Philips SA5MXX04AF 4GB MP3 Player

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Buy Philips SA5MXX04AF 4GB MP3 Player online at TATACliq Croma Snapdeal. Philips SA5MXX04AF 4GB MP3 Player Colours: White Blue Black

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Philips SA5MXX04AF 4GB MP3 Player Offers

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Philips SA5MXX04AF 4GB MP3 Player Offers

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Philips SA5MXX04AF 4GB MP3 Player Colours:
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black

Philips SA5MXX04AF 4GB MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format MP3, WMA, WAV
Audio Playback Time 10 hr
Display Size 0.98 inch
Brand Philips
Color Blue
Model Id SA5MXX04AF
Type MP3 Player
In the Box
Sales Package MP3 Player
Memory Size 8 GB

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George mix mp3 charge Kaise kare
Hello friend. Even i have got the same with 4 GB varient. I needed some help as accidentally I did format of my mp3 player.. It's been 5 months since I've been using this. Unfortunately I can't play my songs after the songs have been transferred to mp3 player. When I select All songs it shows me no songs found. And when I connect to the computer (PC) it show just list of songs. I think I am missing some files that was used to be there by default. Even my memory it shows to be full. can you help me out please. Email: [email protected]
Can I use Bluetooth earphones?
Can I repair it at home?
How to replace battery in it
I want to buy it but is all out of stock
Why this fm not long lasting bettry drain fast
How do you open and replace the battery. Battery is available in Amazon.
What is the cost
I have this MP3 player,having a battery issue,battery lasts for only 2-3 hours after full charge and suddenly drops to zero,I think I should change the battery but unfortunately I don’t know how to dissemble it though I can purchase a suitable battery on aliexpress
I lost the cap somewhere 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 where can i get it
How much it will cost
this was very helpful... thanks!
Is anyone facing battery issues with this device
I cant unlock it :( help me
Its like pendrive?
Hey!!..I m not able to start as it is not getting charge...even after charging it for more than 5hrs
With out pc or laptop how to charge
I own this, but sound is bit lower even at full volume, but music quality is good.
don't buy it, go for sony
I've had this for seven years
I still have my 8gb, went through the wash still works lol
still got mine. . I love to fill it up with songs and education audio for study. For that I use "ZillaTube", works great, google it
Bluetooth ?
I have a this , sentimentaly music player
I accidentally ran mine through the washer
I've had this thing for 6 1/2 years and it's still good as ever! If you can, please buy this mp3 player - You won't regret it!
how to download music
Have this mp3 bluetooth?
Philips go gear vibe how the video is thrown nolur answers me very much sebinirsin kırmassamsan be very happy waiting for the answer as soon as possible
Hello, I have a silly stupid question about this one - where is the option to arrange my MP3 files the way the MP3 files are named and not in the alphabetical order the tracks are named in the MP3 file itself? It drives me nuts - I can't listen to full albums, cause the tracks are all messed up.
Over the time that I have owned this, it has been hit and miss with loading music files. An app flashed up, have you tried 'My MP4 to MP3 converter?' On the Windows apps site, oh well, give it a go. It worked easily, I converted and downloaded from One Drive 167 music files, quickest ever, clicked on mp3 folder and download to device. Fastest time I have uploaded.
how to add radio can not find a way to help you
where is the fm radio? Mine has an fm radio
hi im not have any music in my mp3 player how can get it to my mp3 from other devices
I have this mp4 and I love it because it's helps me a lot since I'm a musician
I Have This Mp4 and.. IS THE BEST!. Sound quality is EXCELENT, Sound best than my smartphone!. I have 8GB, the best product ever for me!. Good job i like this review. Gretings from Argentina!.
I have this. Pretty decent. Decent memory for music
Think that is what im looking for :) want music on the move but hate smartphones
Hi, i have sa2rga02k/94 go gear raga but when i plug it in my laptop.It charges automatically but my laptop doesn't show raga. Using windows 10. Updated all driver,used virtual xp but nothing works. Can you help me in this?
