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  • 4 GB Capacity
  • Black

Philips GoGear Action 4 GB MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE
Audio Playback Time 12 hrs
Sound Settings Sound Enhancement (Full Sound)
IO Device High Speed Micro USB
Brand Philips
Color Black
Model Id GoGear Action
Type MP3 Player
Memory Size 16 GB
Number of Songs Approx. 900
Additional Features Hassle-free Quality Sound, Cordless and Splash Proof, Fast Charge, Dust Proof Design for Wet and Dusty Conditions, Built-in Pedometer for Instant Calorie Tracking, Shockproof, Splash and Dustproof, Small, Colorful and Stylish, Built-in Clip for Convenient and Hands-free Use, Direct USB for Easy File...View More Hassle-free Quality Sound, Cordless and Splash Proof, Fast Charge, Dust Proof Design for W
MP3 Audio Yes
WMA Audio Yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Max Power Output 2 x 2.5 mW
Recharge Time Quick Charge - 5 min Charge for up to 60 mins Playback
Recharging Method USB-based Charging

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How to add songs on it
After using almost 6 years, it doesn't work anymore :( i don't even know what is the problem...
Where do we get this in karnataka
I need to replace my battery, pls can u tell me where can I buy battery
I have PHILIPS GoGear RaGa 2GB and i have no idea how to unlock miss that lock button...what i have to do, please???
Ofcourse the mp3 player named 'Raga' is reviewed by a person from India ;) :P
Sound quality doesn't depend on the go gear raga it depends on which headphones you use
I have just purchased the philips gogear raga and i havent a clue how it works i thought i down loaded my music in it but it just keeps on saying file not found... its turning out to be a nightmare trying to figure out how it works,,, My review on this is it is a peace of Crap,,,,,, and its locked at volume 8 too im certainly not happy with this there is not enough information on how to work it :( :(
Hi, my problem is that the sound is locked at volume 08 and I cannot unlocked. Could you suggest something?
I have a Philips GoGear Mix at the moment, and I'm not happy with it. The sound is so soft that I have to override its max limit every time I switch it on - which is a manual process of 12 key-presses - which is a bit of a pain!  When I complained to Philips, they said there was nothing they could do.  * When it is switched on, how long does it take to boot?  My present one takes up to 27 seconds. * What manual actions are required to make it play from where it left off last time? * If it is stopped while playing, how long does it stay in standby before powering itself off?  My present one powers off much too quickly.  If I stop it to talk to the check-out in a supermarket, by the time I am through, it has powered off, and I have to wait for the reboot, and reset its volume again. * Does it play tracks in the order in which they are stored, or does it play them in alphabetic order, with no option to change it except "randomise"?  Mine plays them min alpha order, and if I use radomise, it can play the same one twice. * If I lose my place when I'm 45 minutes into a 50-minute podcast, and have to start from the beginning of the podcast again, how long does it take to get back to the place I left off?  Some players have a fast rewind at about 10x speed - which would mean holding the fast forward button for 4 1/2 minutes - unacceptable.  Some have a fast forward that speeds up after a while, but mine does not. * Can I go to the end of the podcast (beginning of the next) and rewind into the desired podcast to find my place?  On mt present one, I can't do that.  I one had a Curtis that could. * What is the mechanism to increase the volume beyond the European legislated max volume, which is invariably so low I can hardly hear what's coming out of an MP3 player?  Is it this 12 key-press routine?
Hey I have one 4 GB varient which isn't working properly, can u email me the default files present in Go gear mix which is visible when connecting to pc, since I have formatted my go gear mix there are no files available in it as it got deleted, since 4 months I can't play any songs. Do email me those files at : [email protected]
hey can u suggest some mp3 players which have bluetooth connectivity as well???/
I have the same mp3 player, sound quality is very nice, I purchased on 2014 and now the battery gives problem. cant replace. use and through. but overall the gadget is the best.
Transfer to laptop is impossible all recording get deleted !! Please advise
Please let me know how to open and replace the battery.
I am bangladeshi how can i bye this? Is this available in kolkatata?
how can i repair this
can i use it without earphones
Kk..but how's the Sound Quality.? Descend worth penny? Need bass?
Bro how's the sound quality compare to Transcend Mp3 player 8gb..? I need more punchier bass and Smooth Voice
Hi. Can we play it with car music system
Can a select a particular folder and play songs only from that folder?
is this waterproof
does the player cap gets loosen after lots of use ?
Is it working well with the JBL. hows the bass
Are the earphones good, too?
one more que...!! can we connect it to mobile via otg cabel for for music transfer???
hy...can we charge it using a usb charger(mobile charger)
awsm bro, thanks for the review.
Will it work with Mac ? And how is the sound quality if i use my own headsets ?
Beautiful hands
The update always changes something. Go to Setting, Sound setting and the volume limit and after that set to off. If it still doesn't work, go to Factory setting and reset it.
I got the same issue' :( Found any solutions yet??
Your nails are beautiful, i didn't even look at that mp3 thingy...
yeah its all due to the length of the songs genius
your hands are more beautiful than this Mp3 player.... :-D
I had this one until my sister accidentally dropped into water and now it doesn't turn on. It's a nice mp3 player, but kinda difficult to press the buttons as they are small :)
since 2 years