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Placer Mining for Gold in California Book Reviews from YouTube

Mining Methods of the Great American Gold Rush
Lode vs Placer Mining - 2016
212 A Detailed Look at a Local Placer Mine
Great job all around fam. Gold Squad Out!!!
Beautiful home sweet home.
These dudes have no idea what they're doing
my teacher is making me watch this...
When he’s not talking it’s pureee asmrrrr
The man panning the gold ain't no gold miner just act like he know it
I liked this video
subtitles in 6:58 (applause)
Damn, it's in color
it was cool!
why is the quality so bad
That was simple and surprisingly informative.
Correction to all uneducated Americans James Marshall, was not the individual to discover gold in America gold was discovered in America long before this individual ever hit his “gold claim” in California the Indians discovered the gold in America and the Spanish discovered gold in America because the Spanish they were making gold coins in America that’s where the half dollar was created in America it was because the Spanish would cut pieces of gold out of their gold coins and use them to make purchases through out their colonies that’s where the term half dollar comes from! So when you do your true investigation into the correct history in America then you learn that gold was discovered long before 1849 in California! Stop believing rhetoric and lies 80% of history in America is based off of lies and that’s because of how this country was truly founded and what were the true events that occurred. Like the United States Army conducting night raids and murdering innocent men and capturing and enslaving women and children within Indian villages to assassinate and kill off most Indian tribes under genocide!
Yar koi online method btao earning kr e ka🥱🥱😁
Good informative video! Nice gold! Here is a video I made, finding gold around the San Domingo Wash area near Morristown Arizona @
Thank you for the information! I found it difficult to understand you over the ambient music, the subtitles helped.
I dig gold! Live on the east belt of the mother load. Going digging today, it is hard work, but when I am out digging, I wish that time would slow or stop, absolutely love it.
I love your channel, but I definitely did not love that football comment, making light of the abuses that the original people endured. Just don't make jokes like this. I understand that this is a light hearted channel, but by making comments like this it trivializes human history as well as perpetuates the idea that "it's not a big deal"the human rights abuses that occurred and let's be real still occur all around the world within the precious gems and minerals was a gross joke. Just my humble opinion.
Are any members of the JTV team planning on going to the Knoxville Gem and Mineral show? I would absolutely love to meet some of you guys!
I just think it would be neat to find enough gold to refine, smelt, and make my own ring or something.
I kinda wanna see something about Wisconsin. It’s A underrated state mineral wise.
Meteorite Hunter ☄️ Gemstone 💎 Friend 🙏 sub 👥👍
Thank you💛 my family lives in Placerville, its cool history! I could find part of 1, can you add a link please?
What interesting facts about how miners find and dig up gold back then in history.🤔👷⛏⚒🪨🔸️🏞 And manage to use challenging equipment like exploring🧨💣💥🪨 and where to go to mine. Nice video and thanks for sharing.🙂👍
Will you have a silver video tomorrow for Creede Silver Strike??
Fantastic video gold amazing what people will do for it fantastic knowledge some great pictures yup even to this day people are after gold. Leave everything nope lol awesome presentation thank u
Kya ho raha hai yaar mere ko पहचान रहे हो
Thank you for the information. I wish that distracting music was toned down a little :)
Thank you for the good and simple explanation
Is it possible to apply to have a placer claim changed to a lode claim? Thanks for any reply.
I'm a small-time miner and I also do Placer mining.. lol.. And you are "Right" unfortunately I do it just to lose weight.. but I'm not doing too bad at it, and I find it in a spot where they say there is no gold.. I'm like 50 or so miles from the main gold vein...
Boy that guy just totally screwed himself with that stuck excavator by allowing the water to surround him. He should have taken dry rocking material and piled it next to his unit so that when he lifted it it would fall into the track area. Repeat this process While also creating a gentle ramp for the excavator to climb and push yourself out!
In which state is that?
nice jim tyvm
Which state is this operation in?
Thanks for sharing, that shrimp juice will attract bears for miles. Good luck
Truelly enjoyed this video Miner Jim.He figured out his problem and came out victorious ,No loses and gained experience to the wiser in my eyes.Seeing the plant in operations was good to see.Wishing him the best take care David out
Real great video! Thanks for recording it Jim! A++++
Thanks for taking us along .
Great job! My son and I enjoy weekend panning. We never want to crawl onto a claim unknowingly and any info you could share on placers & lodes (the do’s and do nots, would be fantastic).
2 man operations are the best ! Low stress, more fun.
Brycey boy need me to come give him some tips on how the big boys do fellas ain't related to the Hoffman clan are ya🤦‍♂️😂
40 yards a day , not going to make any money that way
That excavator has very little track power left, it struggles in the mud!
This was so great to watch.Learned a ton, thanks so much!
Absolutely amongst the best tapes I have watched on YouTube - Thank You so much for going to the effort And that guy what got bogged - he sure did make a meal of it - shoulda done what he done at the end , but at the start
I'm enjoying seeing this real action!
How many grams per hour are they getting?
Super fantastics mr big jims .. now thats living ..😍😎😁pip pips and carryon pilgrims
Great stuff , appreciate the running commentary , would have been good to see a run then a cleanup , thanks for showing the operation . cheers Ned .
That is more complete I've almost have been that deep in a small excavator I try not to ever get to stuck I'm sher some day it will happen but sofar sogood

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