) Price in India is ₹6,352 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Canon FD Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera) we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Canon FD Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Polaroid
Item model number PLBACNFDNK1
Item Weight 91 g
Manufacturer Polaroid
Model Year 2014
Package Dimensions 7.9 x 7.6 x 4.3 cm
Product Dimensions 7.9 x 7.6 x 4.3 cm

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Polaroid Bayonet Lens Mount Adapter (Canon FD Lenses to Nikon 1 Mirorless Camera) Reviews from YouTube

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Vintage Lenses - How to Adapt Affordable Lenses to ANY Camera
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Pros and Cons of Canon FD Lenses
Quick question do you have an adaptor that would allow a Olympus OM-System Zuiko f:200mm 1:4 to fit on a Nikon j5
Can I use m42 lenses with m42-n1 adapter on my Nikon1 V1?
Does anyone know if they ever did a firmware update or manual focusing and focus peaking
Do you have electronic adapters for Nikon 1?
How to focus with canon ef lenses ? I have a EOS to N1 adapter but I'm not able to focus with the ring
How much does cost the grip thing you have in your camera?
nikon 1 s1 when i remove the lens says i should put it back to take photo. will it detect adapter as a lens?
What lens can work on my nikon l32o
and adapter for nikon s1
I did not find D-mount to nikon 1 adapter. You should make it
Dose your company make an adapter to put z lenses on dslr camera
What about shooting in video mode?
Thx. Which do I need to hook a regular lens to a Nikon j3
good night! Is there any adapter that can use nikon j2 lens on a nikon dlsr d700?
@Fotodiox Inc . How can i buy your adapter here in Thailand?
I have some tamron and sigma lenses I use with my Nikon D90. Can they be used with the adapter to my Nikon 1V2? If so, will there be limitations of what I can do such as autofocus and metering?
please help I have a nikon d300, nikon d90, nikon d3400, nikon d5300 and i would love to get AI lens, what type of adapter do i use to use older model lens?
Not sure if i need an adapter for my nikon series E Ai 50mm 1:1.8 on my Nikon D5000
Can the m42 focus to infinity?
i have same adaptor with same lens but my pictures went black or underexpose after click
Adapting vintage legacy lenses to my modern cameras has COMPLETELY changed the way I shoot both photo’s and video. I fundamentally believe there is no better way to experiment, grow and learn all while having the most fun I’ve ever had doing it. HIT ME UP with any questions. Best places to source vintage lenses? Start with your own house, there are probably some buried in a closet somewhere. Online market places like Ebay and Facebook lens groups are another great resource. Check local listings for historical photography auctions and pop up shops. SO MUCH FUN GO!
Hi! Can i use an old summaron 35mm on my EOS 1200d? Should be works fine?
I’m looking at getting an A7 III soon. Since many of these older lenses are designed for 35mm film, there shouldn’t be issues with excessive vignetting on the full frame sensor right? Also do the adapters cause any noticeable change on focal length or anything since the lens is further away from the sensor?
very awesome video, I have the sony nex7 with the fotodiox pro adabter and I have some fujifilm vintage lenses, I'm wondering is it possible to shoot video with them since I cant adjust the shutter speed! please reply in understandable vocabulary I'm still an amateur >
Hey man, love you videos and picked up 3 lenses for £30 yesterday! Ones an M42 but the others look like an AI/F lens? From what I’ve researched! The lenses are Prakticar auto zoom multi coated macro 70mm and the others a super - paragon PMC 35mm f 3.5 if it’s the right adapter could you let me know! If not I guess I’ll have a spare for when I find some more lenses in second hand shops!
*". deeper into the darkness I stumble."* ⚫
I don't see reference to Nikon adapters. I have a Nikon D90 dslr. I'd like to use some of my old lenses from my Canon FTb slr. Do you know of an adapter I can use?
Thank you for the time and effort. I really appreciate it.
