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Platinum Studio Tuxedo Style Solid Men's Suit Features

Platinum Studio Tuxedo Style Solid Men's Suit
The lowest Platinum Studio Tuxedo Style Solid Men's Suit Price in India is ₹4,846 at Flipkart.
Buy Platinum Studio Tuxedo Style Solid Men's Suit online at Flipkart.
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Platinum Studio Tuxedo Style Solid Men's Suit Reviews from YouTube

How To Make A Cheap Men's Suit Look Expensive/How To Make A Cheap Suit Look Good
Buying Blazers Online | Flipkart Purchase
Peter England 3piece suit set| Peter England suits unboxing| suites for wedding| Unboxing Men’s suit
Style Expert Reacts To CHEAP (But HIGHLY Rated!) Amazon Suits
Great video and advice. Honestly, the part about purchasing a suit one size smaller than you would otherwise would buy is great advice and helped me decide on the correct purchase from the get go. And you know what, it worked! Thank you Mr. O.G.,
My Dad told me Have good shoes and a good coat and never own a cheap suit you got to look like the boss walked in on job interviews. People look at your shoes and coat and judge you on what's underneath. Sad truth but I'd you dont care care of your body image by eating healthy your body will look worn like a he ina shoe that's been walk and walked on and over doormats... you cant run a car without good fuel so.never let the tank go.dry otherwise you'll break down
What is the suit made of?
Great idea brotha!
"Salute to my returning friends" Jeff this is creative I wish 🙏 you get to 5 million
Layer your suit with a subtle cologne....
Check for dangling threads and repair/ replace those buttons.
It's a nice suit!!! I remember a commercial where they had 2 suits for $100. I was a child saying to my dad, hey, isn't that a good deal?! He said, LOOK AT THE SUITS!! This was the 70's after all!!!😂😂😂😂
Thnx for the advice.
Man, back in the day, JC Penney was the hap's when it came to buying cheap suits that looked good!! I'll never forget the dark green, double breasted JT Beckett suit I bought back in the late 80's for about $180. I got so many compliments on that suit.
Thanks for the great tips.
Bought a cheap $150 suit about 15 yrs ago,not because I was broke but because that was one of the best looking suits I ever owned except for my newer bespoke suits. Use to be a place in Dallas called T & C which later became K & G. It was only open on the weekends and there were lines to get in and lines to check out. Found a lower end made in Italy black 120 weight three button. Put in about $150 worth of custom tailoring and like the man said,paired it with nice expensive ties.custom French Cuff shirts high end boots and I actually fooled my shirt maker into thinking the suit was a custom job. But that was a lucky find.
... Well shoot, I recently picked out a suit that is both polyester AND lighter grey. How deep in it am I?
About a million years ago when I was a young man and still being carved out of stone by the chisel called life I was told find a great barber and magnificent tailor and treat them life family during the holidays and never let them go if you can help it.
That suit clean even if it is cheap (nice suit) I need to find one for a wedding
Question! Do you think it would be worth to change the lining of a cheap jacket to make it more breathable? Or do you think it would be better to just save up for a better jacket/suit?
the OG says it like it is, keep it going
Thought this was Roy Jones JR for a minute.
How to know the size when we order online?
what are your measurements and Height
Very ceahp
Hi.. Pls tell about how to order a blazer with proper size... It's very confusing 😑
No perfect stitching
Good coat
What size would I choose for a 5.6 skinny man? Btw, I love your channel for the English narration. Im an Indian but not knowing Hindi. Most of the review channel I was found speaks Hindi, which I cant understand. 😊
What was your height then bro?
vid strts from 5:30
Background music is very irritating.
Bhoottt Ghatia Choice hai Aapki 😅
Good job bro ..but next time speak Hindi only because lots of people in our country not comfortable in english.
kya english ki ma behen ek kr ra he.hindi me bol le
idk how can you say the fitting is perfect the fitting seems really bad and i always prefer custom made suits over blazers which might be a bit expensive but i think its worth the money
You're succinct and precise:) (if you get the reference, I'll be overjoyed)
this is bad. really bad.
My height 5.5 inch which size best for me
Where did u buy the knife from
Kesa chal rha hai apka suit
Hloo 1st comment like dedo
*** - Shop smart and click here to download Shoptagr on your phone or computer absolutely free!* WATCH NEXT: 10 Tips To Better Leverage Color In Your Wardrobe - Which suit do you think I should keep? Let me know in the comments below! 👇😂😁 Timestamps: 0:24 - $66 Mint Green Special by Yimanie 3:49 - $69 Yellow Banana & Red Apple By YFFUSHI 5:52 - $85 Men's Premium by P&L 7:12 - $99 Unlisted Suit by Kenneth Cole 8:50 - $119 Three Piece Suit by Salvatore Exte
dude that yellow is wicked! nice! i need that
The Mint green suit makes this man look like an 80s miami drug lord.
... Yellow?
Whats the material? Polyester? (Sorry for bad english)
The yellow banana suit priced at $69, well played there
I’m 6’2” tall, 275-Lbs, (so I’m 5” taller & 100-Lbs heavier) I have a relatively similar build & I sometimes wear 40-Regular... so...I’m confused because his 40 regular looked a little small for him...
For inexpensive suits and sport coats I shop at jcpenny and goodwill. I can try them on to get the best fit possible. At goodwill I can get higher quality including Italian for just 6 to 10 dollars. Online is too risky for me when I can try them on in a store. It would be interesting to see a goodwill or thrift store video. Maybe take a day and visit several goodwill and thrift stores and see what you find.
In india you'll get a very fine quality suit from a top notch brand raymond in under 200$
Looks nice, if you work in the pimp industry.
How do you feel about Combat Gent?
Hi Antonio, I just discovered ur channel. I love it. I have 3 men at home to shop for and ur videos have provided me with loads of info on what to look for when buying clothes for them. I wanted to let u know that ur shopragr link did not work for me. Ty and keep up ur excellent work. inspired an idea for future video. With summer on the horizon. Amazon's seer sucker suit(s), review.
I know this might come off as a silly request, but I think it would be cool if you did a video on the various styles of suits used in gangster films, including Western and Easter gangster films. I've always liked the look of the suits, particularly the black suits used in Hong Kong movies of the late 80s and early 90s, as well as the suits in Japanese films around the same time. Then there are films that share that same style that came out in the West, like Reservoir Dogs.
Of course those colored suits are not casual ones. They ain’t fuchsia
What on earth are you wearing 😅?
yyfushi in grey, blue and wine red are the only ones I'd try
4:48 with green face paint on i'm seeing The Mask
Hey Antonio, can you review Jack Victor? I'm finding their suits to be excellent quality with different levels of affordability based on material. The stitched canvas in the jacket as opposed to the cheaper glue gives it great flexibility that just improves the suits conforming to your shape over time.Their Classic Wool pants are actually waterproof! Water beads up and rolls off.
Ugh. That mint green thing is spider-webbing at the button. It's a size too small.

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