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Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research 1984 (Proceedings Series) Book Reviews from YouTube

What is nuclear fusion with example? | What is Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion? | d-d reactions
Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy - BBC News
Plasma and Plasma Physics
Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure
Thank You Sir
What if you dont own a kettle,can it be used on toasters etc
This is scientifically complete bs.
Jet is useless, proving nothing about commercial power. Any press release w nothing in it about breeding tritium is just another science project for internet videos. Thus video actually had Jet staff say it can do commercial power because…”i want to believe in it”
TIL There is another huge problem with nuclear fusion. Even if they achieve it, there isn't enough tritium to fuel the reactor
Nuclear Fusion is 10 years away , and always will be !
The future bestseller "Fossil Future" by ALEX EPSTEIN on sale May,2022
HOW MIGHT WE OBTAIN ENERGY from SURROUNDING TEMPERAUTRE MAY WE? Might we built thermal motor with 100% efficiency? This model SAID yes , how? Read below and enjoy the journej (and therefore have possibility to obtain energy from the surroundings without consuming some fuel though in theory) (let it be in the vacuum ) Shocking but fact - this motors already convert 100% heat energy into pover BUT! (how it might be without it) in the First Stage when it expand to the point where temperature equal environment temperature (simple machine which consist of piston , cylinder, gas inside it) In the Second stage we should compress volum emiting heat to the environment with the same temperature what environment has and therefore waste energy (even nothing to contain thermodynamic allows us contain overheat without effort but in this case we dont have overheat) So if we can avoid second stage we can save efficiency(and it might remain 100%) And solution how to avoid waste power of compressing gas is. :) Dont use GAS ! we might USE LIQUID heated to the boiling temperature (boiling temperature depends on pressure on piston, let it be atmosphere pressure 1 Bar/100 kPa) So we boil water, expand volume with 1BAR pressure, supply heat 212 F/ 100 C in the process, then we store remain warm(overheat if compare it to the environment temperature) And - without effort return piston to the start position(thats it, all what for all of it, this key component, we got it) In the next stage we return stored warm into system and supply additional heat intto the system And repeat it again and again never emit any heat to the surroundings All warm eventually would become power. We heated water, we get what we want(power) we store remain overheat to the storage with 0 effort in order to use it in the next stage, and repeat we use heat in storage , then supply additional heat and repeat it again and again without waste of energy therefore all warm energy will become power even though not at once (thi is idea) if we talking about water , temperature of boiling water is 212 F/100 C Coefficient of efficiency may be something around 4 (0.25 points input power to obtain 1 point warm energy) And all iof it as we could see , might be converted to power another words input 1, output 4 , difference would obtained from surroundings warm (another words it may be little bit colder if then)
Oh yeah using this we can travel the space limitless
Fusion has never worked even though it has been created for 50 years. It will never work. This quick video shows the reactor all of science is looking for; i can't smoke inside anymore but of that reactor failed we would have been made dust in seconds . Crazy .
Fast forward 5 years and some bitcoin miner figures it out in his garage trying to run his mining rigs
Does the input cost more than output. ITER isn't going to finished until 2026
So we are still ten years away from fusion same as we have been the past fifty years.
bout 120,000 watts then? But when you say sixty kettles it sounds less impressive to me as an Englishman. That's only tea for 2-3 days.
Why is it taking so long? Well, because the global powers don't care about it.
One day we will fuck up the whole world
Hmm Power Armor.
Medics cured all cancers 2002 50 years ago physiotherapist published papers about using high intensity ultrasound to clear scarring a pressurise cell types. To divide and replicate all cancer cells require a non native pressurise cell structure. To induce viral type division. External application of HIUS causes the inflated cell types to boil and rupture: the Moffitt cancer paper documented the boiling of cancer biopsies, but could not explain why! They had hit on biological molecular nuclear fusion. 1 H₂O+P+HIUS→He+O+E²+X-ray
Congratulations family members of the entire universe congratulations
plasma - free carbon zero heat and power Plasma is often called “the fourth state of matter,” along with solid, liquid and gas. Just as a liquid will boil, changing into a gas when energy is added, heating a gas will form a plasma – a soup of positively charged particles (ions) and negatively charged particles (electrons). Every 3 minutes around the world there is a heavy rain or snow storm, that sets up for a lightening strike, by doing molecular nuclear fusion. 1 H₂O+P+TU→He+O+E²+X-ray
Thank you very much for sharing this.