The link to your vintage kit seems to be dead. Cool video though. it possible to adapt a computar 12.5 - 25 to an ef mount on my bmpc ef mount? I had the 2.5 and I have a 443 adapter that I used with the comptar/ It has glass in it that I believe magnifies the Image to avoid vignetting. Thank you for your help!
Hi, Mark. I have a TAMRON 28MM to 200mm lens that I want to use on the AJA CION CAMERA which has a PL MOUNT. I cannot find a TAMRON to PL MOUNT. Do you have a solution for this problem? Everette
Hi Mark, about to try Canon FD lenses on the C300 MKIII with the Fotodiox adapter - any potential problems to look out for before I go for it?!
I've been Fotodiox adapters for my MD (Minolta) and FD Older Canon Lenses since 2012. I also just ordered a C-Mount lens adapter to eventually look for old tv camera lenses to play around with.
super nice video, one question, how about focus infinity? i tried with my carl zeiss and pentax k to my lumix g9, but neither can focus to infinity, sharper at closes distance tho ~~
My panasonic g81 is saying that its not conected i dont know why its not Wirkung with a adapter. ?
Dear Mark, why don't you say also that those "$10 adapters" will turn your FD lens into a macro lens? There are too many beginners interested in photography make hopes about cheap FD lenses that they will improve their photos, but most of them do not know that just with FD lenses + "$10 adapter" they will become only a macro photographer. A reason for this is that the adapters (without a glass element) extends the distance between lens and sensor of the camera which messes up the flange distance and couses the lens only focus to about meter or so. Lack of focusing to infinity can demotivate them as a beginner. Off course you can adapt your FD lenses to your camera without any problem as long as you buy an adapter with built in glass element which solves the focusing issue, but they do not cost $10 anymore. Entry level ones cost around $50 and they will not give you the best sharpness out of your lens. In order to achieve better quality photos you have to pay more for those adapters. Sadly, there are too many youtubers which do not inform people correctly about vintage lenses and adapting them to modern cameras. As a result insterested people encounter misconseptions.
I came for advice on vintage lenses and fell in love with your personality. Subbed
No adapters for Nikon
If you like your vintage lens you can keep your vintage lens! Adapted some vintage Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lenses to my Canon digital cameras. Shoot on full manual and it's really cool. Thanks for the video. Good stuff!
Awesome video! I have a question about adapting the fd lens to eos mount. It seems that most adapters I can find comes with a glass element that's supposed to help the lens focus to infinity, is this necessary? I'm planning to by the canon 70-210 f4 and use it for filmmaking.
Please what’s the difference between mirror and mirrorless cameras. I’ve read up some blog posts but I can’t quite get the difference. Could you do a content on this?
Wow, very informative! I'm researching for a mirrorless camera purchase. I have a Nikon FE with a couple of telephoto lenses. Great info!
Hello I was on a fb canon group and I asked them what kind of adapter I would need for my canon T7 for older slr lens. And know one really knows so I seen this video and it helps a little but still not sure what one or two to buy. I have been looking on B&H at the adapters.
are the FD's full frame?
They may not have auto-focus, but they often come with auto-fungus.
75% of the FD reviews I see on FD are reviewing with fungus or haze LOL so obviously washed out and degraded resolution/sharpness BUT not to say this can't be effective for what you are shooting i do have some deliberately unclean lenses and such for a dirty image even funnier is when people act like you can't take 30 minutes or so to take the lens apart and get at each side of each element with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. You can save a fortune. It's that simple to clean fungus and generally clean anything other than a scratch ( which will only be on the outside ). Anyway, I spent about $237 alone on a mint 24mm from Japan. $150 on a clean 100mm and $130 on a fast 50mm F1.4 All SSC and $62 on a 35-100mm zoom and about to get a 80-200 zoom that's a F1.4 ! I didn't want to mess around on things more than like $30 lenses to clean in case but will probably de-click them. Oh and here's something I've learned about lenses after shooting with a bunch of varied vintage on different cameras think of it like in Jurassic Park when he says. is it heavy? Then it's expensive put it down. I noticed that lenses with a larger outer element typically produce a "better" image, I think they do with color and geometry is typically superior whereas the smaller outer typically can look more like a camcorder even though it still produces that much more DOF and such. That's what I go for and I try to stay away from rubberized ( unless its rubberized metal of around 1980 ) or the plastic versions. The heavier the better in cinematic imaging. could even have something to do with light reflection in a metal barrel vs scattering in a plastic barrel you want the look of large glass go for the lenses with more glass lol. simple.
