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Physics of Nuclear Reactions Book Reviews from YouTube

Nuclear Reactions, Radioactivity, Fission and Fusion
Nuclear Reactions, Fission and Fussion, Chapter 13, Nuclei, Class 12 Physics
Lecture 34 | 5th Semester | Types of Nuclear reactions
so entropie is an electromangetic effect, and mass too?
Gravity isn’t a force!
at 5:45, it is stated that mesons mediate the strong force between nucleons. Do gluons transmit strong force for quarks only and mesons transmit strong force for the whole 'nucleons' (hadrons)? If so, why is the meson not part of the 4 gauge bosons?
The unstable isotopes that decay via gamma emission are a form of "nuclear isomer", where the nucleus is not in the ground state (most stable state) but an excited state, usually they either decay via fission or gamma emission. The unstable state is notated as Sy* (Sy is the rest of the symbol of the element)
…who’s Adam?
hi man, you're just a piece of art
i actually have a very interesting doubt in nuclear reactions and would love it to be resolved whenever there is a nuclear reaction there is conservation of mass and charge however there is not necessarily conservation of electrons for eg- Be (mass -9 protons-4) + alpha (mass-4 protons 2) - carbon (mass-12 protons - 6) + neutron (mass-1 charge -0) as it is clear that on both sides the number of protons and neutrons is same but this is not the case for number of electrons as LHS- no of electron - 4 (no electrons in alpha) RHS- no of electron - 6 I mean from where does this reactions gets 2 electrons?
omg sooo helpful thank you prof!
Why do you use an ess-zet symbol instead of a beta symbol?
Really nice explainer! Thank you! Just one quibble: at the 3 minute mark, the symbol on screen for beta is a German eszett, ß, which isn’t actually a Greek beta, β. They’re close, though!
Hey Dave, I’m a big fan, which is why it excites me, someone who is barely a hobbyist physicist, to point out something you said that was incorrect. The Elementary particles that mediate the strong force are actually called a Gluons not a Meson. I’m 100% sure that you already knew this and made a mistake or hit your terms switched up but I thought I’d comment and feel like I accomplished something this week by correcting someone of your stature. Thank for doing what you do Cheers
Do you have any videos/tutorials explaining Isotopes, isobars, Isotones, Isomers?
Can you selectively knock out certain genes and replace them with the right ones to cure diseases eg CF .
I feel Solar energy is the way to the future bot fission reactors risking the wntire countries lol
I didnt knew a neutron can become proton or visavera
Guts of the chemist working to discover Radiation with uranium lol, still managed to pop it off without any gear
thank you!
Brilliantly explained
aap bahut accha pdhate ho Thanks sir
Aap bhut achha pdhate ho
Thank you sir
Watching just few hours before my boards exam oh god
Thank u sir
Nice video but plz concentrate on good lighting
Ooooooo nice
AND Thanks for uploading this wonderful video
Sir aapki awaaz bhot achhi h ek dam young boy jaisi .
Wow sir really owsum
Thank you very much sir
Your God to .me thanks sirrrrrr
Very good explanation sir
All the best for exams everyone
Nice you are best teacher
Clear hai itni baat best teacher

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