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Buy People Women's Button Down Top online at Amazon. Fit type: Relaxed 100% Cotton Machine wash Button Down Long Sleeve Button Front
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Amazon Offers ₹699 GO TO STORE

People Women's Button Down Top Features

  • Fit type: Relaxed
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Button Down
  • Long Sleeve
  • Button Front

The lowest People Women's Button Down Top Price in India is ₹699 at Amazon.
Buy People Women's Button Down Top online at Amazon.
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People Women's Button Down Top Reviews from YouTube

How a women’s shirt should fit ǀ 10-POINT CHECKLIST ǀ Justine Leconte
Flipkart Top Haul Under Rs.500| Casual,Formal,Partywear| Most Affordable Top under rs.500|
9 Ways To Style Button Down Shirt | 9 Outfits
Do you have any advice for women who are more insecure about their body size and prefer bulkier shirts?
I love the last two. I'd button them to the top.
You make me want to get a Neverfull again :-) Is that a MM or GM? xx
So helpful!! I love this! It makes me want to go shopping 🛍 right now! Keep them coming loving all these tips and tricks!
Hi everyone! This is your 2nd chance to ask me a question for next week's Q&A! I will pick questions that I haven't answered in the one that I did 3 months ago... so let me know! And HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
THank you!!
Hi Justine! Love your videos! :) Do you have any brands for button down shirts that you recommend? I generally have a hard time finding ones with an extra button in the chest area and that are cotton with a slight stretch. Thanks!
I continue to be impressed by this woman's posts. Even though I am a middle aged, short and rounded , I usually come first to see what J has to say on the subject. And to date, she has been spot on. Merci encore, Mlle Justine.
Blouses are always an issue with me. I have not yet found one made for someone like me. I'm short, petite, meaning short arms. But I also have a bigger bust, plus thick arms. So I'm a bit larger on the upper side. I always have to buy the bigger size because if not the buttons are indeed pushed outwardly and the bra is visible, if I don't wear a top underneath it. But then on the other side the sleeves are too long. The dilemma. I have the same thing with blazers and jackets. Can't button them or sleeves too long. 😂
Can you help me understand why for some button down shirts, the collar rides up backwards? As in, the back of my neck not touching the back of the collar anymore and the seams where the front and back of the shirt come together at the top end up being BEHIND me rather than right at the peak of my shoulders or in front of me. Has only happened with a couple shirts and I'm not sure what's up with that. Thanks! :)
Hi! I can't believe that i just found out your videos today.. It's really helpful! Do you have any brand recommendation for someone short?
Thank you 😊
I've worn shirts for work so did have loads of them, I still do have some but got rid of them when I retired. After listening to you advising I've definitely learned a lot. Xxx
For me the shirts stitching feels tight when i am folding my hands... Like a bra strap falling on down feeling did anybody understand?
Shopping is an utter nightmare for me. I have very large breasts that never fit in button ups and if I go up a size,I've gotten rid of any shape I had...i have a jiggly stomach on top of it all so I need camouflaged shirts. Basically I don't look right in anything .
Merci pour tes vidéos, claires, précises, sans chichi, pragmatiques et très informatives. Et merci d'être inclusive et d'avoir pensé à celles qui n'ont pas la taille (ou la poitrine) d'un mannequin.
Justine - hello! I love your scarf here - it is one of the nicest (I am scarf obsessed, one can say. Got more scarves than tops and shirts together ;-)..). Any chance you would share please where this can be purchased? MERCI!!!!
Can inverted v shaped women wear button down shirts? Thanks.
I'm rather short but most shirts have just too much space under the armpits and the sleeves are so wide. It just looks ridiculous. I guess how thin your arms are, also plays a role here.
Hi Justine, I got back to this video after watching the one related to Kardashian effect and I notice that, in time, the way you speak changed a lot. What I mean: you voice is much calmer and you don't use a rising-pitch intonation at the end of a sentence. It is so nice to see how you improve yourself in time. Thank you for what you do!
Thank you! Really needed this video
0:21 Love is Life Kiss Me In Businesswoman Shirt 👚👕👔💋
Thank you! It's hard for me when it comes to shirts because I am busty and I l have to go up in size though everything may fit well. I end up with too big a shirt. Appreciate the tips.
Amazing haul and all the tops r very nice 👌
Nice haul🔥
Di college jaane k liye kurti wagera ka haul laaiye na please
What is your size?can you plz tell me.
Awesome haul and beautiful choices
Awesome di..❤️😘😘meesho haul bhi kro
First viewer 😙
You know how much I love to reuse items so this time discovered a beautiful striped shirt in Julita’s cupboard. And here you have it - 9 Ways to style it ❤ Please let me know if this format of videos is helpful and useful? And which outfit is your favourite? I really like how #6 turned out :)
I love that shirt and I love those jeans! Where can we get the jeans? I think I really liked the office ready outfit the best. 70's was cute too! They all are lol :-)
Tes vidéos sont super! Vraiment ça donne beaucoup d'idées pour porter les vêtements différemment c'est cool!
I love all these outfits
Such a sweet little man ;)
Very. Good stylist
Watching this video I felt I needed to buy a shirt like that so I can try these different looks 😜loved the ideas so much 💕💕💕💕
These types of videos are soo great!😍
I liked the toddler cameo:)
Me gustan todos. Fabulosa como siempre ideas orginales y ponibles!! Gracias💋💋💋
You are a talented shirt tucker :D i would love a more detailed video about the magic of that
I love how it looks! I just can't imagine what weather will allow me personally to wear 2-3 layers of clothes without sweating through them all. ⩾20℃ means I can't comfortably wear 2 layers. maybe like 5-10 days in the end of September or in the beginning of October. but for those 5 days I will be stylish! LOL
Another inspirational video with simple accessories and styling. Thank you
Love how u made the shirt look like a completely different piece with each outfit. My favorite is definitely the 70's look. 👍👍👍
You out-did yourself. I loved every restyle. I will copy ever single one... Your little Angel is growing so fast...
Préféré le style 6 mais je vois mal la finition de la chemise et la ceinture!
I learned two things from this video! Tuck it under the belt for a cropped look, and tuck it sideways (I can’t think what that’s called) on each side. Cute!
You're creative 🖤 Plus love your baby...

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