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CME XKEY 37 SILVER USB Xkey 37-key Mobile Keyboard ...

This ultra-slim keyboard is thinner than an iPad yet it provides you with 37 full-sized keys that you'll really enjoy playing. Because the keys utilize a ...


CME Xkey Air 25-key Bluetooth MIDI Controller : Musical ...

‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. Item model number, ‎XKEY AIR 25 KEYS BLUETOOTH. Colour, ‎Silver. Number of Keyboard Keys, ‎25. Colour Screen, ‎ ...

GO TO STORE reviews: CME XKEY 37 SILVER USB Xkey 37 ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CME XKEY 37 SILVER USB Xkey 37-key Mobile Keyboard Controller at Read honest and unbiased ...


CME Xkey 25-Key MIDI Portable Mobile Musical Keyboard - Gold ...

Keyboard Number of keys: 25 Action: Synth action Key size: Full Velocity sensitive: Yes Aftertouch: Polyphonic Key type: Piano Connectivity USB MIDI: Yes ...


Korg MICROKEY37 37-Key Midi Controller : Musical ...

USB MIDI keyboard - thin, lightweight, and USB-powered; 37 velocity-sensitive mini keys; Comfortable and easy-to-play Natural Touch keyboard ...


CME Xkey Keyboard (37 Keys) Features

  • Full Size Piano Keys, Ultra Mobile Award Winning Keyboard
  • Only 0.6 inches thick and weighs less than 2 lbs. – Goes wherever you go
  • Professional playability with velocity sensitivity, Polyphonic after touch & more
  • Rugged anodized aluminum frame built for years of use - NOT plastic
  • Simply plug & play with all formats: IOS, Android, PC, MAC and Linux
  • Key specs are not available.
CME Xkey Keyboard (37 Keys) Colours:
  • Silver

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CME Xkey Keyboard (37 Keys) Reviews from YouTube