The first time I heard plasma was when plasma TV's were introduced, just recently started wondering what plasma is and what it's used for and why it behaves the way it does.
took me a second to realise the ending 'enjoy the sun' is intended :)
It is difficult to model plasmas and electromagnetism with math, and mainstream cosmology is dominated by mathematicians. Plasmas have an unfortunate tendency to ignore the elegant rules of mathematics, as Hannes Alfven said. He is regarded as the father of plasma physics.
Is degenerate plasma or quantum plasma same?
Hi Dr Nick, can you have plasma of mixed elementsie air? how does that work? when ions and electrons are in a plasma soup, how do they know they are an oxygen electron or a hydrogen ion? is there stuff you can do with plasma amalgams or mixtures?
Since plasma uses the path of least resistance, is it possible to create some kind of Faraday cage to prevent changes from external influences?
SUPER. AWESOME. and a great help in understanding this incredible subject matter: Plasma Physics. 5 Star job.
I don't have a nice experience with Plasma Physics. In Engineering Physics, I had a course Plasma Physics and the exercises were nothing but proving formulas and equations.
plasma physics useing a plasma energy field for a warp drive field. to make the craft move, the antigravity motor will not work. without the plasma energy field
a simple matche produce plasma, a flame is plasma. the proff is that if you put a flamme vetween magnets, the flame will deviate
Can We Induce A Plasma Within A Crystal~Fluid Of RareEarth Compounds In Stasus?
As per your example of turbulence in a cup of tea, what if I spin the cup in the same direction as I spin the spoon. Will that counteract the turbulence?
Plasma biology anyone?
The sun is not a fusion reactor.
instabilities are most likely due to the earth. do it in space without gravity, youll find the plasma will naturally self organize.
44:13 "I'm not sure I understand" Me too, watch. Me too. Just kidding, this was a great talk and gave a great intro to someone not at all involved in this field.
Why are you guys trying to use heat to produce fusion? Heat is a byproduct never the catalyst…
You want to learn more about science? Check out our sciency products on the kurzgesagt shop – all designed with love and produced with care. Getting something from the kurzgesagt shop is the best way to support us and to keep our videos free for everyone. ►► (Worldwide Shipping Available)
Can we have an update on this topic? I'm sure the technology is now more understood and further in development.
Fusion energy works you don’t I will never scientist how to two bild One Curtis to powerful
While I appreciate the enthusiasm, the comment section is cringey. You take a comment in the video like "$10 billion gamble" and take it at face value, but your reactions clearly show that you guys know nothing about this as Boomers have been working on fusion reactors for over half of a century. Why do you think that all Star Trek space ships are powered by fusion reactors where the matter/anti-matter reaction is controlled via magnetic coils? Where do you think that idea came from? Those Star Trek ships are doing exactly what they're describing in the video, but of course they are science fiction derives their ideas from actual science. In the 1980s, the big thing was "cold fusion", which is the idea of having fusion occur at lower temperatures that we can control. However, the only energy net-positive fusion reaction that we've ever been able to create is the hydrogen bomb, but the world is constantly working on making this a reality because the potential rewards are tremendous nearly unlimited with no environmental waste.
The DBZ reference
We can do it at innovation inc. Thermal power plant! Just uh (looks at core) Core : pls no We need to demolish our other core. Core : help
Up till today I thought deuterium was just some Star Trek sci-fi term . . . Fucking neat
"The power of the Sun in the palm of my hands."
I really appreciate your hardwork. No words to say.
what about the energy spent and pollution caused by the transportation of moon dust do you know what a space rocket can do?
"10 billion dollar gamble" Just take 2% of the us military's allowance for a day. Boom fusion energy.
Dr.Octopus: Frantically taking notes.
China made one
Fusion is the future
Demonrats are sending 40billion to Ukraine and arent able to spend 10 billion on Fusion Energy research and development? If they wanted it, they would have had it by now.
화력 발전 불피우고 그 열로 물 끓임(증기로 터빈 돌림) 원자력 발전 핵융합 혹은 핵분열 반응을 일으키고 그 열로 물을 끓임(증기로 터빈 돌림)
Actually, in 2022, it is almost done a "sun" in the earth
can you explain what a Dark Matter Reactor?
5:40 Or, stop spending that $10+ Billion on military, live in peace, and cooperate to make the megastructures for unlimited energy for everyone. I know it's easier said than done, but we really need to do this. For our own survival.
A mini dyson sphere

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