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Buy pekdi LCD Display Panel Brushless Controller Kit for Electric Bicycle Electric Scooter online at Amazon.

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  • The lowest pekdi LCD Display Panel Brushless Controller Kit for Electric Bicycle Electric Scooter Price in India is ₹6,699 at Amazon.
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pekdi LCD Display Panel Brushless Controller Kit for Electric Bicycle Electric Scooter Reviews from YouTube

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Unfortunately this guy doesn't know how to talk.
Hi! want to know why need to run a long red wire to batttery ? is the red wire from the controller no power?
Hi, how to take power from controller for gps tracker black and red wires for power ?
Hello i don’t know so much about e bike someone build me an Ebike everything works good accept for the display it don’t have the display can u please help me
Así no me entero de nada tendría que ser explicado 😑
best regards friend, I need your help, I have a skateboard that uses the same screen, but the screen is cracked and the skateboard was working fine but it stopped working in high speed and only goes in slow speed, so I just want to ask you this: apparently the screen connection cables are in the same order but in mine between the black cable and the red cable there is a blue cable and not orange like in yours and I suppose it is the same one from the ignition so that it turns on and I suppose that if I join the red cable with that blue cable, which in his case is orange, I should turn on the skateboard without the need for said screen, but I measure that blue cable with the tester and it gives me the same 28v that it gives between the black and the red, that is, it behaves as if it were another negative and I am afraid to do the test lest a short circuit occur and end up burning the controller... please help me, if joining that blue cable with the red one should turn on the skateboard without the pa ntalla because we have to assume that it is the same order of the cables because the screen and its connector are identical to the one in your video.... thank you very much God bless you and I already subscribe to your channel
just soldering, doesn't show how the wires were identified
Hi, Do you have any idea. How to connect PAS Sensor if BLDC Controller not support (No PAS cables)
Great video very insightful and helpful however the music on the video made my ears start to!
IT works on my 36 brushless controller but I can't change Speed, do You Have a solution for that ?
I have a 36v sidofo. It has thumb on right and LCD thumb on left. Why does only the right thumb work but not LCD thumb?
do you know to adapt throttle to brushed controllers?
This guy's really going to nail the wires to his table....ok then.
Hi could you help me hook up my display to a controller that has 2 instrumental lines? I would greatly appreciate it.
Can I know if I can just do a on off switch to the signal for pulse pas? Or push button ? So I just use the yellow cable for it ? No need to give power to the on off switch ?
May as well buy a esc that comes with the screen for around £40 but nice to see how this way is done 👌
Online speedometer chahiye bhai saste ma koi link hai Mare pass hero optima hai 2015 model wali
Speed metar price
what does mean by buck out i have cluster which have one pin with buck out can you explain me
Hi. My display is left with one purple wire and one white wire. Where do I connect those 2 wires. I know white is for speed and purple for HL Hall.but I don't know where to connect them to
How do you know the motor wattage?
how to change temp C to current A option in ebike universal display ? i saw a guy did on youtube but didn't show the method
मीटर कितीला बसतं
hello sir, can i ask you for display wirings, where can i contact you, thank you.
i wish there was no music, i also wish there was talking, but i still like the videos you upload
Hello sir ye Meter Mike chahiye please Link de dijiye
hello that display have settings software
Hello. Thanks for such a great video. I'm trying to install mine and I just don't know where to connect the light and blinkers 😕 could you explain how you did it? Should I just connect the light wire of this display to the lighting circuit? Thanks in advance
Is it for conventional or programmable controller
you got the website where you buy the LCD screen??
justamente instale un traductor de chino al español en el telefono para traducir esas dichosas letricas, he reparado varias la mayoria se van por los diodos de la pantalla si fallan por falso se apaga la pantalla y el voltaje que esta en el circuito de diodos es como un voltage de referencia para la placa. Saludos de cuba para grecia
Link ?
Do you have only electric bike meter or Petrol bike's too?
Hello, I have same display and motor having 72V and 3KW and kelly controller KLS7218MC. When I attached this display, It can't show me speed, trip and battery%. can you help me in this?
This Man is a National Treasure and must be protected at all costs
I HAVE 4 SCOOTERS 500 w and my small one is 350 bird zero Ninebot max pro scooters THANK YOU SIR.
I know there are brushless and brushed motors, and there are brushless and brushed controllers, but are they ever interchangable?
thanks for this detailed video ...very usefull , on my manual it says for the single orange wire "cruise speed line" may be its for memorising the constant speed. Be carefull about the brake , my ebike give me a +Vbatt(50v) on the wire , when brake is applied , i have to modify it to have a 0v