CME XKey 37 Review
CME Xkey Air 37-key Bluetooth MIDI Controller Review by Sweetwater
The Truth About The CME XKey Air
Review: CME XKey37 Portable MIDI Keyboard -
Way too much talking without really talking about feel, velocity, aftertouch in details
its weird that you feel aluminum as plastic. and please dont mislead people if you are not sure about something
Its made from aluminum. And you didnt bring up the polyphonic aftertouch. Or its midi out capabilities.
2:05 where can i get that extention? For a sustain pedal
Unpopular opinion: Chiclet keyboards are better than mechanical keyboards.
Hi, Im having a hard time getting this keyboard to work on windows in the ableton daw. I already downloaded loopmidi and MIDIberry and turned on track and remote in the MIDI settings in ableton for the input and outputs of the loopmidi port. But still when I arm a MIDI track and use the xkey it doesnt work but when I click on the computer keyboard u hear the sound just fine. Can anyone help?
they need a new graphic designer. what a joke of a box.
you can play that shit ? XD
You're from france i can feel that from your accent because I'm Algerian .
Wow, how did CME send you one of these? You clearly didnt read ANY of the material send with it, much less actually research the product yourself. It isnt plastic, CME goes to great lengths to describe their precision cut molded aluminum frame. And you didnt bother to demonstrate the polyphonic aftertouch, likely its biggest selling point. As a reviewer, you should consider that theyre paying you the value of the item for your review, so 5 minutes reading a Sweetwater listing wouldnt have killed you. Laziest. Review. Ever.
Hey, uhhh... weird question, but what brand are your glasses? I'm looking for a new pair and I really like yours!
What about the latency David
this is an excellent review. thank you
Honest review? rather ignorant review
Can you connect earphones to this ?
It's usually a wheel
bla ,bla ,bla,bla...
canta ceva daca stii sa canti.. sau tu esti doar un simplu vanzator...
looks noisy
Thanks - GREAT REVIEW :-) After your comments and seeing that keyboard flex, definitely won't be buying - may go Korg even though it's a bit bigger, it's obviously sturdier with a proper keybed.
Thanks for the review!
Soooo... No windows? :-/Stop Excluding us from products which we are interested in, and also work on our platforms!
Sad theres no sustain pedal option.
Can you plug in or use a sustain pedal?
Is he lost, the drug deal was next door, can you hook me up mitch. I'm sure you can, your keyboard skills are extraordinary. Almost legendary. Can you do the same presentation with a Russian accent.
You'd think that Sweetwater would be able to mix their background music better
He's pressing the key - the sound comes approx 0,5s and he's saying "I'm not feeling any latency here".
Is it possible to pair this with bluetooth headphones?
Does the connection cable come with it?
HiCan we have 2 xkey air device,for example 2 ( 25 key ). With 2 separate name or configuration for connection to ipad via Bluetooth simultaneously. And work with them simultaneously with one app ( for example cubasis app ) while one of them be lower octave and other one be higher octave . Can iPad support 2 ( 25 key Xkey air) simultaneously via Bluetooth.?Very thanks of you if answer to mePejman
I have the non-Bluetooth version of this (and the XKey 25 too). I shied away from this due to my experience with Bluetooth latency making music apps unusable. That said, my experience is not with this device. How has CME solved the laggy Bluetooth problem? Or is the lag incurred only on Bluetooth audio, with Bluetooth MIDI less laggy?
You need to warn people that there is a slight delay when using bluetooth. It's very annoying I strongly recommend a hard-wire connection.
Correction: I stated in the video that it DID NOT come with aftertouchit actually doeshowever not out of the boxit has to be activated via software.Check out these boards here If you decide to buy: Wireless Version: Wired Version: comes with a setup and piano app. That you don't realize poly aftertouch is present makes this video pretty irrelevant for synth players, who this is made for.
it has poly aftertouch which is quite rare
Does the Bluetooth version also support connecting over USB? I like the idea of bluetooth but would love the backup of plugging it in if needed.
You're right that It does not have a piano feel. It feels like qwerty keys- they basically are. But that's ok for me because I also have a stage piano. I have two keyboards taking up all of my available USB jacks, and this added 1 more controller via Bluetooth for some extra synths and effects. It was the perfect addition for my setup.EDIT: this thing claims to have POLYphonic aftertouch, which I believe is kind of rare, and really opens up the possibilities, since it is lacking a lot of "onboard" features.
How was the key velocity and sensitivity?
OMG dude PLAY IT PLAY IT to show us what a proper keyboard player can do with it ( or not). I really wanted you to show off its good qualities....or lack of good qualities AS A KEYBOARD. You touched it for a few seconds. The CME portable keyboards have POLYPHONIC AFTERTOUCH. There only a few OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive keyboards that have this. Is it functional? Can I play a VST synth (like say a CS-80 replica) and recreate that Vangelis sound where the various notes in a sustained chord get INDIVIDUALLY louder and softer within the playing of them? Just re-do the review.
Hi John,Thanks for that nice video, very informative!So how do you feel now about the Xkey air a few months after that review?Same feeling? (I was thinking in buying the 37 keys one. I'm using a bluetooth korg microkey air that works nicely but has small keys.)
latency is objective though? hahahhaha nice vid thanks!
I bought this because it fits on a rack drawer shelf underneath my behringer 2600. I dont care for the feel either. You can buy an adapter to break out damper expression pedal ($67 currently). When I hold this keyboard up to any of my real keyboards, the key-spacing is actually wider that usual.
You are paying for convenience pretty much.
25 & 37 notes ... kids toys
I bought it just for triggering midi in my DAW perfect for that.
Glad I read this - I was about to buy but now I'll look elsewhere. Looks cool, though.
Thank you for your review. You talked me out of it. I think I would have been annoyed if I paid $200+ for this and it was sub par. I'm not a piano player per se but I think the latency would annoy me.
So this is totally off topic, but how does the M1 Air hold up with softwares like Keyscape by now? I havent been hearing much on it lately
My aim is just to learn to play by hear.What do I need?A digital piano? midi controller? Weighted keys? Semi weighted keys? Keyboard? 88 keys?Hans Zimmer inspires me, I just want to play his music.Please suggest a model Thanks & regards
Great review, John Mike! The Xkey 37 wired was my first Midi keyboard controller. Agreed! This is great for throwing in a suitcase with your clothes or in a backpack instead of something big like the Nektars we've talked about. But after getting it, I didn't feel like it was worth $200. The white keys don't stay level and balanced, they get rocky and can stick. If CME lowers their prices 50%, these would be worth that.
I tried to love this controller beyond it's looks but just could not. I thought it looked great and very slim. but besides that. I could not get used to the way it felt when I played it. Finally I got the courage to sell it. There is nothing at this time that looks close to what this keyboard looks like but, there are dozens of them that feel way better when your playing.
I ended up selling mine. Just wasnt for me.
That was a really good review and demo - practical, real world, and hands on.Have been considering one of these for a while, your review is the first that gave me the answers I needed for day to day use.Thanks matey, from Somerset, England. Liked and subscribed.
Great review. Just ordered mine before I saw the review. Now I can't wait.
I just got the Xkey 25 today and I cant get it to work. I registered it and I download the Xkey Plus App and it does not recognize the Xkey. Maybe Im using the wrong lightning adapter. I got an iPad Pro Version 14.6
oh snap l didn't know you could play lolYou just sold me. Im getting this asap
If you haven't figured out the sustain longevity it's under miscellaneous & it'll hold forever until you press it again
The same keyboard are being sold under the name Artesia xkey37? Do you know if two keyboard are identical? Or why do two different companies sell same device? I ordered the Xcable that comes with the midi out sustain pedal and expression pedal all in one just like you showed in your video, for my Xkey air 37... and its seems like the end that connects to the controller is to big... what a let down, or perhaps Im doing something wrong... maybe you can show how you connect yours to your controller But I like the vid overall...
This or akai mpk mini in 2019?
very good review, thanks
Nice rappin at the beginning yo
nice walk thru of the setup controls... very appreciated
Cme x37 or Cme x37 air ?only the Bluetooth makes the difference ? is everything else the same
What are your toughts on it in 2018?
Cool, nice video gave me good idea of set up when I get mine thanks
2.5 octaves is optimal. 2 is to little and 3 starts to become to big. There are some 2.5 ones out there but not with the low keys. I always wanted the small key travel as a pad or my mac keyboard. I type a lot of music on that Mac 1.5 octave. I hope they see the light and make a 2.5. Question is if it should start from C or start from F. You wanna centre around the middle so starting with F could be good. Or E, it would give you 33 light low profile keys that goes in your bag. Add a pitch-wheel:) No problem with that. A mod-wheel above then the octave buttons. Room for improvement.
is it aluminium or painted plastic ?
can i hook this up to my computer i just ordered a whole studio set up. so i was wondering if i could plug up on computer?
Are they velocity-sensitive keys?
can i use it for fl studio
Thanks! I just ordered one of these and you've made me feel pretty good about it!

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