Hi David, I struggle with used memory reset. I deleted all files but USED memory is still full. Typical RESET does not work. I do not see any reset function on software. Do you know if I disconnect battery for some time then USED memory will be reset to zero? Thanks in advance.
thnx for helping us. i opened and reached battery.. i ll buy new one..
Thanks, I've so long searched the way to open it, but never mind the hidden screw. The video is not so short.... :-)
Hey ! Just saw your video... it gave me some hope about my old one.... i really don't know what happened to my one... it doesn't start but when i put a charger on it only show Philips and the screen tends to turn off and on for a couple of times... No sign of charging or what so ever..... Just wanted to know if my one is completely dead or can be repaired
How to input songs
Thank you.
Hello brother... After long years, I came to saw my mp3 player Philips gogear raga SA3RGA04R/97. But unfortunately it was not working I can't switch it on. While connecting with charging adapter it is getting on and showing goraga after that it shows updating but then it is showing the battery charging icon. But not charging... What should I do. It was a great gift from my dad. And even I enjoyed hearing it alot in my college days.. Now I feel sad after seeing this condition.. So please help me to sort it out.. Please make a video on this specific model. Other wise please send me the links. Thank you..
Sanki beyin ameliyati yapacan
I have same one but it's not starting by holding power button
Thanks a lot bro but can u plz make another video on changing its charging socket to usb socket
RespectIVE places!
Thanks a lot dude
Great job. subscribe me back pls
Hi, Great video. The replacement battery you've linked only has two wires. Your video shows the original has three. The eBay battery does have an unused solder point. Do we add a wire to that point?
Hello, Below you have timestamp references for easy access or orientation through the video. There is also a copy of these in the description part as well. 😉 So how do then these work ? 🙄 Video Breakdown: @ 00:00 - 01:47 -- Intro/Announcement @ 01:48 - 02:06 -- Quick Glimpse At The Specifications @ 02:07 - 04:19 -- Up Close On The MP3 Player (Front, Side, Bottom) @ 04:20 - 04:57 -- Bottom Hidden Philips Screw (Behind Plastic Cap) @ 04:58 - 05:24 -- More Visual Overview On The Device (Top) @ 05:25 - 06:36 -- Neck Strap Opening/Reference @ 06:37 - 06:57 -- History Of The Gadget (Purchase) @ 06:58 - 07:49 -- Powering On The Player (Prerequisite Parameter) @ 07:50 - 08:36 -- Take Apart Procedure/Plan (Reveal On The Second Hidden Philips Screw) @ 08:37 - 10:02 -- How To Remove Front Plastic Mask/Cover (Hairdryer vs. Heat Gun) @ 10:03 - 10:38 -- Proceeding Without Pre-Heating The Cover @ 10:39 - 11:53 -- Gear/Tools Used/Needed @ 11:54 - 12:31 -- Removing The Black Plastic Cap (Bottom Side) & The Black Philips Screw @ 12:32 - 14:05 -- Tackling The Front Plastic Cover (Second Hidden Philips Screw Spotted) @ 14:06 - 14:45 -- Note On The Double-Sided Adhesive Tape @ 14:46 - 15:05 -- Removing The Second Philips Screw @ 15:06 - 15:34 -- Sliding Out The Inner Plastic Caddy @ 15:35 - 15:55 -- Further Disassembly (Bottom Cap & Button Controls) @ 15:56 - 16:32 -- Quick Cleaning (Above Mentioned Parts) @ 16:33 - 17:22 -- Front/Top Side Of The Player's PCB (Comments) @ 17:23 - 18:15 -- Note On The Last 2 Philips Screws @ 18:16 - 18:50 -- USB Mini Jack Port (Cleaning Advice) @ 18:51 - 20:03 -- Alternative Way To Slide Out The Plastic Caddy ? @ 20:03 - 20:26 -- Looking At The Back Of The Plastic Caddy (Li-Po Battery Information Exposed) @ 20:26 - 21:15 -- Battery Dimensions (Digits Explanation) @ 21:16 - 22:41 -- Replacement Battery ? @ 22:42 - 23:01 -- Last 2 Screws Removed @ 23:02 - 24:42 -- Extracting The PCB (With Battery) Out Of The Plastic Caddy @ 24:43 - 26:11 -- Main Plastic Enclosure Notes (Advice & Warning) @ 26:12 - 26:56 -- Back/Bottom Side Of PCB (Comments) @ 26:57 - 27:49 -- Battery's 3 Wires (Blue Wire is NTC) @ 27:50 - 30:22 -- Back-Light & FM Radio IC Guess (Possible Location) @ 30:23 - 31:24 -- Storage/Memory MLC NAND Flash IC Position ? @ 31:24 - 32:24 -- Turning On The MP3 Player (Verifying It Still Works) @ 32:25 - 34:52 -- Final Summary On Proper Disassembly Of The Player @ 34:53 - 36:31 -- Last Advice On The Replacement Battery (Wires) @ 36:32 - 37:43 -- End Note Comments & Future Plans
DO you use any kind of program to pass songs to mp3 player, like songbird?
what about battery life