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Peek-Aboo Shovel Loader (Big)
The lowest Peek-Aboo Shovel Loader (Big) Price in India is ₹482 at Flipkart.
Buy Peek-Aboo Shovel Loader (Big) online at Flipkart.
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Peek-Aboo Shovel Loader (Big) Reviews from YouTube

Gund Peek-A-Boo Bear Review
Peek a Boo Penny review
Peek A Boo | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs
ABC Song | Wendy Pretend Play Learning Alphabet w/ Toys & Nursery Rhyme Songs
I think the voice is a little scary. Thanks for the review. I think I will pass.
What is the bear saying in this part? "Peek-A-Boo is the most fun what????.
H...E...L...P !!!!!!!!! My wife bought from Fox Commerce E Z Bear. Looks EXACTLY the same and is powered EXACTLY the same. All 3 bears came and each speaks only in Chinese. WTH!! She sent an email complaint and they asked for a video (which she sent). They claimed that if we hold down the bear’s right paw, it should switch to English, but that does not work. ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCE THIS ISSUE????
Hahahahah my 3 month baby freaked out too🤣
Little did they know how many scary stuffed animals were going to be made out of it
Thanks, couldn't figure out how to get him going. Press the foot button, duh.
Thanks for your video on this toy.
I bought it from Facebook advertisement link in India. They sent it but after putting batteries in it worked just 2 or 3 times and that too after many tries after I had inserted batteries. So I sent them complaint through e mail. They sent me one more piece and didn't even took first piece back. The second one is also not working at all. Same rechargeable batteries are working fine in my hair trimmer. It has a tag below near batteries place - made in China. I'm tired of pressing button. Even tried with 3.7v DC supply but nothing. Have they sent me fake ones? After 2 hours Ok so I decided to open its tie and check and the problem was super poor soldering wire Chinese had used which had broken feet button connection. After soldering its working. The first piece I had received The first piece I had received I had given 12 volts to it so it would work maybe so I think its just a show piece as its motherboard looks damaged. But It also had feet button broken actually
There is another video of a baby probably no more than 3 months old who absolutely *adored* this bear!😂 OMG!😂That howling laughter was hilarious!💯Just goes to show that no 2 babies are alike and they each all have their own unique personalities😂
I got mine on Ebay for $14.95.
Much like the toys I sell
you can buy from here:
Here is on Special..
I bought it for my son from here
I sell it because my daughter loves it:, this week is black friday, I have another discount of 10%, code: YOUTUBE
Bonjour et bienvenue! 🌺 😍PROFITEZ vite de cette PROMO EXCEPTIONNELLE pour faire plaisir à votre petit ange avec TEDDY BOO👶 ⚠️OFFRE LIMITÉE ➡️➡️ LIEN : Code « TENDANCE10 »
Wow... thank you for a great description.
Our baby loves it! She's starting to sing along. Being sold on sale here >>
Bought mine here ->
ive seen some videos of peek a boo penny's head popping off
Some time it falls down
There was one that caught on fire
Will Peak-a-boo Penny ever go back on sale again I hope so?
I want this one so bad
HTJ Easter
Please respond to this HTJ, How does your peek a boo penny stand up when it pops up and stands? Mine doesn't stand up at all
Is it still like that?
I presume that unexpected head pop scared you? Haha
The head can shoot up a second time like mine and it was because the adapter I was using (the adapter was 9 volts) I now use a 5 volt adapter but I am using batteries
I have this, but I had to return 2 because the base was broken and spirit gave me a new one for free and it still works
your videos are so good
Wow, hard to beat that popping up head! Not just that it pops up, but how fast and higher than expected. Love your vids, subscribed!
Very informative !! 👍🏼😈
SUPER review HTJ!
Your Penny's head goes down super quickly!!

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