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Korg SV1 Stage Vintage Piano (73 Key) Features

  • 73 keys; Korg's best RH3 Graded Hammer Action; stunning piano sounds - two grands and an upright!
  • 36 of the most in-demand and coveted vintage keyboard sounds, recreated with exacting detail
  • Retro-inspired performance styling; single-function knobs and switches offer fast, simple operation
  • 3-band EQ; 6 Pre-FX, 6 Amp Models, 6 Modulation FX, 6 Reverb/Delays; Real tube 12AX7 Valve Reactor
  • Stereo Outs (1/4-Inch & XLR), Ins (1/4-Inch), Headphone out; Damper Pedal included. Optional stand and bag
  • Key specs are not available.

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Korg SV1 Stage Vintage Piano (73 Key) Reviews from YouTube

Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano - Official Product Introduction
Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano - All Playing, No Talking!
Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano Demo - Sweetwater
Korg SV1 Sounds
Sounding good!
I need the drive sv1 for win10? How can i get this?
Anyone know what keyboard stand they’re using in this video?
its soo expensive
My first Korg was a DW6000 and Poly , and after these I had 11 other ones but for the first time I bring back a Korg , the SV-1. The overall idea of the product is great and maybe as studio setup its ok , but live ?#$#$.
How do you turn it on? Serious question, it's my dads and I'm clueless.
There really should be a Korg SV2. The SV1 has several noticeable faults: first and foremost: volume levels AREN'T matched between sounds. Organ is easily twice as loud as piano. Same with that "Van Halen's Jump" synth. Second: not all sounds have touch sensitivity. Again, organ and synths are examples. Third. You can't layer sounds. fourth: not enough sound library. The present one is so limited (what about some classic, vintage 70s synth strings, for example?). And finally, keyboard action is stiff, making it hard to play. All these faults should be corrected for a new edition. The idea behind the SV1 was so cool, but it could be so much better. Thank you!
this piano is just so dope
What's that song at the beginning, it's really nice music.
When will you do a brand new sound pack with new banks? Sv1 will starts to get old if not.
I'm obsessed with this thing. I will have it it shall be mine. Hopefully I don't receive a defective unit like ole buddy freaking out in comments And he has every right. Just be patient my friend. I had to send my mother-32 to moog to fix and its taking FOREVER. Patience my friend.
Thanks to the good folks at Brighton music center in Pittsburgh I have my brand new kog kross. It only took a week. That's the way it all ought to be. My sv1 has been out of my possession for 3 months. Korg said they have anothr 6 to 8 weeks. That has the potentioal to be out of my home for 1 month less than the 7 months I had with it before sending it off to never land. WHY CANT YOU SEND ME A NEW ONE!
Classic and timeless. Hmm NOT. Please Kotg fix or replace my sv1 the factory has had it for almost 3 weeks, it's been sent from retailer to retailer for 2 months. Lets do the math together. 3 months to resolve an issue that 9 out of 10 non college grads could have found is NOT ACCEPTABLE! In the past, I've made most purchase decisions on what's been in the bank. That will still be the case. I'll just shop a different brand next time.
Finally my sv1 is going to the factory for evaluation. Its been 2 months since I've seen the board. I am absolutely ill from the experience I've had with pittsburgh retailers. Absolutely frustrating. I am going to speak with korg reps about this issue. If this is too much for korg to understand then they should remove this video, in which one of their endorsing musicians staes "the output is clean" mine is NOT. there is a low oscillation occurring from both bal and unbal outs when there is no signal level from the keyboard and a small (10or 11:00) on amp. Itsa horrible and frustrating to believe I spent 1500$ on a board that didn't last 7 months . At this point I want a new one and a new warranty
What genre us the music from 0:00 to 0:22?
Anyone can help very important.I will buy a stage piano. Korg SV1 or Kurzweil Artis.?
vraiment trop cool!
I played this thing in a shop with headphones. It just sounds amazing
this clip with background music won't help being precise listening to the sound. of it.
This piano is great! But I'm having some trouble, for the Factory Preloand and the SoundPack 1 just don't have sound anymore for more than a sec! We reinstelled both, and didn't work. The SoundPack 2 plays just fine! Could someone tell what is going on, please, what can we do?
Didn’t show the piano sound once. Worst investment I ever made. Piano is like a Casio. Strings are amazing but it’s for clav and Rhodes players this Korg
