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Planetary Habitability In Binary Systems: 4 (Advances In Planetary Science) Book Reviews from YouTube

Gravitation | Binary Star or Double Star System | Solved Example from IIT JEE 2010
Habitable Planets in Binary Star Systems
Abel Méndez: Planetary Habitability of Exoplanets
Binary Star Systems
Just pure concept with purity.🔥👌❤️👑
Good concept… a question on binary star came in jee advanced 2021…In 10 years they repeat such questions
Sir ji ki jai ho 🙏
Superb sirrrr
Sir I have a question. If the two masses are released from rest, then they move in a straight line and collide. So they must be given some initial velocity say u1 and u2 (for masses m1 and m2 respectively) in a direction perpendicular to line of action of force. Now if m1u1 = m2u2, then linear momentum in y direction is zero and so the centre of mass will not move and we can apply these results. However if m1u1≠m2u2, then the centre of mass will have a velocity of (m1u1-m2u2)/(m1+m2) So how do we deal with this case? And what will he velocities of the masses then?
Thanks sir
After seeing this lecture my doubt is clear
Just as the concept is too beautiful, your way of explaining it is also beautiful...
Sir pf gravitation build 7 plzz
thankyou for this!!!
Sr. Thanks for the explanation. I would like to know at 4:55, why the force isn't taken as negative force. The gravitational force is attractive right. Which makes the force negative. So why aren't we including the negative sign while calculating angular momentum. Plz reply. Thank you
Nicely explained Sir 👍👍
Thanks sir isi topic se mere paper me 2 questions aaye the bahut zada Thanks
Perfectly explained 👍
What pen is that??🤔
Sir , Why do they rotate about Centre of mass?
Concept finally cleared ♥️
Sir You are A Legend, famous here in nepal also... Pls continue the series sir plz
Very highly unlikely planets will be stable long enough for life to develop in multiple star system.
Gravitationally catastrophic to advanced life forms, also, the habitability zone is not just "liquid water" there are many other habitability zones that must overlap.
Zeta reticula where the aliens come from ^^
Us having only 1 small star is what stops us from Interstellar travel. We have no naturally occurring heavy elements. Larger/Binary star systems have planets with heavier naturally occurring elements as there was a larger abundance of it when their stars were formed compared to ours.
Does it have alien life in that system
Zeta Reticuli, Bob Lazar’s story keeps holding up
Awesome channel and narration great upload.
Heavy elements would be created by the stronger gravity waves, resulting in different types of metals.
Lazar brought me here
John, if you can hear the aliens whispering jokes about you, it's time to adjust your meds again.
U cant find shit on zeta reticula not as much as the rest
"You evolved in this dump?" Hey, it's a dump but it's our dump
I suppose you are not looking at binaries like Zeta Reticuli. Those two stars are widely separated and can likely be considered as two separate systems as far as planet formation and climate goes.
I love my cranky G Type star.
I love all of your videos. Now i just have to remember to "like" them. I hope you continue to grow. All the best.
I start each of your videos by checking like and I’m never disappointed.
On a binary star system planet,would there be two sunrises and sunsets? And,what drastic climate changes would exist on a planet or planets which orbit a binary star system? Oh,and are planets of binary star systems tidally locked or do they maintain stable orbits? Are there any known planets which orbit triple or quadruple star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy?Sorry I asked so many questions).
Wonderful animation 👍
I wish I was hopelessly baked
Out of all the planets including the exoplanets........ Only earth is the one to support life
I saw it , i got photos :0
It’s so cool on earth
Damn Grubby, nearly 100,000 views!!! Nice vid. :D
hi sir i wanna ask, Binary Star and Twin Star theory from Fred Hoyle is same or not?
Hebrews 4:7 God again set a certain day, calling it “Today.” This he did when a long time later he spoke through David, as in the passage already quoted: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” TODAY WORD HAS NOT BEEN SOWN YET VOICE WORD HAS NOT BEEN SOWN YET
My bestfriend saw one but there blue
Good and evil
No fucking joke I remember seeing a star rotate around another at slow speed but you could see it pretty well and I shat my pant
Due stars form waves and disturb time line
It's apparent brand recognition is afoot in cc [Orbitz]
You do well in this topic thats good man j am Impressed with you but the sound is 😂😂😂😂
A planet revolves around two suns❗ In 2011, the scientists discovered a planet revolves around two suns , they say there are two sunrises and two sunsets on that planet. There are many planets like that planet in our universe. Glory to Allah Almighty who says in the holy book of Quran 14 centuries ago: ([He is] Lord of the two sunrises and Lord of the two sunsets;So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?).{Chapitre Ar-Rahmân –verse17-18}, who told the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him about this scientific reality?
An adorable star Oh wait wrong video
Thank you 👌
Fantastic facanting thanks 👏👏👏
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL VIDEO😃😃👍👍👌👌😊😊💖............After pretty much of Searching, only this video helped me .......HELPED A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, not only is our planet at the perfect distance from the Sun and of the perfect composition to sustain life but: 1) we have one star, which is relatively rare 2) we have one moon, when all other planets in the solar system have none or more than one 3) our one sun and our one moon just happen to be the right size at the right relative distance to form a perfect eclipse... Earth is truly a special planet.

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