I am the original owner of my FDs, soon to be repurposed on a Sony Alpha a7R II. They were used hard on two Ftb(n)s, an AE-1 Program, and an A-1, but they were also babied and stored properly since they were last used (maybe 15 years ago). I did consider selling them a few years ago (before mirrorless cameras), but saw they were only going for $20 to $40 apiece, so I decided to hang onto them. Now I'm glad they're still with me as I see the prices have gone through the roof. Some of them are now selling for more than what I paid for them new. My lenses (all "new" models - my older Canon lenses were used even harder during my time in the Army in the mid to late 1970s): 20mm f/2.8 28mm f/2.8 35mm f/2.8 50mm f/1.8 Macro 50mm f/3.5 85mm f/1.8 (which I think is a beautiful piece of glass, I enjoy just looking at it) 135mm f/2.8 For a couple of years I also owned a 600mm f/4.5L (also purchased new), but it was too heavy (and required a tripod that was similarly heavy) to be practical, so I sold it. Wish I had a 24mm, but with the prices as they are today, I can continue to do without one!
So many talks about FD lenses and almost nothing about FL, it's predecessor. I've seen a test, comparing FD 50/1.4 S.S.C vs FL II 50/1.4, both in very good condition, without any fungus, scratches etc. And FL showed more sharpness and less CA, also build quality is a little bit better.
I've tried using old fd glass since 2011 when I used DSLR. Never liked the very soft image fd lenses create for video. However, just recently bought a couple of canon fd 50mm f1.8 and did several tests. At f2 images look amazingly sharp. At f1.8 they are too soft for my taste. I'm totally loving these 50mm fd lenses and plan on using them in future events. BTW I'm using Panasonic g9s for video.
They’re well made, inexpensive and plentiful. What’s not to like?
I cannot for the life of me find a 35mm FD lens
Hi, can I use these lenses on my A7III with auto focus adapter? Also, could you please let me know where do I get auto focus adapter for vintage lenses?
I'd add that vintage lenses (Canon FD, as Minolta Rokkor) have more "personality" in the produced image
To be fair, the cons are the same for all vintage lenses.
One of the greatest disadvantages, that few know, is that some of these lenses, especially the ones made in the 70ies might be radioactive. They were unaware of using some radioactive components at the time. Check the web for info .but if you want to he sure just do not but
Love 85f1.2l
Hi are the Background rendering the same with both the EF and FD lenses at same Aperture ?
Canon really screwed their loyal FD users royally when they changed the mount for their digital cameras. My Nikon D850 can STILL use my Nikkors from the early 1980's perfectly and they are far better made than nearly any Nikkor today and are exceptionally sharp.
The same is true for the Asahi Pentax SMC Takumar series as well as the Minolta MD Rokkor series
I have a 50mm 1.8 FD lens that came with my 1975 Canon F1. Instead of a green "A" on the f-stop ring there is a green circle. Would this serve the same function as the "A" when mounted on a AE1 Program?
Thank you for the video Although the advice with pros and cons is quite generic. The same applies to vintage nikkors and zuiko om, pentax etc. I was looking for something a bit more specific.
You missed probably the greatest reason for owning these vintage lenses - they will still be usable in another 50 years if you take care of them. You could pass them on to you grandchildren, long after any modern AF/IS lens has died. No electronics, motors, etc. Better materials and construction. Real buttery focus vs focus-by-wire. Unfortunately, the photo industry has moved to a disposable model and lenses are no longer built to last generations. Compound that with the insane cost of new lenses ($2000+ for many), and I think the answer is clear.
You left out the part about some being radioactive lol

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