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Photovoltaic Science and Technology Book Reviews from YouTube

Photovoltaic Effect. Solar cell, Optical losses, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications in Hindi
Explained: Photovoltaics
9. Some review and introduction to solar photovoltaics
Solar 3.0: This New Technology Could Change Everything
Must appreciate your way of explaining. Its too effective, easy and understandable. Thanking you for this favour ‍‍‍‍‍‍
Fantastic sir
Thank you sir
Explain bequerel effect
Jai hind sir
IT-27 Done
IT-01 Done
IT - 04 done sir
IT-41 done
CE-09 done
It-25 done
It-28 done
Optimizing binary material discovery:> background music is annoying but good explanation.
Temperature coefficients of degraded crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules at outdoor conditions didn't get it
You need to make some changes. Check Avasva Solutions if you want to make it right.
I like the animation but I not understand how it is work
finally my fouth grade self can get first place in stem for 3 years in a row thanks. :) i wanna keep it that way
Solar cell efficiency is the main problem here. Solar cells are highly inefficient when it comes to utilizing solar energy. When a photon with energy higher than the bandgap is absorbed, the excess energy is not utilized and instead goes to heat the cell which raises the cell temperature.
thanks for the information
I found this very interesting
thanks for the information
nice presentation. Hope we make the transition from FF to solar soon.
So that explains why solar is advancing so slowly
Storage USED to be a problem Thanks, Elon!
Absolutely well done and definitely keep it up!
Great questions in the quiz revision!
So what's the stock ticker? :)
Ah! Radiant logo!, hope im able to reach it in this year
25 fucking years That makes no sense because then it is too late for us or atleast to people at a certain age,samnit.
Shut up and take my money!
They only last for months so the building applications, general power applications, cars, boats etc are pie in the sky. But yes, good for short term and one-off applications, like military drones, toys, maybe phones etc. Not a likely candidate for saving the planet, unfortunately.
i mean, even if it's longevity is about 5-10 years, couldn't you just change it every decade, and because its so much cheaper than silicon cells, it would still be better, no ?
I would like to work for Tesla working on ABX and Ai Technologies I learned enough Elon. And I want to work on Mars colonizing
apparently one cme from the sun would provide enough energy to supply the entire earth for 20000 years, sounds like a great bit of tec
He will end up ☠️ b4 long government won’t allow this to amazing and ground breaking and it takes billions out of there pockets
Currently money scams and solar energy are the same thing with the equipment being sold to the public similar to a high powered automobile with square wheels.
How abundant is perovskite? Where is it found? What are the ecological effects of mining and processing it?
A concentrated solar grid in a small area of one state is not logically possible. The transmission lines from that area to blanket the entire USA alone would be a nightmare. Not to mention extremely prone to forcing the bulk of the country into a blackout due to sabotage and idiots with heavy equipment. We should be focusing on making fusion reactors ourselves.
Yeah organic salts don't laat
Solar cell work on the principle of if there is more sun then there is more power generated. If you magnify the sun with a layer of micro grove cut magnifying substrate then even with these solar cells the efficiency of the sun even at 30% lower sun would generate its usual 100% power. The technology battery or capacitor catching the electricity would need to be flexible in multi power storage as if there is more sun then the correct storage would be required to avoid waste further energy produced by the solar cells as the current flaw is once the battery is charged the efficiency of the solar cell is wasted and stops utilising the power.

Couldn't change my social awkwardness so i wouldn't say "Everything"
The only question that occurred to me within 30 secs was: "So how durable are such thin cells?" Then I read a few comments and confirmed that this is indeed still the main weakness. And if they only last 5-10 years how recyclable are they ? And why is 25 years still considered sufficient ? Why has life-span not improved for conventional PV ? Paul G
Cool to see more efficient solar power models being researched. Finding efficiency is the crux of engineering.
Sounds very promising.

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