Great demo! I'm about to purchase one of these slightly used at a great price. Logistically this is a great gigging keyboard. I even measured my vehicle (2004 Ford Explorer) the SV-1 73 (in its Korg rolling gig case) will fit nicely either in the back cargo space or across the back seat. The SV weighs about the same as my Kronos 61. Will probably use it as my "meat & potatoes" keyboard with weighted action for piano and EPs. The Kronos synth action will still handle organ smears and synth solo lines. One thing I also considered was my 2 tier Ultimate Support Apex stand which has always been a favorite of mine with its small stage footprint (and it looks great with two black synths!). However the Apex presents a problem stacking certain synths. The bottom can be to view - not so with the SV on bottom since it has the forward facing panel - problem solved! I'm stoked!
i think these are his own compositions, so, he's a master.
Is 73 keys too little?
0:40 that melody
A list of sounds being used with the name of the song being played with it would be nice to see. Nice, I just want to hear the base grand piano sound at first on any keyboard
These things are really cool. That price tag though.
Anybody know any cheaper alternatives to this? Under 500 USD preferably
Totally not a keyboard player but would this be a good keyboard to get a Fender Rhodes sound?
For who say that organ and synth have no dynamic, i would like to remind that no hammond organ or combo or minimoog kind of synth (just an example) or mellotron had dynamic at all. So there i no point to say that is something missing, is the right way they did work
I read here many comments like, slugghish as a piano? Weighted keyobards are slow synth keybards are fast etc etc, Sorry but i have to say i tried the SV1 and is not slow at all, also is not stiff! If someone can't play a weighted keyboard or piano keyboard fast, is not piano keyboard's fault, he is slow, he is the one that need to improve his piano playing with proper exercise!
which keyboard amplifier/monitor would you suggest for the SV1 ? can anyone suggest me ?
what is he playing at 3:33?!
you have nice soul!
I always liked this keyboard and wanted for about 8 years, I have it now! It's simple and great!
You should put text on the screen to identify which setting you’re using
If someone has the settings for SV-1 for sound at 5:35 I would be happy . ;-)
Timbre Mágico!
what is the key action on this feel like? is it sluggish like a piano or fast like a keyboard?
The keyboard is nice, but I really like the improvising talented!
Hi, A follow on from my last text - because I'm a complete novice and don't know anything about electic piano's . Any advice would be helpful. Even advice about the simple things like:- where do I put the specker jake connection in { which socker is for what } what and what I cannot put in where ? input - output midi - daper pedles etc Any help to get me started would be appretiated - thanx
Hi Sweetweater, I've just borrowed my friends Korg SV-1 STAGE VINTAGE piano - they didn't leave any manual / instructions or what goes were { what plugs into what } etc their abroad and I cannot get in touch with them. Can you help or is there any help availabe? I don't want to damage anything. Thank you
he SV-1 is a bit out of price range right now anyone have a preference between the Korg SP280 vs a Yamaha P-125? t
Does it compatible with damper noise pedal . Like digital piano in left part of pedal
It would be really cool if the video showed us the actual keyboard from the players point of view. I wanted to see the controls and see how he changes them and interacts. next keyboard review. please keep that in mind. Thanks!
I am so buying this.
Can it be used as a midi controller as well ?
im undecided about buying this, the fact that you need to buy your own amp is putting me off, sweetwater, what amp would you recommend with this?
Have it - Love it !
The velocity demonstration at 2:05 wasn't very good.  It seemed as if some of the keys didn't even register a noise.
can you hook up an ipod to this and play along with the songs on your ipod.
Хочу себе такую игрушку :)
No one HAS,,, to buy it, so move on and find another I own several keyboards and not one does everything great and anyone who owns a rhodes knows it is only a rhodes so compromise is always inevitable 
5:48 Why not buy, listen to this.
STEVE Best @ Korg
Tone wheels were how the old Hammond B3's generated sound! Mechanical disks spin. Each creates an oscillation (wave form) through magnets, which are then amplified and heard as components (parts) of complex sounds. Each drawbar on the Hammond controls how much of each tone wheel's output (i.e. harmonics) are amplified, allowing the player to create sounds from their component parts. Som consider the tonewheel organs to be the first music synthesizers!
Well, I guess at least it's indestructible then isn't it (chortle).?!
vintage sounds without drawbars?
serious professional uses real pianos

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