thank you big help! wired my scooter up just right with these instructions last night and took care of all the problems ive been having with it. now it doest ask for a credit card number to get started, refuse to drive on the sidewalks or slow down to a crawl going up the embarcadero. thanks a ton!.
Hi, how do i connect the gps tracker black and red wires to the controller for power ?
Does this controller have overcurrent protection? How long will it stay off?
This is probably a very stupid question for you. But, May i ask you ? When installing a new controller ? How do I know if I have installed the Phase wires and Also the Hall wires correctly ? You said nothing about installing the Hall wires... What happens to either ?
hello i recently bought ebike conversion kit left drive kit, i have connected all of wire correctly but motor not spin at all, using lead acid battery 3, pack 36v i tried changing new controller still no respond from motor when throttle being pressed (bad eng) but when direct wiring from battery to motor it spin backward even though i've match colour red to red black to black it went backward spin, using L Faster kit
got a 600w same wires as yours, i hot wired the fast wires together and get a strange sound when i take off is this bad??? shall i take off in slow setting???
thank you so much your the best im sorted now..all works.
Can i use 36 v battery on a 25,2v motor 250W . Please let me know Thank....
Thanks! Clear tutorial
This is the clearest, most intelligent, and inspiring tutorial I have ever seen. Thank you very much!!!
I just bought a controller from Amazon bought a throttle with a voltage display and and on and off switch were would I hook up the blue extra cable on my controller I only see auto Metter cable and electric lock cable ?
Thank you so much, this is very informative and made an easy job of replacing my controller. 👍
Hi, followed your instructions to connect the controller to the scooter and it works. however, if I use throttle max, it only run for 3 mins and cut off. I have to turn off the power switch and turn on again then it runs for only 3 mins. Do you know why?
Thank you 🙏🏽🙏🏽
I love your video but can't find wire dieagram on amazon . can you help please
Great video. Question, my battery is 48v 20ah. My controller is 48v 20ah. Manufacturer upgrade from 20ah b/c none in stock. Will this combo work? Heard it could damage battery. I use PAS too when riding. Hope you can help. /Bklyn👑
I was wondering if you found out where the red and white connector goes from the LCD to the controller as I have the same one and I don't know where it goes I would appreciate it if you can answer this question or anybody for that matter
Hi please can you look into my case I got about 6 blown controller I watched your video and tried to fix by testing if any mosfet is bad just like one of your video but luckily all are good So what do you think is the faulty parts . Note some of them are reading high voltages more than as it should Please guys I need a help to.
I'm replacing my old controller with this one. my old controller does not use an external speed sensor. how can i use this controller without the external speed sensor and have the display still show the speed ? please reply, I'm stuck.
My good ness I love it
Hi can i use a battery 20ah for this controller?
Where are you located because I need help installing a Daymak Drive turbo controller that I need help installing it in my emmo max and I live on the Hamilton West mountain.
Recently bought a Nakto Camel. It is fine for me. The only issue is that the pedal assist is not variable. It's on or off and when it goes on it's too strong so I can only pedal one or two rotations before I have to stop pedaling. I find that I only use the throttle to assist my pedaling. Is it possible to add a variable speed arrangement? What parts must be changed to add this? Thanks for any help you can give me. Nakto is no help at all.
Hello. Have a motor like this with 9 freewhels?? i have a 28 speed bike!
Can you please let me know is there a specefic direction the wheel has to be? In other video a guy was saying the wire has to be on the left side. Can the direction of the wheel be reversed by changing wire? Most kits have the wire on the left and disc brake treads on the right and my bike disc brake is on the left side of the front wheel.
can i get circuit diagram of this controller pls anyone
I just found out that you can program this unit through the display to fine tune it. What a awesome unit! Setting up wheel size voltage max amps number of magnets in your motor! Over 20 settings to teak to get your ride dialed. Super cool unit for the price.
can i get circuit diagram of this controller
If I get a new controller for my trike, do I need to replace the dash/headlight and throttle and everything too?
Been waiting on this kit forever on a eBay purchase. The link you had was cheaper than my eBay purchase till today. I guess I should of pulled the trigger as I would of had it by now and it was way cheaper on Amazon ...... Hopefully the EBay one shows up soon and complete. I ordered it the end of December........ I need it to start my build.......
I've got a 2 thousand watt front hub motors on the front and rear of my bike. I have two controllers exactly the same I want to run both motors. What wires do I need to hook together?
Have you thought about switching over to the fsesc6.6,? its alot smaller and apparently puts out more amps, I'm looking for a 100 150 200 amp controller the biggest one I have is a 50 amp which is alot of fun but you get used to the speed and want more, lol... but I am very curious about these fsesc controllers, I used to run them in my rc cars!

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